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Are you someone who is willing to be an excellent coder but want to try from scratch? Or someone who has immense knowledge in coding and wants to develop his skills further? Then, this is the right place for you.

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Let’s take a real-life example to understand first what the concept of “Coding Languages” means. Let’s suppose your mother tells you to make a recipe. But you are a complete stranger to everything that goes on in the kitchen. To make the dish, you, of course, need instructions stating how and what you should do at each step and obviously the instructions must be in a language that you understand.

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Similarly, every machine requires some set of instructions to deliver its output. What do you think how these game applications work so exceedingly well? Undoubtedly, even they are fed with logics. You must have seen Robots, huge industrial machines and hundreds of exciting dynamic applications in your phone or on the internet, but have you ever wondered that with billions of users using them simultaneously how do these manage to deliver the right output? It’s definitely all about the program put into these.

While the instructions are merely statements for you, these are called “programs” in the field of technology. Very much similar to the above example, these programs are written in a language that is both machine and user-friendly. And here as well, languages do come in a variety with each one an advanced version of the other. Computer languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, HTML, Julia, Swift, Ruby are some very popular languages among the software developers.

This article mainly focuses on Python Language and projects based on the python program that has extensive use in numerous fields today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Python has become one of the most dominant languages.

If you are a stranger to this, you need not worry at all as you are going to learn from the very basics here. It would be appreciated if you have known any one language before because it then becomes a little easier to relate things but even that is not compulsory. All you need to have is persistence and dedication to your learning. Our team at Skyfi Labs provide you with a Python learning course and a separate project to enhance your skills.

In this article, you will get to learn about Python Language, its most amazing uses and related project ideas. So let’s get started!

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Some really trendy Python-based projects for you!

Now after so much of research on what Python is, it’s now time to discuss what the associated Python-based projects are. If you are a beginner and want to start from scratch, then learning first the Python course is essential. You can pick up any Python-related course to first become familiar with its features and then select the project. But, if you already know to code, then doing a project becomes a must so that you can enhance your knowledge to a larger extent. You can reach out to mentors at Skyfi Labs who will guide you about how to go with any project and you can feel absolutely free to seek any kind of help. Read some of the following projects and decide one for yourself and hurry up in joining before their offer ends.

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi python-based project: In this python project you will use raspberry pi to develop a system which detects the temperature and humidity and notifies you when it crosses the limit. Also, you will get a chance to analyse the data which will be stored in cloud.


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2. Machine learning using python: This helps mainly to develop a machine learning model to predict the house price using python.


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3. Fraud detection using machine learning: It helps to develop to a machine learning project to detect credit card fraudulent transactions. In this python project, you will learn concepts like linear regression and its types, SelectKBest features, Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm, Confusion Matrix, etc.


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4. Hand written digits recognition using machine learning: With this python project you can develop a machine learning model to predict the hand written manuscripts using the MNIST data. This project will be your gateway to the application of machine learning on computer vision.


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5. Surveillance Robot: Making use of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming, this python project helps you develop a robot that possesses the quality of transmitting live video footage. The main principles that come alongside are working of DC motors and motor driver circuit and Raspberry Pi Architecture and programming.


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6. Movie Recommendation using machine learning: This helps you to develop an ML model to recommend movie titles based on the user’s viewing history.


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7. Surveillance Camera using IoT: This python project basically involves Image processing and its algorithms, Matplotib and Splitting Image Channels. This application revolves around IoT which is just another flawless technology. Here, in this python project, you get to develop a camera using IoT that can be used to monitor your things.


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8. Sixth Sense Robot: This course helps you build a robot that works using Arduino as a microcontroller. Other special aspects that are a part of this course include Computer Vision, Arduino and Python programming and Robot’s Locomotion.


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9. Text Scanner: As the name suggests, in this python project you will learn how to develop a computer that can extract text from images or other 3D models and can display it on your screens. This project involves learning about Optical Character Recognition, image thresholding and processed algorithms and related perspective transformation.


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10. Bank Account Management System using Python

11. Content Aggregation using Python

12.URL Shortener python project

13. Expense tracker using Python

14. Mp3 Player using Python programming

15. Simple Chat room Python project

16. Folder sorter according to files extensions python project

17. Batch Image editor python project

18. Password Generator and Manager python project
19. Web Scrapper python project (Amazon Price Tracker)
20. Airline reservation system
21. Bird Species detection using Python
22. Bug tracking system
23. Career Information Management System
24. Online CV builder using Python
25. Smart city traveller
26. Tourist Guide
27. Online Job Portal using Python and SQL database
28. Social Media Site using Python (Django)
29. Course Management System
30. Digital Steganography
31. E-Health Care Management System
32. Electricity Billing System
33. E-mail Client Software
34. Driver Drowsiness detection using Python

Python Language- Brief introduction

Python is a high-level programming language which is widely used nowadays. Python was first created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is mainly used for developing desktop GUI applications, certain web applications or websites. Besides this, Python also helps in prototyping and in language development. It provides other benefits that make it even more demanding than other languages. Whether at a business level to build ERP, or e-commerce systems or at an education level, where it is taught as practical programming, Python has emerged as an outstanding language, coding wise. Certain scientific computing also incorporates the usage of Python to provide with extended open-access teaching platforms. Software and web development areas (including the building of frameworks) also demand a high use. With such great uses, Python is bound to make a great place.

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How can you get started with Python?

As known, you need a compiler or an interpreter for your code to run. Likewise, you need an interpreter to run your Python codes. You can browse the net and find many free interpreters available, for your software. Apart from this, certain interpreters are available that you can make use of, instead of installing them. There are different versions which Python comes in, and these are slightly different from one another. You should also check for any fake version while installing the Python software.

Why is Python so popular?

Python brings with it some distinguishing benefits for its users. A long list of advantages that it provides makes it obvious to answer the above question. Written below are some of them. Having learnt about them, you are surely to get tempted to download the software into your PCs soon.

Have a look:

  • Provides a great readability
  • Object oriented language- thus capable of modelling the real world well
  • Allows integration with other languages and enterprise application integration for cross platform development
  • Enables you to perform asynchronous coding
  • Easy maintenance with no complexity
  • Possesses a vast library with memory management ability
  • Prevents harm from software bugs
  • Widely applicable and easy access

Hope you like this article. Drop your query (if any) in the comment section below and our experts will come back to you shortly.

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Free Python program based project ideas
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