Best electronics related major projects


The field of electronics and communication is meeting development every day as the bandwidth of the technology is expanding, One cannot imagine the pace at which the spectrum of developments in this field is increasing. This does not mean that the field is orthodox so the developments might stop after some time, but as we are moving forward with all these devices in our hands that solve so many projects easily, we are facing increase use of this course.

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The university courses not only provide the theoretical projects but also those sessions that teach the students the practical use of basic concepts which they apply in front of their professors to solve major problems. The students pursuing this course, help themselves to take inspirations from the internet. However, some students do face some major problems in their lives and try to find solutions to the problems themselves.

The major projects that can be picked involve surfing various perspectives of electronics and communication engineering. These include fields like Embedded systems, Internet of Things, Robotics or digital image processing.

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Which domain is best for doing a project in ECE?

There are many domains of the field that the students could work on like Embedded systems, Internet of Things, Robotics or digital image processing. Some of these fields are listed below:

  1. Embedded systems: As the name suggests, this deals with those systems that involve the systems that are attached. The field revolves around the computer hardware and having the software embedded or attached to it. The system can be independent or can be attached to a large system
  2. Robotics: The robots are taking up the jobs of so many of us. The industries are choosing them over human beings as they prove to be accurate and to perform jobs with increased efficiency. It saves up time and is a one-time investment. The industries are employing those who could develop the circuits of a robot.
  3. Internet of Things: It is a concept that was recently developed, but now has spread its wings over many parts of the various industries. IoT is responsible to create the unification in the society and is being used to develop smart cities, smart agriculture and many other such systems.
  4. Digital Image Processing: This used to require a lot of code to be written before it could be easily implemented, but now the concept of electronics have made it so easy. Image processing deals with the processing of digital images with the support of computer algorithms. Recently introduced face detection unlock in smartphones today uses image processing algorithms to detect an image and perform specific tasks.

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How can I get project ideas?

Many students are taking up this course in their colleges and universities as it expends the sphere of working for the students and they know that there is more to come. The field is ever-expanding and there are no limits to the knowledge. The students gain a lot of knowledge about the course that they cannot gain just by attending lectures.

The practical experience is required otherwise the half-knowledge holds the potential to ruin everything. Some students dig deep into the field and they find some problems on their own and are able to find the solutions to those problems while taking the help of their peers and professors.

While some of the students take help of the various sources available over the internet which give them the idea about the topic and then they go on implementing the same. At Skyfi, we offer a lot of many resources through which you get the topics and if you enrol, you might as well get the kits that help you implement it. Not only you will gain theoretical knowledge but also hands-on experience.

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Best Electronics-related major projects

The major project ideas that the students can take over are as follows:

1. Animatronic Hand: The technologies have enabled to help us fabricate the behaviours of animals and humans like basic walking, moving limbs and facial expressions. This electronic major project is a stepping stone in building the whole robot structure, It is a basic course that can be taken up to make you realise the importance of embedded systems in building the robots.


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2. Home Automation using IoT: The field of Internet of Things have recently expanded and it is now used to implement so many working applications. This concept can be further extended to implement the automation in homes or workplace. This is a perfect electronic project to gain experience for those interested to build their careers on the Internet of Things.


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3. Smart energy meter: As the world is developing further, the need for sustainable development is rising, the people have been becoming conscious about the effects of development on the environment. This way they could ensure that the electronics engineering concepts are used to implement the smart energy systems.


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4. Health Monitoring wearable: The wearable devices are in trend. These devices collect data from the person wearing the device (like pulse, location, sleep etc.) and send to the cloud for storage and analysis. As part of this electronic major project, you will learn about Pulse sensor - working & application and Lilypad Arduino Architecture and its Programming


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You can also check out the following major electronics related projects:

  1. Robotic Arm
  2. Sensor Guided Robotics
  3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems
  4. Automatic Solar Tracker
  5. GPS & GSM based Tracker
  6. Biometric Authentication
  7. Access Control with RFID
  8. Automated Railway Crossing
  9. PCB Manufacturing
  10. Persistence of Vision
  11. Smart Traffic Lighting System
  12. Automation using PLC

There are many fields of engineering that the universities offer, but one of the most common is the field of electronics and communication. The field brings a lot many opportunities for the students both in the software and the hardware regions. This involves designing, researching and developing equipment in various computer and machine systems. Electronics and communication engineering helps the people to conceptualize the manufacturing of the communication systems.

This stream of engineering revolves around the transmission, Solid state devices, digital and analog communication signals and microwave engineering and many more. It deals with the manufacturing of the electric circuits and circuitry parts.

Many colleges provide the undergraduate and the postgraduate courses for the students who prove themselves that they are applicable for the course.

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Best electronics related major projects
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