7 Best BE Projects on Informational Technology (IT) with Videos


We are back with another engaging article on BE projects for IT students. In the world of data science and Artificial Intelligence, this article has come as a savior for its very keen students who want to build a career in the IT sector. From building surveillance machines to controlling appliances this article has major IT projects for students. The BE projects referred to here are the latest computer science approach. Software companies look for students who have hands-on experience and are ready to create new devices, it is an advantage for students if they get through the projects mentioned in this article. It is based on the projects BE students choose that decides their placements in companies. If you get a grasp of the projects mentioned in this article, it will be very helpful for your career in IT.

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How can I get ideas for a project?

It is often seen that students tend to pick the most common idea, but one thing you have to do is understanding one's ability. It becomes difficult to put your hands on either one in a field full of projects. Until deciding the project you want to choose, you need to set your goal. Many projects may be very exciting, but there may not be sufficient outcomes for you. It's safer to choose a project that builds a career based on your choice and its scale. It's only when you focus on a project that makes it easier for you to work.

  • First and foremost, in today's tech world, you need to collect data about a particular project and its reach.
  • Next, you have to stay focused and gather materials that are used for the project.
  • Make sure that the work is not boring and that you have a good understanding of it.
  • Draft project details to be presented for an overview.
  • Learn about different projects in such an era and their implementations.

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Attributes of a Project

A project is characterized by the final product and its effectiveness. Before starting a project, goals are set to meet the desired end. To implement it, a project should have all its data drawn up in one place. Only a complete product has meaning. A course that teaches several subjects helps to extend a productive career's spectrum.

Hence, we hope that the following projects will help to give your career an extra edge.

BE projects for IT students

1. Machine Learning using Python


This machine learning project gathers past data to give a forecast for the future. This IT project gives a lot of career opportunities. Here we are concerned about collecting data on housing prices in a region to provide data on other houses ' future prices.

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2. IoT using Raspberry Pi


IoT has brought technology into our spaces of comfort. This IT project is helping the internet to display temperature and humidity. Raspberry Pi board is used in this project to create IoT.

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3. Surveillance Robot


Robots are fascinating and it's even more fun to develop them. This BE project helps to build a surveillance robot that works from a remote location but also streams live footage on the internet.

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4. Surveillance Camera using IoT


Through this IT project, you can develop a surveillance camera for your houses, helping to keep a watch on your loved ones or your pet. In this BE project, Raspberry Pi is used to display images on the screens.

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5. Sixth sense Robot


This is a project-based on Arduino, helps you to build a robot controlled by an image processing algorithm. As part of this course, you will learn the locomotion of a robot, working of DC motor, Arduino and Python programming.

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6. Raspberry Pi Robot


This IT project is based on building a robot using a Raspberry Pi board as a microcontroller and Python Programming. You can control the robot easily using your laptop.

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7. Data Analytics using R


A very important course for students who wants to develop a career in data analytics. In this BE project, you will carry out a study of the consistency of World Happiness and Diamond. You will learn R programming language and its uses here.

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Here is the list of projects for IT students:

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Hope you got some good project topics related to IT (Information Technology). If you have any good project topics apart from these, let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

7 Best BE Projects on Informational Technology (IT) with Videos
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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