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Free Computer Vision based project ideas for enthusiasts


Have you ever wondered how life was back when your grandparents were young? How were those old days when everything was done by man, no machines, no mobile phones, no TV and of course no social media!

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Well, after imagining such things, one might feel lucky to have born in this decade of technology and machines wherein life is easy and comfortable. But man is never satisfied, and hence there are many more technological advancements taking place in order to make our life much more comfortable. One such field of advancement is computer vision. In this article, we are going to discuss various computer vision-based projects for enthusiasts.

Just imagine opening your chrome browser and scanning a thing and getting results for that instead of typing it in the search bar. Or else, what if you want to know some object and you can do so just by putting that object under a detector and you get results!!

Now did you roughly get an idea of what computer vision is all about? Excited? Curious to know more? Just continue reading this article.

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What is computer vision simple definition?

Basically, computer vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can be made to gain a high-level understanding from digital images or videos. In other words, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.

Some of its tasks include methods for acquiring, processing and giving results for digital images. Also, to extract high dimensional data from the real-world to produce numerical or symbolic information just like the example we discussed above.

In simpler terms, it is concerned with the theory behind artificial systems and its various deep applications that extract information from images, videos and many other sources.

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What is Computer vision used for?

So, having understood what computer vision is, one might wonder how it helps us in real life situations. Well, my friend, you might not even know, but right from performing a small task in computer to a complex operation like medical image processing, computer vision is used everywhere.

Its applications range from tasks such as industrial machine vision systems like inspecting bottles speeding on a production line, to research into AI, computer and robotics field.

Some of the other places where it is used are:

Retail and retail security:

For example, Amazon: using computer vision technology, the company websites claim that cameras have the capability to determine which object is picked up from which shelf just by scanning. Isn’t it amazing?!


A company named WAYMO claims that using this technology, cars are equipped with sensors and software that can detect 360 degrees of movements of pedestrians, cyclists, roadwork and other objects from 3 football fields away.


Computer vision technology is helping healthcare professionals to accurate classify conditions or illness that may potentially save patients’ lives by reducing or eliminating inaccurate diagnoses and incorrect treatment.


Using computer vision technology to monitor conditions of the crops by using artificial analytics software and other user interfaces. Also, to check for dehydration, pest infestations and nutrient deficiencies.


Using the technology for image recognition applications that use machine learning to classify, extract data and differentiate valid government ID cards like Aadhar card, PAN card and driving licence.


As we have discussed in the very first para of this subtopic, of inspecting bottle’s speed on a production line.

Also, it has large scale medical uses and applications overlapping with the field of machine vision.

Military applications like detecting enemy’s vehicles, missile guidance, soldiers etc.

One might wonder as in how image processing different from what computer vision does while scanning things.

Well, the main difference is that computer vision is higher level interpretation of image processing where input is an image and output is necessarily not an image, but a symbol, number or information. The difference is in the goals and outputs, not in the methods.

How to choose a project topic?

There are some things to keep in mind before choosing a project, they are:

  • Know the mathematical stuff being involved behind your programs, although not completely, but to a certain extent. Topics like linear algebra, singular value decomposition, pattern recognition, Kalman filtering and wavelets etc are recommended.
  • Develop good understanding of various image processing algorithms.
  • Learn how to use OpenCV library, which is a library of programming functions aimed for real-time computer vision.
  • In-depth knowledge on coding with programming languages like C++, R, Python and MATLAB.

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Free computer vision project ideas for enthusiasts

So, having known so much about computer vision and its applications and the enormous scope it has, one would want to learn more about it. And to learn more about it you will need to build projects in order for you to help to link up your theoretical knowledge with your practical skills.

So, going online is one of the best ways to achieve your target. It is a useful place to smartly spend your money.

1. Surveillance Robot: In this computer vision project you will build a robot that can be controlled at remote locations and record video tapings.


You will learn stuff like raspberry pi architecture and programming, working of DC circuit, robot’s locomotion etc.

In addition, you will be receiving a smart certificate, a kit, an expert’s guidance and what not, a point to add up in your PORTFOLIO!!

As a final year student, the last point would be a boon for you guys!

Isn’t it?

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2. Smart Security surveillance camera using IoT: Now a days, security is a concern for everybody, there is no public place you find without a security CCTV camera. That itself shows how important security cameras are now a days. So, here in this computer vision project, you will be using Raspberry Pi integrated with IoT, with the help of which you program and use to transmit the video captured over the internet as live footages to your screen.


You will also be learning about things like image processing and algorithms, splitting image channels and other stuff relating to raspberry.

3. Automated entry system by hand vein biometric: These days biometric is used everywhere, right from taking student’s attendance in colleges to unlocking high profile security systems, it has been finding its use almost everywhere! So, by developing infrared imaging device for biometric acquisition of hand vein patterns, it can have real-world uses like reliable identification, convenient to use, high in security, fast in response and most importantly, highly economic!

4. Magical Cloak using programming: Yes, you heard it right, it is indeed a magical cloak which is invisible! Taking you back to a fantasy world of Harry Potter. In this computer vision project, using segments of single predefined colour detection and segmentation, you make segments of a predefined colour and replace it with a background colour of the given existing video. Programming languages required are PYTHON & OPEN CV.

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Given below are projects of similar type based on computer vision

  • Number Plate detector
  • Image retrieval
  • Colour sorter machine image processing project
  • Computer vision-based mouse: mouse which controls the cursor using an object tracking algorithm.
  • Face detection
  • Water level indicated
  • Image-processing oriented optical mark reader.
  • Wireless bomb disposal robot
  • Patient health check using wireless health monitor
  • GPS based attitude determination
  • Auto braking system for cars based on momentum and road irregularities.
  • Hand motion controlled robotic arm

And many more!

For many more endless exciting projects and other information, kindly refer to Skyfi Labs

Thank you and best wishes!

Free Computer Vision based project ideas for enthusiasts
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-04-11

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