5 Tips to make your faculty development program in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) more effective

The number of engineering colleges are increasing day by day, making India as one of the largest producer of engineers in the world. And we have seen this trend reaching peaks in the past few years. ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) is one of the most popular among students and a number of colleges offer this. This particular department plays a very important role in the success of the college.

To meet the heavy competition from other colleges, a lot of colleges are inculcating new processes to put themselves ahead of their peers. One important aspect that colleges need to do is strengthening their faculty department through organizing faculty development programs and increasing their skillsets.

While it became a common trend that a number of colleges started organizing faculty development programs in their campus, the question here is whether they are able to get more output from it or not?

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And also how effective these programs are serving to be? Whether there is any improvement in the organizational activities or not after the program?

Analysing the points are extremely important.

If these programs are done in the right manner, they will have a significant impact on the organizational goals. So, proper care should be taken while conducting such faculty development programs.

Especially if you are conducting faculty development program in Electronics and Communication Engineering department, this is a bigger challenge because of a number of technical advancements and industrial challenges arising every day. With Robotics, Automation, IOT and other hardware devices coming up very fast, the challenge for a college and faculty to keep up with these trends and to keep their students employable is a big one. To make your faculties stay updated you will have to organize a faculty development program, but make sure that the program is conducted in an effective manner.

For this, I am listing some of the tips to make your faculty development program in Electronics and Communication Engineering more effective:

Tips to organize a faculty development program in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) at your college

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1. Engage only the faculties who are very enthusiastic in learning new technologies:
Although you will be inclined to make the training program compulsory for all the faculties, make no mistake, give opportunity to only those who are really interested. As the faculty members have to take their learning beyond the program for the benefit of students, only a handful of them will be enthusiastic about it.

You can easily identify the enthusiastic faculties by knowing their interest towards research and cravings for learning new technologies. These faculties will be the best suited audience and you can expect the faculty development program to end with a positive vibe in them.

2. Select the topics that are more relevant:
Selecting the suitable topic for the faculty development program is very vital. If the topic is vast and irrelevant, neither the department nor the students will be benefited and if the topic’s scope is less and boring, the faculties will be least interested in learning them.

So select a topic in Electronics and Communication Engineering that is relevant to your curriculum and academics and also helps faculty understand and master emerging trends.. One suggestion is to select a currently trending topic, as it has more scope for faculties and students to collaborate & work for their own benefits.

3. Check the credibility of the company before organizing:
This is one other important thing to be looked at. Since there are lot of companies emerging by seeing the demand for such training programs, you should be very careful in selecting them.

You can check for the company’s credibility by knowing their industrial partners & organizational relationships, technical background of the core people working there, their experience in conducting such programs and finally their Google/ Facebook reviews. Getting this correct will solve most of the other issues.

4. Invite faculties from nearby colleges also to participate:
Don’t just limit the faculty training program to your college, extend the invitation to other nearby colleges too. This will benefit you in two ways, one is that your faculties will feel the competitiveness and show more willingness to learn the technologies and other is that your college’s fame will come to limelight & help greatly in increasing the standard of your college in the region.

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5. Make it a week long program rather than 1 or 2 days:
Duration of your faculty development program is very important as the impact of it goes long way even after the completion of it. It is recommended to keep the program as a weeklong activity.

If it is 1 or 2 days, it will be difficult for the faculties to get settled and learn a completely different technology. And if it is more than a week, they will feel exhausted and will not be able to concentrate on learning the technology for more time.

What are the trending topics that you can choose for a faculty development program in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)?

Organizing a faculty development program in the trending topics is very important as the scope of the training program extends beyond the training and impact the future departmental activities.

Here are few trending topics in which you can organize a faculty development program in ECE branch,

1. Internet of Things (IOT):

Electronics (ECE) faculty development program in IOT

All the data that is being taken from the sensors around the world has to be stored at someplace and processed for analysis. Internet of Things (IOT) provides an innovative solution for this by storing and integrating the data on the cloud. Almost all the industries of today have already started implementing IOT onto their process and this had opened up a lot of opportunities for intellectual engineers.

But getting acquainted with this technology is tough, as it is entirely a new concept and is not included in the engineering curriculum. Especially electronics and communication engineering students are finding it difficult to learn this technology, despite knowing the importance of its application. So providing a faculty development program on this technology will help the faculty to get skilled in this amazing technology and in turn transfer the knowledge gained to their students.

Recommended to: This faculty development program is recommended to faculties who like to work with data and cloud interface. Also the faculty members who are assisting students in their final year projects should attend this so that they can provide a lot of guidance and support in using this technology.

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2. Mechatronics:

Faculty development program in mechatronics for electronics and communication engineering (ECE) faculties

Whether it is the high-tech robot movie that we enjoy watching or the robotic arm that is being used to assist in complicated surgeries and hazardous industrial activities, mechatronics field had advanced rapidly in the recent past and penetrated into a lot of industries.

As this is an inter-disciplinary technology, fusing both mechanical and electronics engineering, necessary guidance is needed from the industrial experts to excel in this field. And the engineering students are now more fascinated in this and long to develop a career in it due to its extensive industrial applications. So providing faculty development program on this field to your faculties will help them to equip enough skills on mechatronics to provide suitable assistance to their students on developing projects.

Recommended to: This program should be provided to faculties who are more into engineering mechanics and wish to work on inter-disciplinary fields. And also it is a must do faculty development program for those who work extensively on R&D and also those who assist students in developing innovative engineering projects. As it is an inter-disciplinary field, faculties from other than ECE department can also attend this program, if interested.

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3. Advanced Robotics:

Faculty development program in advanced robotics for electronics and communication engineering (ECE) faculties

Although robotics is not a new technology, there is a significant advancement in this technology in the recent past due to the arrival of enhanced machined parts and faster processors. The traditional robotics projects do not fancy the engineering students anymore, as the schools of today have started giving robotics classes right from the mid-school level.

Advanced robotics is the hot topic now, where a lot of industries had started adopting these technologies on to their operations. So it became a necessity now to have faculties trained on advanced robotics at colleges.

Providing a faculty development program in the field of advanced robotics will make your electronics and communication engineering faculties to learn and get skilled in them. This in turn benefits your department, as lot of robotics activities will start to happen. Also after this your students can develop innovative robotics projects with the right kind of guidance and also establishing a robotics club within your department can become a reality.

Recommended to: This program should be provided to faculties who are interested in building exciting robotics projects. And also if you want to establish a robotics club or a robotics centre of excellence in your department, it is recommended that your faculties go through this program prior so that they can assist your students in building innovative robotics projects.

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All the best. Hope you will all have a great ECE faculty development program in your college soon!

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5 Tips to make your faculty development program in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) more effect
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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