Best electronics related senior design projects


“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the

Training of the mind”

                                                                                                                                                    -Albert Einstein

As rightly said by Albert Einstein, education is much more than just learning facts it is about how you apply those facts that matter the most. We all might have read soo many things from our play school to higher secondary school, but, are you able to use all that information in your life at this point? Most Probably, No! Because most of the things that are taught in schools are quite theoretical, but, to accomplish something in life we need to act more and more practice!

That's the main reason for making and getting involved in project making is important!

So, here we have brought some really good senior design electronics projects that one can work upon!

But, let’s first have a basic idea of Electronics Engineering.

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What is electronics engineering?

Electronics Engineering also is known as electronics and communication engineering is a part of the electrical engineering branch that studies the wide application of electronics that are mainly used in today's time like semiconductors, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits for designing electronics circuits and devices.

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Why go for electronics and communication engineering?

Every year there are a lot of web searches like "Which is the best engineering branch?" or "I want to take ECE in this XYZ college, will it be helpful ?" and, the world wide web is flooded with such answers, and despite soo, many already answered queries, people still keep asking the same question because of course, "the human nature ".

We always need to be reminded 2-3 times that, "Yes! The thing you are thinking to do it right! Go ahead"

So, this becomes a mandatory topic of discussion!

So, a very good benefit you can get by taking the ECE branch is you can easily switch between the study of hard wares and soft wares.

Also, this branch mainly deals with analog transmission, basic electronics, microprocessors, microwave engineering, etc. So, any such thing that facilitates you is completely under your zone!

Along, with it, you also get to learn a lot of programming languages that at once open your chances of getting placed in private as well as few good government sectors.

There is always a part of confusion between EEE and ECE as well!

So, let is touch this topic as well.

EEE is a pure core branch and is mainly associated with government jobs! It is mainly the study of electrical as well as electronics, whereas, ECE studies electronics and communication. Keeping this difference aside both are among the most evergreen branches of engineering as compared to a few others!

Now, coming up to some best-electronics related senior design projects, you can make!

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Best-electronics related senior design projects

1. Access control with RFID


One of the most used technologies for identification is the RFID that is Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID is a tag that uses radio waves to read and capture the unique pattern of an object. Not just objects but even animals and humans can be scanned, located and even tracked by these radio waves, sounds more like a Doraemon's gadget, right?

In this senior design project, you will learn about simple Arduino Architecture and programming along with working of DC Motors.

Also, you will learn about the RFID framework, its working and also its application on various devices.


In some places in the United Kingdom, some towns have adopted RFID just to track the amount of waste that each household throws out every week.

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2. Health monitoring wearable


“Health is Wealth” one of the most used slogans in all your school projects that were about health, hygiene, cleanliness, etc. Right?

Well, that‘s the reason people are using technology to track their health at their best and one of the very vast uses of tracking this is using a health monitoring band.

It is easy to buy one from the market but do you know which is happier? It's happier to make one of your own, Well! That’s what this project has for you.

In this senior design project, you will learn about Lilypad Ardunio Programming and the working and application of the pulse sensor.

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3. Automation using PLC


Do you ever think to develop a robot that can automatically pick and place all the components and then can sync with the system of the conveyor belt, then dear, this might be a good electronic project to give a try!

In this senior design project, you will get hands-on experience with the relays and motors, SMPS, PLC and also programming with PLC.

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4. Home Automation using IoT


This electronic project needs a mention because this is something everyone might have dreamt of and are still dreaming to create.

A house that runs automatically as I always say “The Wonder House” like “Tarzan, the wonder car"!

No, it has no ghost or spirit operating it, but it can run at its best through simple IoT.

In this senior design project, you will get a chance to learn Bluetooth communication, along with Ardunio architecture, programming, and IoT.

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According to Intel, the first connected user-oriented elements in the 1970s were the ATMs.

5. Smart traffic lighting system


Traffic Lights have been one of the best traffic mangers in places that are flooded with people roasting their brains for crossing the road in highly populated places and that’s the reason why all of us are aware of the traffic light.

It is really interesting to make and work with, Also, you can make one for your room to indicate people to stop while you are working, especially if you have a younger sibling that cannot survive a minute without irritating you! 

This senior design project will help you in understanding Ardunio Architecture and programming, smart traffic systems framework and all about the IR sensors.

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Check out the following list for more electronics related senior design project:

Not, only these projects but there are a lot more senior design projects you can go through to gain more knowledge on electronics.

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Best electronics related senior design projects
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