Top 10 Major Project Topics on Python (Videos Included)

Do you know that python will overtake C, Java programming language in the next 3-4 years?   It’s high time that you should also start learning python and start implementing cool projects. Don’t worry if you have learnt C or Java it very easy for you to switch. You will be surprised to know that python is recommended for beginners thanks to its program readability and easier implementation than C when it comes to building projects. In this article, we will discuss some amazing cool projects based on python.

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Are you the one who gets scared whenever you hear programming?

First of all, don’t be scared programming in much easier to understand given you devote time and effort in learning it. In layman, words programming is nothing but a set of instructions you give to the computer to follow. In real life it can be explained with the help of things you normally do like cooking a dish, the process of turning your computer ON/OFF, planting a tree etc. with basic mathematics and fundamentals of python programming you can start building top-notch python projects.

Where can we use Python?

You will be glad to know that python is applicable to diverse fields and hence is called as a general-purpose programming language. You can design desktop applications, web-based applications and GUI applications. It is very surprising for many of us to know that Google search, YouTube and Dropbox are made using python. From simple programs to complex applications python programming is being extensively used worldwide.

Latest projects on Python

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Is python easy to learn?

Yes, among all the programming languages python is easier to learn. Python program or code is very clear and is easily understood. Thanks to its program readability and vast application python are considered among top 5 popular programming languages.

Where can I learn python?

If you have prior experience in programming you can refer textbooks on python like programming for everybody. If you are a beginner you can learn by watching python programming tutorials on YouTube. Nevertheless, if you like to design major python projects you only require and fundamentals and the python projects in the article will be self-explanatory and doesn’t require you to be a maestro in python programming.

Where can I get the latest python projects?

There is an endless list of projects available on the internet. But it might be confusing for you to decide which project to go with. In this article, we will give you the best python projects that you can start right away without wasting your time.

Python and electronics integration

You might have designed projects using C or any other language or might be completely new in the python project world. It doesn’t matter using python you can integrate the software with hardware and start seeing the impact that your python projects can make in the physical world.

How to build Python projects Did you know

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List of major Project Topics on Python

The top python projects you will need to boost your understanding of python as well as developing practical skills are mentioned below. It is recommended for you to click and learn more about the respective python project if it interests you. Let’s dive into the major python projects.

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi


In this amazing project, you will be able to create a device of your own that can send you temperature and vapour content in the air to your mobile or laptop through the internet. You can also modify the code in the raspberry pi to make a more specialized approach like getting a notification whenever the temperature or humidity exceeds a certain value.

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2. Surveillance Robot


This raspberry pi based project works like a surveillance camera and also has a functionality to move. It lets you transmit live video footage using the internet.

Click here to learn more

3. Surveillance camera using IoT


This python major project makes use of a mini computing device known as raspberry pi to transmit live video to your mobile or laptop screen over the internet.

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4. Sixth Sense Robot


In this python project, you will be using Arduino microcontroller to make a gadget that can recognize the color of the object using the object tracking algorithm and color recognition code.

Click here to learn more

5. Detecting fraudulent activities using machine learning


As we know major cash is lost in credit card frauds, we have designed this project to overcome this problem by using machine learning. This project will identify fraud transaction based on previous similar frauds.

Click here to learn more

6. Machine learning project based on python


This python project can determine the value of the house by applying machine learning. It uses the given data from various other houses located near our house to determine the actual price of your house.

Click here to learn more

7. Computer Vision Text scanner


Ever thought how can a computer understand a text from an image? If yes then this project is for you. This python project can scan text from an image and display the digital version on your screen.

Click here to learn more

8. Computer Vision-based Mouse


This computer vision project uses object tracking algorithm to effectively control the mouse cursor on the screen.

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9. Raspberry pi based Robot


If you ever wanted to have a robot that can be fully controlled by you? If your answer is yes then this project is for you. In this project you will make a raspberry pi-based robot that you can easily control with the laptop you will implement this project with python programming.

Click here to learn more

10. Handwritten digits recognition using Machine learning


This cool project based on machine learning can identify handwritten digits and give a digital output on the screen. This is a good project for anyone getting started with python and machine learning.

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Click on any of the below project ideas that interest you to know more about it.

Information about python origin-

Python is considered to be a high-level programming language. It was first written by a programmer named Guido van Rossum in the year 1991. It is a programming language aimed at vast applicability. It is extensively being used in making desktop application and in the development of different websites and corresponding web is being updated on a regular basis and now the python 3 version is being currently used which incorporated slight changes in python syntax.

Features of python-

  • The python program has high readability
  • It is an object-oriented language.
  • It can be used well in combination with other programming languages.
  • The python code is easier to maintain and has relatively less complexity
  • It has a vast library and can manage memory efficiently.
  • It is used and applicable in many situations and is free to access.

If you have any query or confusion in choosing a project please make sure to drop a comment down. Our expert team will reply to you shortly.

Top 10 Major Project Topics on Python (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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