Easy Python based projects for beginners


Getting a hands-on experience on a topic you just studied can be quite helpful in understanding the concept. Python has been termed a language that is being extensively used in the current tech era. getting indulged into Python Projects can help secure good jobs for students. There are several beginner python projects mentioned in this article for final year students to benefit from. These projects are mainly suited for beginners who can get an idea about the programming language.

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What Is Python Used For?

Python is known to be the programming language most commonly used. It takes advantage of its simple readable codes for that reason. Let us see what areas it is primarily used -

  • Web Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning
  • Fintech
  • Computer Vision

There are various other areas python is used it is because one can rely on it without waiting too long for the result.

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Latest projects on Python

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Is Python Easy to Learn?

Python is one such program that an engineering student cannot do away with it because of its extensive usage. It can be easily understood by beginners who do not have prior knowledge of programming. Therefore, it is not as tough to learn it.

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Easy Python-Based Projects for Beginners

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi

IoT has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and this one is based on Raspberry Pi. This beginner python project enables in detecting temperature and humidity and streaming it over the internet.


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2. Surveillance Robot

It can be quite fun to make robots and this one is used mainly for surveillance. Now you can get live footage of the locations from a remote location you want to keep an eye on. Raspberry Pi is used as a microcontroller in this operation.


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3. Surveillance Camera using IoT

Another python project on surveillance this one is a product of IoT. The surveillance camera can be used at personal spaces and this uses Raspberry Pi to send images to remote locations.


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4. Sixth Sense Robot

Who thought even robots can have a sixth sense. This python project uses an image process algorithm to understand the locomotion of the robot working on a DC motor, Arduino and Python Programming.


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5. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

Now no more worries about fake signatures and extracting private information, this python project helps detect fraud. Machine learning is the idea behind building a fraud detector through algorithms.


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6. Machine Learning using Python

Another machine learning project using python programming language this one collects past data to produce potential future data. Here we are talking about housing prices in a given area to predict future house prices.


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7. Movie Recommendation using ML

Now even the world of entertainment is having tech-based. Machine learning allows this python project to give a recommendation for film titles. After getting a grasp of this project, students will find possible jobs in the film industry as well.


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8. Computer Vision Text Scanner

Computer Vision has made the task easier and reduced manual effort. This python project is based on face recognition, reading number plates automatically and self-driving cars. The optical character recognition algorithm will be applied for text to display on the screen.


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9. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

Another computer vision project acts as a mouse for computers or laptops. With this, you can get work done by just moving your fingertips on the computer screens. The advancement of computer Vision is such that screens now recognize fingers moving on it. The object tracking algorithm is used in this project.


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10. Raspberry Pi Robot

So, we come back to making robots, he can be operated by a laptop. Raspberry Pi board is used as a microcontroller and python is used to program it.


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11. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

Now machine learning is also being used to recognize handwritten digits especially on bank cheques, number plates, and forms that are filled by hand. This project is a product of computer vision.


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12. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

A project on a recent trend this one helps in making a smart selfie device. When you smile in front of it the app will automatically click on your photo. This python project uses the facial recognition algorithm, and the data is stored in your device.


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13. Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Industry using IoT

An easy way to monitor different areas in an industry this project is a product of IoT. It provides the benefit of security, monitoring restricted areas, detect inflammable elements and monitor machines. PIR sensors, MQ6 sensors, and vibration sensors are mainly used for different tasks.

14. Smart Mirror

There's no concern putting updates on phones or keeping notes here and there this project fixes the problem. Using Raspberry Pi which is programmed by python, you can create a smart mirror. It offers services such as reminders, timetables, weather and time information.

15. Ultrasonic Radar using Pi

An interesting project in detecting objects nearby. You will be building a radar using raspberry Pi that detects an object in front of it through ultrasonic waves. You can also create a GUI that will show the position of the object.

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Easy Python based projects for beginners
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