What IoT means?

Internet of Things, simply termed ‘IoT’ is an advanced technology that the industries are starting to adapt to their operation. IoT is simply a UI that a user can integrate into almost all the electrical/ electronic devices to transform them into a smarter ones. This technology is also preferred by many industries for the variety of applications it offers for a user like real-time analytics, analysis of collected data, cloud data storage, triggering an action based on a value a user sets, remote notification, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT) finds its application in industries that prefers automation, energy-efficient systems, smart devices, etc. Even reports state that more than 50 billion devices will be connected with IoT by 2020.

What are the components of IoT?

IoT technology requires a microcontroller to process the data, WiFi integration to send data to the cloud, and actuators to control operations. The data collected and sent will be stored in the cloud platform for later analysis. This data can be accessed by any user from any part of the world to get valuable insights.

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