BE projects for CSE (Computer Science)


Computer science engineers deal with the software needed in today's world to operate every tech-based machinery. This is the IT sector's foundation. Engineers, therefore, require to enhance their industrial skills by getting in touch with the best engineering projects. This article is based on the same, and one of the best is mentioned to polish the ability of future students of computer science. The projects listed below are selected by experts to meet the students ' desired module. So let's get started to dive deep into the world of technology by experiencing the best engineering projects for Computer Science engineers.

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What are the domains in CSE?

Computer science engineering is a vast field and because of their interests, students can participate in various fields. Since technology is always going to be updated students will require to keep pace with it. The following are some of the major domains of computer science-

  • Robotics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Information System & MIS

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How do I choose a project topic for computer science?

In computer science, the variety of projects often confuses the students and therefore tends to pick up the most common. Understanding and indulging in the need for current tech and personal preference is very important. If you believe in yourself, you may take risks. The most important ideals to follow while choosing the topic are-

  • Critical Understanding of Topic
  • Current Application of it
  • Make an overview of your topic
  • List down the Pros and Cons
  • Stay Focused on the Topic

It is always sensible to choose a topic that you have are most confident about and which has an upper hand in the industry. Data Sciences are gaining popularity these days for their easy applicability and of course, robots have been famous for ages for making work easier. So the best topics have already been mentioned below, without further delay get into the knack of it for they are not so tough to perform and have a high value for building a great career.

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BE projects for CSE (Computer Science Engineering)

1. Surveillance Robot

Since its invention, robots have made life much easier. This computer science BE project deals with the development of robots for surveillance that can be used anywhere. The robot can be remotely controlled and live videos will be shown throughout the internet. Raspberry pi is used in this project as a microcontroller.

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2. Surveillance Camera using IoT

Nowadays, IoT has brought almost every machine under its influence. This Computer science BE project is based on the development of an IoT surveillance system. The Raspberry Pi board is used again in this project so that photos can be viewed on screens.

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3. Sixth sense Robot

This one works with the help of an image processing algorithm as another robot-based project. In this Computer science BE project, Arduino is used to learning the locomotion of the robot and the functioning of a DC engine.

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4. Computer Vision Text Scanner

A project dealing with Computer Vision, this field too has a lot of popularity in the market. This one is used for face recognition, reading number pates automatically and self-driving cars. This Computer science BE project will help you build a text scanner with the help of an optical character recognition algorithm to broadcast text on your screens.

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5. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

Computer vision has spread to building a mouse for screens that can recognize finger touching. The project is a working of the object tracking algorithm. Another interesting project for engineers to perform, this shall reduce the sound of that clicking sound of real mouse used for a computer.

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6. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

So you want to take a selfie, we're here with a really interesting project focused on the click- selfies of the new era. You will build a module that will click on selfies automatically as soon as you smile. This Computer science BE project is based on an algorithm for facial recognition.

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7. 5 Android Apps Without Coding

Android's most famous mobile developer has gained an upper hand for a career-building opportunist. Computer science BE project will improve your Android knowledge from scratch. You will learn to use MIT App Inventor software to build the following 5 apps -

  • Speech recognition App
  • SMS sender App
  • Location finder App
  • Find me on map App
  • SOS App

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8. Data Analytics using R

These days, the data analyst is a very well-known CSE project and this project is concerned with it. In this project, you will learn the uses of R Programming and gather data about World Happiness and Diamond.

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9. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

This CSE BE project will help you build fraud detection using an algorithm, so no more worries about bank frauds and other thefts. It is focused on machine learning, which in today's tech world is a much broader area used.

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10. Machine Learning using Python

A python programming project, this too is based on machine learning. You will be building a module that will collect past data to give a future prediction, here we are dealing with house prices of the past to give a basic range for future house prices.

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11. Movie Recommendation using Machine Learning

This machine learning project uses the Python programming language to provide movie titles. Machine learning is used here and the entertainment field has been greatly helped by this project. For students who have grasped the idea of this project, there is a lot of demand.

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12. Handwritten Digits Recognition using Machine Learning

Another machine learning project, this helps in recognizing handwritten digits especially on cheques, number plates and forms filled by hands. Certain algorithms are used to build this model. This CSE BE project is an invention of computer vision and has made works much easier in banks and other administrative offices.

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13. IoT using Raspberry Pi

We come back to building another model based on IoT but use the Raspberry Pi board this time. This computer science BE project would assist in gathering and transmitting temperature and humidity data over the internet. IoT deals with the development of the smallest devices that execute big tasks.

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These were some of the BE projects for CSE students. You can also check out the below list for more project topics:

  • Face detection using open CV
  • Attendance system using Android
  • Phishing site detection using machine learning
  • Crime rate prediction using Machine learning
  • Sign language translator
  • Group chat application using python
  • Password generator using JAVA
  • Morse Code translator using Python

Hope you got some useful information from this article. Kindly let us know your suggestions in the comment section.

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BE projects for CSE (Computer Science)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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