6 Tips to build good engineering design projects


Hey there, to all the enthusiastic people and budding engineers out there. Engineering is not just learning stuff theoretically and practising it just before we need to go for a job. It is all about learning things by doing things at that moment. Hence, learning theory and performing practical go hand in hand in engineering. For that, you need to make some good engineering design projects which come in the form of minor project and major project in the final year of engineering. But one cannot learn everything by doing a  limited number of projects, as we say that learning has no limits and no age, therefore, the more the number of projects you do, the more you learn to think out of the box, design things, improve your presentation and innovative skills and hence you get the knack of doing things artfully and skilfully.

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In-fact, the word engineering itself is concerned with designing, building and making use of things in an artful way. So, in this article, you will learn about how to build a good engineering design project right from the start. It has got almost all the important things covered like a selection of topic, how to go about things once the topic is selected, what are the skills and approach required, etc.

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What is a Senior Design Project?

So firstly, you might wonder, what exactly is a senior design project. So here we go….

Senior design projects are those which offer students an opportunity to practically work on real-life engineering projects and provide solutions to those problems by the usage of real-time operating systems, databases, technology like image processing, optimizations and computer graphics. These projects generally take place for a duration of 1 to 2 semesters, wherein students form groups of 2 to 5 people under the guidance of a faculty advisor and go on to interact with the real management and engineering staff and gain experience. From this experience, they get a chance to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their previous courses.

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How to select an engineering design project topic?

After knowing what a Senior design project is, the next most important step would be that of selecting a topic. It is one of the most fundamental steps because all the other further activities would be based on this aspect. So, the selection of topic involves certain steps which are as follows:

  • Firstly, one should have a clear idea about what topic you are selecting, you need to have a free mindset fixed with one goal of selecting a topic, it should never be a random choice, especially while performing major projects.
  • Make sure that you select the topic on which you have a fine grip and is a relevant topic.
  • Also, do keep in mind that your selected project needs to have a value addition such that it enhances its value during the business because after all, you will be working in a corporate in the future who will be expecting such kind of things from you, which would be an absolute bonus to you as well as to them.
  • Make sure that you select a project which is a problem solving one and which can be used or implemented in society, such that it is advantageous to a lot of people.
  • Finally, try to select a topic which can develop you as much as it can by improving your technical and Managerial skills and most importantly presentation skills.

So, if you ever think that the selection of the topic is just a small thing and random, then you are wrong! Keep these things in mind!!!

6 Tips to build good engineering design projects

After successfully selecting a topic for your project, the whole project takes shape depending upon the steps you take further to build it step by step. You are literally the architect of your own project! So given below are some tips you need to keep in mind to build a successful project:

  • Firstly, research about your selected topic online. Read all the journals and research papers from different people around the world so that you gain knowledge from it and several inputs as well.
  • Approach the subject experts in your college and interact with them about your project. Don’t limit the meeting only to your faculty guides, but also other faculty who really has knowledge on your topic of research. Also, you can connect with subject experts across various parts of the world (mainly India) through social media so that you can get many good inputs and have a clear idea on your project topic.
  • Once you get clarity about your project, it is important to select good group members who are of the same level or much higher level of yours and possess the same passion and interest towards that topic as you do. And then start planning about the resources you need for the project, the cost estimation, about the various aspects of fabrication and then divide work accordingly. In these meetings will learn how to be a team member and how to lead a team as well, provided you are interested in the latter.
  • Try to make a rough prototype before you go about fabricating the main project.
  • Being punctual in all aspects such as meeting, ordering of material, the time of availability of material and the step by step targets you want to achieve during the fabrication process is one of the most important things in order to get efficient and accurate results.
  • Try to experiment with your project once it is completed and look into the troubleshooting part of it.
  • Finally, just fabricating a project and experimenting it does not make your project a successful one. Only when you would be able to present your results and research on the topic, it becomes a successful one. So, you need to make sure that all your data is presented in a proper way in a Presentation and more over you need to be able to present it, this is where your presentation skills and communication skills come into the act.

So, it is very important for everyone to have good communication skills and presentation skills.

These are the tips you need to keep in mind to pull off a successful project!

Also do remember that going online and searching for projects is a good sign of development as an engineer. Skyfi Labs has launched some amazing online projects which cover all the aspects like computer vision to mechatronics to Data science and whatnot.

The following list of projects will guide you in building a successful design project:

  • 3D printer
  • Automobile Prototyping
  • CNC machine using Arduino
  • Gear Train Design
  • Differential Gear using Autodesk
  • Animatronic Hand
  • IoT using Raspberry pi
  • Surveillance robot
  • Smart Irrigation system
  • Mobile robotics

Kindly check out the link to know more.

All the best and thank you!

6 Tips to build good engineering design projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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