2 Most Important Reasons why Core Engineers (EEE/ECE/Mechanical) should give importance to Mini Project

Are you utilizing your mini project in right way?

Of course! But until you learn practically and apply it to build projects you can’t really say that you are utilizing the mini projects in right way. Indeed doing mini project is a part of your academics but how productively you are utilizing it makes you to stand out from others.

Below are the 2 most important reasons why you should give importance to mini project

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#Core Jobs

Before applying for a core job consider answering these questions.

Do you have what it takes to solve a problem?

Do you have the ability to practically apply the skills that you learnt?

If you are unsure about the answer, then think back to know what does core companies want from you.

It’s not the knowledge that they require from you but they need engineers who can be more productive and solve the practical problems that arises. Solving these industrial problems is what makes you a better engineer!

In an article at NDTV, it quoted “Less than 8% Indian engineers fit for core engineering roles” says aspiring minds report. It further states that “The government's Make in India initiative aspires to create manufacturing capacity in India and generate 100 million jobs by 2022” but lack of skillful engineers may impede the manufacturing capacity of India.

It is predicted that lack of skillful engineers will be the root cause for Indian economic deflation despite producing large pool of core engineers every year. This scenario has to change at some point where the core engineers should increase their productiveness.

Mini Projects on innovative technologies

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How to become more productive? , Well the answer is very simple! start to learn and build projects that actually works! Academic mini projects are one such thing that provides a platform for engineers to do innovation and master the art of practical application.

Engineers who not only doing mini projects but learning from it, stands apart from others and have a better chance of employability at core companies. The more you are productive more chances you will have in getting recruited in a core company.

#Higher Education

Are you a research enthusiast or having a desire to study abroad for masters? ,

Then you should start building your profile that is necessary to apply for any esteemed university. University grades and marks are not the only factors that impacts the application for master’s degree.

Unlike bachelors degree which requires only good marks to get into it, for masters/research you need to build your profile based on the projects you have done and your contribution towards the innovation.

And while writing SOP (Statement of Purpose) you can’t just fill it up with grades, you need to talk about the projects you have done and it is possible only when you learn and build projects. So learning and building projects gives more value to your profile and makes you to stand out from others.

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So how can you increase your chance of admission at an esteemed university?

It is pretty straight forward you should start being more productive! Utilize all the opportunities that engineering academics provides you to experiment. One such key opportunity is your academic mini projects where you can do lots of innovation and learn from it.

When you actually learn and build mini projects that actually work, it will provide you with a strong motive to talk in your profile and increase your confidence. This will also give you lots of credit when you are working with SOP and other documents while applying for masters.

The skills, in addition to your technical skills can only be groomed by doing projects practically. So utilize your academic mini projects well so that you will become more productive.

Skyfi Labs for Mini Projects

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It also gives you an unique opportunity where you not only build cool projects but will also learn and showcase your skills to the world by uploading working project videos on internet. With the hardware kits(dispatched within 24 Hrs) and excellent video tutorials, completion of mini project on time can never be a problem.

These Online Project Based Courses lets you to work as a team and improve your managerial skills as well. You can also innovate and redefine the projects under the expert's guidance from Skyfi Labs.

Certificate with unique codes will be provided for all enrolled after successful completion of the project which helps in ensuring it a certified project course.

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2 Most Important Reasons why Core Engineers (EEE/ECE/Mechanical) should give importance to Mini Project
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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