List of latest Python based engineering projects


Python is a scripting language that can be used even by beginners who know the basic syntax. Python is simpler for the one who has programming knowledge. It's very fast and has made programming flexible as it doesn't need excess lines of coding. Get ready to immerse yourself with the numerous Python projects listed below in the world of efficient machine building.

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Why Python is Best?

Python is the new trend for its easy readability and text processing because of which it is used for text scraping, data mining and data analysis. Knowing how important data science has retained its grip in the field of employment for all those looking for a profession, the significance of python engineering projects, therefore, exceeds as it is also used in data science. It is also used in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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How python is used in the real world?

With jobs emerging in the field of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, python programming have helped in succeeding it. In the real world, python can be used in developing various web applications, games, surveillance devices as mentioned in the projects below. The easy interpretation and due to its simple learning, Python helped in building efficient devices.

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Latest projects on Python

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Why is Python so popular?

Python has gained its popularity in the present era owing to its easy accessibility in the newly built fields. Students want to learn more about the latest python projects as it has generated more employment. Following are the main reasons why Python has gained so much popularity these days-

  • Highly productive as the coding is done in just a few lines
  • The programs are built in a shorter period
  • Easy usage on the Internet of things
  • An extensive built-in library for all those who wish to learn this language
  • A career building language that is used in data science, machine learning and artificial language.

List of Latest python-based engineering projects

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi

Since the discovery of IoT, life has become quite simple. A work of IoT is the smallest thing like sensors and actuators. This python project uses the popular Raspberry Pi board to create IoT. The result of this project will be that temperature and humidity will be calculated and streamed over the internet.

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2. Surveillance Robot

Since it was designed, robots have made life much easier. Once the robot is operated from a remote location, live footage will be available through the internet. Raspberry pi is used as a microcontroller.

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3. Surveillance Camera using IoT

IoT is now also being used in personal spaces to track our loved ones. This python project is based on building a surveillance machine for homes where you can watch your loved ones or your pets. In this project, Raspberry Pi is used to relay live images to screens.

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4. Sixth sense Robot

This robot is controlled by an image processing algorithm. Alongside you will also be using Arduino as a microcontroller. This robotic project will help you learn the locomotion of a robot, working on a DC motor, Arduino and Python Programming.

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5. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

In this era where fraud has become a very common crime, institutes have been struggling to create privacy in their data. This python project based on machine learning will help you build a fraud detector through algorithms. Due to rising bank fraud on the internet, there has been a desperate need for such a tool.

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6. Machine Learning using Python

Predictions may not often be wrong; they talk about a possibility. Here, machine learning can understand past data and produce future data by prediction. Take, for example, the price of a house, machine learning here helps in giving a future price of the same house collecting its past data.

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7. Movie Recommendation using ML

Even in the entertainment field, the software is used. Machine learning here uses its algorithm and through programming language Python suggests titles for a movie. Students who gain information from this project have a large demand in the market.

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8. Computer Vision-based Text Scanner

Another advantage of learning Computer Vision is also the feature of face recognition, reading number plates automatically and self-driving cars. This has brought ease to computer operation. This python project will help you develop a text scanner using an optical character recognition algorithm to display text on your screen.

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9. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

The advancement of computer vision is such that screens now recognize fingers moving on it. This python project on making computer mouse move on screen by just pointing is a work of object tracking algorithm. This will make the work easier because several times you don't have to click on the mouse.

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10. Raspberry Pi Robot

Who wouldn't want a robot that can be controlled by just a click? This python project teaches you to build a robot that uses a Raspberry Pi board as a microcontroller and Python Programming for it to work. This Robot will be directly controlled by your laptop.

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11. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

Machine learning has spread its wings wider and here it teaches to build a model that recognizes handwritten digits especially on bank cheques, number plates, and forms that are filled by hand. This research is one of its kind concerning machine learning in computer vision.

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12. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

Everybody loves to take selfies; we'll show you how to create a smart selfie machine in this project. This model will take selfies automatically as you smile using a facial recognition algorithm and store it in your device.

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Apart from the above projects, you can also check the following projects:

  1. Smart mirror
  2. Surveillance monitoring using Android phone
  3. Ultrasonic radar using Pi
  4. Weight sensing automatic gate
  5. Artistic robotic arm
  6. Face recognition gate
  7. Expense tracker using Python
  8. Mp3 player using python
  9. Invisible cloak using open CV and python
  10. Simple Chat room using python
  11. Cartooning an Image using Open CV
  12. Folder Sorter according to file extension using Python

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List of latest Python based engineering projects
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