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Major projects on computer vision for engineering students


The field of computer vision is growing at a pace that is very difficult to determine. It is growing with new hardware and algorithms and has an astonishing rate of success. The computer vision programs have reached an accuracy of 99% in recent years.

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6. Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

One can say that computer vision is all about pattern recognition. So, one of the ways to train the computer to run a certain program is to feed it with loads of data so that it could learn the power of recognition through it. Before the world even had the idea of deep learning, the tasks that computer vision does now, was done through a huge amount of code and had very low accuracy.

Many universities and colleges have started incorporating this field of study into the courses to make the students aware of the benefits of the subject. The students are also given enough experience in this field and now they are also able to develop programs of their own. The most interesting way of dealing with this is to give them the responsibility for a major project.

Every student in a college or university once comes in the final year, has to build a major project on their field of study. Many students take up projects in the field of computer vision. This they do by either deciding a problem of their own and then trying to find a solution to the problem of referring to the topics available on the internet.

Major computer vision projects like Text recognition and image processing could be implemented. These are applied on a large scale also, like in healthcare. It is important for the students that they gain the practical knowledge of all the concepts of computer vision.

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Latest projects on Computer Vision

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What is computer vision and its use?

Computer Vision is that part of computer science that deals with replicating the activities of human vision and teach computers to identify objects in some images and process that information. For a long time, computer vision was only limited to certain areas, but in recent years, the field is developing in many areas. One of the main reasons for its development is the huge data that all the people generate on a daily basis.

Computer vision has gained appreciation in recent years and we cannot believe the pace it is developing throughout all the areas of applications. The concept is very simple and innovative in itself, also, it is very easy to implement as compared to the problem. It takes the help of deep learning and pattern recognition that helps in solving major problems as discussed below:

  1. Self- Driving Cars: The self-driving cars are built with high accuracy and it feels like only a human is driving it. The concept is derived through the use of subjects like Computer vision and Machine learning. The former helps the cars to identify their surroundings. The camera fits into the cars captures the images of those surroundings where the car is driving. This builds the data which helps the computer in learning where the car needs to be and where it should not.
  2. Facial Recognition: The applications such as face locks captures your face and recognises your identity in order to unlock your mobile devices. Whether you are in the same clothes or not or you may be with or without makeup, one program can recognise you very easily. It captures all of your photos and learns just like a human being that how you look. If it recognises you, it performs the desired operation.
  3. Augmented Reality: The concept of computer vision helps in developing applications with augmented reality and mixed reality in your devices. The program learns how a certain object looks like and it converts all the images into virtual objects. The program can identify planes, floors, ceilings, table and establish the real-time depths and dimensions.
  4. Healthcare: The concept helps in developing programs that can identify cancerous moles under the skins or finding symptoms of various diseases by looking into the X-Ray pictures and comparing the data with the infected ones.

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Is computer vision accurate?

Computer vision, as discussed above, requires few lines of codes and data development and after that, it provides incredible accuracy. The accuracy can reach up to the scale of 99% if the program is perfectly implemented and would even perform better than a human being. This way, many functions in various sectors can be performed with an accuracy that no one could ever imagine.

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Major projects on computer vision for engineering students

Skyfi offers a lot many topics under computer vision from where the students can choose the topic of their computer vision projects. Some are listed below:

1. Surveillance Robot: Robots are taking up most of the jobs of humans as they increase the efficiency of the projects. Many industries are taking the help of the robot for even jobs like surveillance. This way, they could increase the accuracy by which the job is done.

This computer vision major project will help the students to feed the computer with the dataset of the pictures of the place where the robot needs to work. It teaches the students the concepts of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.


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2. Sixth sense robot: This computer vision project again will help you build the robot with amazing capabilities. This can be the next superhuman. All you need to do is follow some basic steps to reach where you actually will do wonders. This major project will teach you concepts of computer vision and Python programming.


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3. Computer vision-based text scanner: Text scanner is like the eyes to the machines and they help us recognise the texts in different font styles. This concept looks very simple but is very crucial to the companies. This computer vision major project helps you to build a very basic major project on the topic of computer vision. The student will be able to learn concepts like Image processing algorithms, Image thresholding, Image perspective transformation and Optical character recognition.


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You can also check out the following major computer vision projects:

The students are free to choose a topic of their own if they want to solve real-life problems. Many students also take the help of their professors and teachers who guide them through the solutions.

With the advent of technology in the world is rising at a pace which no one could have ever imagined. Computer vision was just a new concept that developed with limited resources. But now, it is being involved in all the spheres from entertainment to finance. The field of data science is doing wonders day by day and it is one field that requires hands-on experience. Data science has many subheadings like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and under Artificial Intelligence, there falls the most interesting part of the field known as Computer Vision.

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Major projects on computer vision for engineering students
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