Best online tutorial to learn python for absolute beginners


Hello there, my dear techies, I am assuming that people who are reading this article are fond of technology, And why not? These days technology plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives. It finds in applications in almost all aspects of life like robotics, defence systems, Education systems, and so on, and it is obvious that working in a field of technology surely results in a handsome pay for us. So, is it not important for us to learn about some of those things which binds all elements of technology? So, coding is one such aspect which is very important, and which plays an important role in terms of technology. 

Coding has many languages like C, C++, JAVA, RUBY etc. But here in this article, we deal with one such language which is very important for technology, which is used worldwide, knows for its easy accessibility and ease in learning, which is PYTHON. So, in this article, we will first see what exactly python language is about, how easy or tough is it for learning, tips for learning and finally we get to know about the online course from which we can learn it.

So, let us get started!

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What is Python?

Python is a free, open-source, interpreted, general programming language which was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It is known for its significant whitespace and known for its code reliability.

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Why learn Python?

One might wonder why do we need to learn python only, when there are so many other coding languages available.

Here are some of the reason why Python is preferred over other programming languages:

  • Due to its learning ease
  • Due to its easy support availability
  • Due to its high speed & productivity, as you know, in programming, getting things done fast is more important than anything else! And hence python is the most preferred language, although slower than languages like C & C++.
  • It is User-friendly for studies in data structures and some aspects of data science and also very useful in practical based applications with relevant case studies.
  • It finds its Popular use in machine learning, in-fact, machine learning with python certificate provides the learners with the best combinations and theory which is very much helpful in this field!
  • Due to its Presence of third-party modules
  • Another factor is due to its Extensive support libraries, and finally,

It is an Open-source software as we have discussed earlier and used in the community development of other software like ROS (robot operating systems), Arduino development and many other machine learning and data analytics software.

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Is python easy for beginners?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question, it completely depends on the perspective. What might be easy for one may not be easy for others, it also varies depending upon the interest level and grasping level of the person learning it and also on the coding background of the person learning the language. But one thing which is to be present from your side for sure is the energy, enthusiasm, and the determination to work hard, which makes it easier for you to learn the new language.

Tips for learning python programming

  • Firstly, make sure that you are familiar with some terms involved in coding so that it makes it easier for you while learning how to code.
  • Develop a habit of writing don the codes so that you can understand how the code runs.
  • Keep asking doubts and clearing doubts as well, so that either way, you can improve your knowledge on the subject.
  • Keep yourself surrounded good company who are more interested in learning the subject, so that you also remain motivated.
  • Make yourself familiar with some basic mathematical formulae and other stuff, as it is involved in python.
  • Finally, as we know, Practice makes a man perfect, so keep coding a lot every day so that it makes you perfect and keeps you intact with it.

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What is the best online tutorial to learn python?

You can search for many good python online tutorials elsewhere, here are some of the best python online tutorials offered by SKYFILABS:

1. Game development using python: In this python online tutorial, you will learn the basics of game development along with web development, App development etc.

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2. Movie recommendation using python: In this python online tutorial, you will be preparing an Application which can recommend you movies based on your previous watch history.


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3. Python for Data Science: This python online course for beginners explains the concepts of data science and helps you to learn to work with various libraries of python.

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4. Automation with python: It is always very boring to do repetitive tasks like updating data on excel sheets, copy-pasting mail ID, filling forms, etc. with this python online course you will learn to automate the monotonous work using python. It is one of the best beginner course to learn the real-time usage of python. 

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5. Python for web development: Nowadays most of the web applications and web sites are developed using python. In this python online course, you will learn to use python to design a website. You will also learn to connect MySQL database to the website and access the data. 

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6. Python for image processing: This course will teach you the image processing concepts practically with the help of python. As part of this python online course, you will develop control your mouse cursor using the hand motion.

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7. Python for engineers: This course is for engineering students who want to learn python and implement it to create some interfaces to solve some complex problems. As part of this course, you will learn about the concepts of OOP’s, build GUI applications, working with functions and constructors and many more. 

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You can also develop some easy python projects to brush up your python programming skills. The same SKYFI LABS, is offering some exciting Python projects for beginners, which definitely would help you all to improve your knowledge and coding skills in python. Here are some of the projects:

1. Roadblock Detector using python: In this beginner python project, you will be developing an APP, which can help detect Roadblock in different routes, by collaborating with different maps, like google maps etc.

2. Data analyser using python: In this python project, you will be analysing information related to a particular or different set of data set, which can help you summarize data based on the parameters of our own convenience.

3. Plagiarism Checker using Python: In this easy python project, as the name suggests, you will be checking for the plagiarism level of a particular set of information, with the help of natural processing library by learning about different APP development methods, Data analyser etc.

4. Price comparison APP: In this python project, you will be developing an APP which can compare prices for various hotels or restaurant bookings and give us the best and cheap ones. It is just like an APP like Trivago, Easygo etc.

Check out the following list for more beginner-level python projects:

  • Machine learning using python
  • Sixth sense robot
  • Raspberry pi robot
  • Surveillance camera using python
  • Fraud detection using python (Machine learning)
  • Computer vision text scanner 
  • Handwritten digits recognition using python
  • Computer vision-based smart selfie using python
  • Expense calculator
  • Instagram photo downloader
  • Reddit BOT
  • Quiz application
  • Alarm Clock

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Best online tutorial to learn python for absolute beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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