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Senior design projects on computer vision for engineering students


Computer vision can be understood as a field of computer sciences which deals in making computers gain a high level of understanding so that they can learn from digital videos and images and take decisions as prescribed by the user accordingly.

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In simpler words, computer vision refers to making a computer autonomous and to do the work that was previously done by the human visual system. The basic structure of computer vision follows-

  • Acquiring of the digital video or image
  • Processing the digital video or image
  • Analyzing and understanding the respective digital video or image.

Some of the important sub-domain of computer vision are video tracking, event detection, object tracking or detection, motion estimation, scene reconstruction, and image restoration. This article talks about how computer vision works, its applications and some senior design projects related to computer vision.

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What is computer vision used for?

A computer vision model can be used to replace a human visual system. It can acquire, process and analyze the digital videos and images with high accuracy.

  • Computer vision can be used for tracking an object.
  • It can be used to calculate the net effective motion of an object.
  • It can be used to recreate blurred images or bad quality images.
  • It is used for 3D pose estimation for advanced application.

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What is the senior design project?

A senior design project is an undergraduate design project which is done in major or in the final semester of engineering. It is the evaluation of a student’s capability to apply what he has learned in class to solve or develop a solution to a real-world problem. Hence making them capable of future responsibilities.

Some of the best senior design projects for final year students on computer vision applications are mentioned below.

Senior design projects on computer vision for engineering students

In detailed information for each of the projects mentioned are discussed below.

1. Surveillance Robot


Computer vision is changing the world. A robot with vision is an added advantage. Surveillance robots can be controlled from a remote location which can record and stream live video footage to user devices.

A surveillance robot is made by using raspberry pi and it is programmed using python. Raspberry pi is a microcontroller which is used to transmit live video footage to user devices over the internet. Knowledge of robot locomotion or movement, working of DC motors, working of the motor driver circuit and raspberry Pi architecture and programming is required to understand and make the project.

Click here to build a surveillance robot

2. Surveillance camera using IoT


With the use of surveillance cameras, you can keep watch on your loved ones, in situations like emergency a surveillance camera comes very handy. It can be used to monitor your belonging from theft, keep watch on old people and toddlers.

The surveillance camera that we are discussing is integrated with IoT (internet of things). It is based on raspberry pi and programmed using the python programming language. As part of this computer vision project, you can also expect to get good knowledge about

  • Image processing and algorithm
  • How to split image channels
  • Matplotlib (python library)
  • Architecture on which raspberry pi is made along with python programming.

Isn’t a surveillance camera using IoT a cool project?

Click here to build a surveillance camera using IoT

3. Sixth sense robot


Robots are now an integral part of our life. They have made life much comfortable. Robots only lack vision, this gap is also filled by the use of computer vision in robotics. A sixth sense robot can be controlled with the help of image processing algorithms. It can detect the motion of your hand and move accordingly.\

The sixth sense robot is based on Arduino and it is programmed with python. By working on a sixth sense robot a student will also gain the knowledge of robot movement or locomotion, working of DC motor along with motor driver circuit, computer vision, and Arduino along with python programming.

Click here to build a sixth sense robot

4. Computer vision text scanner


How amazing would it be if your computer can read? It is now possible with computer vision text scanner. A computer vision text scanner can read and identify text from the given images.

By working on this senior design project, you can also expect to learn about

  • How the image processing algorithm works
  • Process of image thresholding
  • Image perspective transformation
  • Process of optical character recognition.

The computer vision text scanner is very useful in scenarios where a large data in image format has to be converted into text format.

Learn to make your own computer vision text scanner by following the below link

Click here to build a computer vision text scanner

5. Computer vision-based mouse


A computer vision mouse can be used to control the movement of the cursor by the movement of your fingers. This senior design project is based on the object tracking algorithm. In this project, the algorithm detects the motion of the user’s fingers.

While building this project you can also learn about

  • How the image processing algorithm works
  • Image thresholding
  • How canny edge detection works
  • Object tracking algorithm

Click here to build a computer vision-based mouse

6. Computer vision-based smart selfie


A computer vision-based smart selfie can click pictures of the user whenever the algorithm detects a smile. By learning to make a computer vision-based smart selfie you can also learn about

  • How image processing algorithms works
  • How the face recognition works
  • Facial feature recognition
  • Dlib C++ libraries

Click here to build a computer vision-based smart selfie

I hope you got a good understanding of computer vision and its applicable senior design projects. You can learn to make them in the best possible way by taking a course on any of the projects from the above-mentioned links.

If you are interested in more than one course you can take up combo courses and save big. Follow the below link for combo courses on computer vision.

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Senior design projects on computer vision for engineering students
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