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Here is good news for all you interested in electronics and the working of systems used in the current time. Several DIY electronics projects are mentioned in this article that provides hands-on experience on different ideas of the subject. The designs will attract excited students and are very easy to make. So, plan your tools for the most thrilling journey that will help you create a successful career ahead. The electronics project mentioned is carefully selected by professionals with the utmost priority of precision and durability. Beginners can indulge in it as these are not too tough to perform.

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How can I make a simple electronic device?

With very fewer structures to put together simple electronic project is easy to make. The project mentioned below does not consist of complex systems and with few steps is ready to perform its task. Beginners should pick and get started on any of them. With simple yet very peculiar projects in the segment, it is a great way to get scores in your final year. You will have the ultimate electronics competency with each of these modules. Get ready for a hassle-free experience with the different modules.

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Benefits of DIY Projects

It is quite often that students do not get time to make a proper project during their final year of engineering so they look for something easy to do. Yet sometimes they end up doing something very simple, with not much to do. Selecting something that has current value is very important and also doesn't require a lot of effort. Let us appreciate the benefit of doing these projects-

  • You build something meaningful without anyone's support. That just needs your attention and hands to put things together.
  • The project is increasingly engaging and it is just you that is involved. When you move forward with each step, and it makes the job exciting to be productive in it.
  • The job saves a huge amount of time and energy. You can do it the way you want without anyone else indulging in it.
  • The work done polishes your skills and makes you industry-ready.
  • Since it solely involves your hard work you receive much appreciation for it.

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Best DIY Electronics Project

1. Animatronic Hand

In recent times robotics has gained a lot of popularity. This simple electronic project helps to create a module that will copy the user and perform tasks. Arduino is used for its programming.


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2. Home Automation using IoT

Smart Home is everybody's dream now and this kit helps to build one. The linked devices will be managed via a smartphone or a laptop. It just needs Bluetooth connectivity. You will use a HC-06 Bluetooth module and Arduino in this electronics project.


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3. Robotic Arm simple electronic project

A human-like arm this project is quite easy to build and is programmed using Arduino. The machinery will be connected to the user’s smartphone through Bluetooth.


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4. Sensor Guided Robotics


Another electronic project on robotics. This one is based on building three different kinds namely-

Line Follower

Obstacle Follower

Obstacle Avoider

This electronic project is build using an IR sensor and Arduino UNO microcontroller board.

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5. Smart Energy Meter Using GSM


Technology has become eco-friendly as well. This electronic project is based on sending SMS at intervals to the user about energy usage. It is programmed using Arduino.

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6. Solar & Smart Energy System


A dual project this one displays accurate traffic signals and also charges battery through solar energy. The battery can be used to display traffic signals.

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7. Automatic Solar Tracker


Since energy is the major concern of the era here is another project that helps in keeping track of solar energy is captured. Arduino is in programming this one as well.

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8. GPS & GSM Tracker


An electronic project on both GPS & GSM, this one helps in locating the vehicle and sending messages to the user through SMS or email. Now you can locate the vehicle even in remote locations.

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9. Biometric Authentication


This electronic project is based on a module that has upgraded security systems. LCD and Arduino are used for this project that builds a biometric authentication module.

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10. Access Control Of RFID


Many corporate sectors now have introduced an RFID system for access to their company. Toll gates consist of this system. This module helps in building such a system that is wireless and is programmed using Arduino.

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11. Automated Railway Crossing


A very easy electronic project in making accurate data about the real-time of the train coming and closing the railway gates. IR sensors are used to gather the data.

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12. PCB Manufacturing


This electronic project is based on the production from scratch of a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The light bulb will turn on with just a clap-sound.

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13. Health Monitoring Wearable


A simple electronic project which deals with the health of the consumer. With the aid of Lilypad Arduino, you can create a hand-glove in this. The glove measures the bodily heart rate.

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14. Persistence of Vision


The bright LED that displays certain data on railway stations, bus stands, hospitals and banks is a working of POV. The POV on the LED is programmed using Arduino and you can easily build it by yourself.

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15. Smart Traffic Lighting System


A bad traffic system of the age has caused a lot of havoc in the lives of people who wish to reach their destination of time. This module helps in building a smart traffic system. Arduino Programming and IR sensors are used for this electronic project.

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16. Automation Using PLC


Another PLC project this module will perform tasks of placing things from one place to another. This DIY project is a working of SMPS, Relays and Motors and the PLC programming.

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Best DIY electronic projects
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