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Best 5+ Final Year Projects on Image Processing(IP)


The applications and usage of image processing technology is not limited to any particular field and is fairly apparent in the various disciplines. Such is the importance of learning image processing technology as early as possible.

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Best final year projects on Image Processing:

Best Final Year Projects on Image Processing

Have you ever wondered how your phone recognizes your face and unlocks itself?

That is all because of the advancement of AI and Computer Vision.

Both computer vision and image processing are based on the input of an image or signal and then processing the image to give us the altered output.  As their names already imply their goals and methodologies, the boundaries of these two fields may seem clear. However, they draw heavily from the methodologies of one another, which can make the boundaries between them blurry and people get confused between the two.

Image processing is a subset of computer vision. A computer vision system uses the image processing algorithms to try and perform its functions.

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As the name suggests, in image processing an image is processed. The image is bettered. It may have something to do with smoothing, sharpening, contrasting, stretching, etc. It makes the image more enhancive & readable. Also, input and output are both images.

Therefore, if the goal is to enhance the image for later use, then this may be called image processing. And if the goal is to recognize objects and provide useful information on it, then it can be called computer vision.

In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions about Image Processing and tell you why it’s very important to build projects on the topic. And if you are planning to build your final year project on image processing, we are also giving some innovative project suggestions for you.

Here are some innovative final year projects on image processing,

Surveillance Robot: Robotics is changing the world as we see it. It is the future. And if you’re a student who is particularly interested in this field, then this project is your gateway into it.

In this course, you will build one such surveillance robot that can be controlled from a remote location and capture and transmit live video footages over the internet. It will use a Raspberry Pi microcontroller which will enhance your knowledge on that, as well as on Python, its programming and applications.

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In this project, you will learn to use various image processing algorithms to capture the live footage and transmit them seamlessly.

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Computer Vision-Based Text Scanner: If you are interested in giving eyes to machines/ robots which can be clubbed with processors and actuators to make the machines perform actions based on their vision, this project is apt for you!

In this project, you will make your computer "read" and identify texts! You will develop a computer vision based text scanner application that can scan any text from an image using the optical character recognition algorithm and display the text on your screen. You will also learn image processing algorithms like image thresholding, optical character recognition, and many more amazing new skills.

Sounds exciting, right?

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Computer Vision-Based Mouse: In this project, you will build a Computer Vision-based mouse to control the cursor using the object tracking algorithm. Using this project, you can carry out all the functionalities of a mouse by just showing corresponding colours in the webcam.

You’ll also gain more knowledge on image processing algorithms like canny edge detection, object tracking, and many more useful skills.

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Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie: Along with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Computer Vision and Image Processing are going to shape our near future.

You can start learning about these fields in a fun way by making your computer "read your face" and click a selfie when you look your best! In this project, you will build a computer vision and image processing algorithms based smart selfie application that can take snaps automatically when you smile using facial feature recognition algorithm and store it on your device. 

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Driver Sleepiness Detection: Innumerable lives are lost each year due to improper road accidents. Some of the major reasons are driving while being drunk, carelessness and falling asleep during driving.

Driver Sleepiness Detection is a project that will monitor the eye and head movements of the driver and will trigger an alarm when drowsiness is detected. Imagine the number of lives that can be saved by the application of this project. Since it is entirely Python based, you will also gain knowledge on Python language, its programming, and applications.

Smart Mirror: A mirror is something that is part of one’s everyday life. But imagine if it could do more than just reflecting back your face. In this project, you will be able to display the weather details, the calendar, time and date, reminders, news and anything you need to see before you leave somewhere.

This project uses Raspberry Pi and Python programming to display all the things that you want to see on your mirror. It will help you remember all the minute things that can make your life easier like your work schedule, or reminders. You can program to show leave notes so that it displays on the mirror. You can also use a camera to recognize the person standing in front of the mirror and the reminders, notes and the schedule of that person is displayed on the mirror.

Cursor Movement by Hand Gesture Project: This project is designed to further simplify the usage of a cursor in your daily life. It puts forward a system that allows the user to control the mouse movements through the use of hand movements.

The project uses webcam in order to detect hand gesture movements. It continuously scans the camera input for five finger hand like patterns. Once a hand is detected, the system then locks it as an object. After the object has been flagged and detected, the system then constantly records its movements in terms of X-Y direction coordinates. These coordinates are then mapped real time onto the mouse cursor to move it according to hand movements.

Number Plate Scanner: Getting the correct number plate of a car is important for the police in so many cases. Whether the vehicle is breaking any traffic rules, or it might be a hit-and-run case, it is crucial to get the number plate for further investigation and justice. However, it is difficult to capture a legible image of the plate during situations like that. This project provides a solution to that problem.

In this project, the first step is to locate and extract the license plate region from a larger scene image. After having the license plate region to work with, the alphabetical characters present on the plate will be extracted from the background. Next step will be to deliver them to the MATLAB system for recognition.

Automatic Vehicle Parking System: The number of vehicles owned by people is increasing and will continue to increase in the coming years. This raises the problem of insufficient and lack of parking spaces.

This project poses a solution to this problem. The system detects when a car passes through using the camera and keeps a count of cars parked in the lot, and if any spaces are available, the system will alert the personals. This project is also MATLAB based.

Camera Motion Sensing Project: This motion sensor project detects motion in a particular environment and sets off an alarm accordingly. It is like having your own CCTV camera. The only difference is you would be the one who built it.

Final Year Projects on Image Processing

This software system is designed in C that constantly monitors an environment using a camera. It even records images of the motion taking place as soon as it is detected. You first need to set a security code. The user needs to enter the code to activate the system. After that, the monitoring starts. The motion detector algorithm now constantly monitors the environment to check for any movement. As soon as any movement takes place in front of the camera the alarm is activated. The user can deactivate the alarm by entering the security code again.

Hope you got some image processing final year project ideas from this article.

Suppose, if you want to build great image processing projects but don’t have the necessary technical knowledge, don’t worry!

We at Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through which you can learn the latest technologies by building projects hands-on right from your home. With the online course content available 24x7 and 1-1 technical assistance provided, developing great expertise on latest technologies like image processing will never be tough for you.

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Why build final year projects on image processing?

The applications and usage of this technology are not limited to any particular field and is fairly apparent in the various disciplines. A few fields are listed below:

  • Image sharpening and restoration: It refers to processing images that have been captured from the modern camera to make them a better image or to manipulate those images in a way to achieve the desired result. It is also used in Colour Processing.
  • Medical field: It is used in Gamma Ray imaging, X-Ray imaging, PET scans, CT scans, among various other applications.
  • Transmission and encoding: The very first image that was transmitted over wire was from London to New York via a submarine cable and it had taken 3 hours to reach its destination. Now, we can stream videos from any part of the world, with the delay of hardly a few seconds. This has been possible due to image processing.
  • Machine/Robot vision: Hurdle detection is one of the common tasks that has been done through image processing. This is done by identifying different type of objects in the image and then calculating the distance between the robot and hurdles. It is also used in Pattern Recognition.
  • Agricultural field: Parameters like canopy, yield, quality of product are some of the important measures in an agricultural field. Many times expert advice may not be affordable, majority times the availability of expert and their services may consume time. Image processing along with the availability of a communication network can change the situation of getting the expert advice well within time and at an affordable cost since image processing is an effective tool for analysis of these parameters.

Projects on Image Processing

As it is clearly evident, the need for machines and computers to “see” and the process is increasing day by day. The applications of image processing have widespread from transport to medical and personal to industrial level as well. Therefore, one must acquaint themselves to use this technology properly. The scope in this field is immense.

And what better way to do it than by building projects at the comfort of your own home? Building projects give you a hands-on experience on the applications of image processing technology. Your knowledge isn’t just limited to theory anymore. Building projects enhance your knowledge and boundaries on so many levels.

Where can you get quality resources to build image processing projects?

To help you in building good final year image processing projects, Skyfi Labs has developed online project-based courses by which you can learn and build innovative projects at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. These courses are equipped with Learn-Do-Review methodology that ensures proper learning and the hardware kits required to build the project will be shipped to your doorstep.

After registering and making the payment, your entire project kit will be shipped within 24 hours. Then you can access video lectures, tutorials and quizzes to learn the technology in your desired project. Therefore, not only will you receive quality kits, but also get expert guidance to build your project.

These courses also give you the opportunity to innovate and redefine the projects under the expert's guidance from Skyfi Labs.

On successful completion of the project, a smart certificate with unique codes will be provided to showcase your learning to the recruiters.

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Good luck with your final year project. 

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Best 5+ Final Year Projects on Image Processing(IP)
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