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Capstone projects on computer vision for engineering students

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If you are interested in the field of computer vision, then you should start developing projects that will increase your skills.

Since its new technology, and the colleges don’t have the mandatory infrastructure or the experience to guide the students in learning Computer Vision Projects.   

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The best you can do is build projects as many as you can.

To the basic knowledge about Computer Vision to help through the guide that will give you the idea about many different and unique Computer Vision Projects that you can make on your own.

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What is Computer Vision?

Before answering all of your questions, let’s take a look at what is computer vision?

If you are a beginner, understanding the basics of computer vision is very important.

Computer Vision is often termed as CV.

It helps the Computer to see and understand how computers manage to gain a high-level understanding from images and videos.

In the word of your textbook, it is a study to understand and automate tasks that the human visual system can do.

For example, Any Gadget can be installed with a computer vision system to understand the difference between its objects from the way the task they are assigned to do.

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What is the Capstone Project?

A capstone project is simply a lengthy and highly researched an academic project that is done by the students as a final assessment at the end of their degree program.

Capstones projects are also being done by students at the postgraduate level especially in MBA or MTech

The capstone is more of a research project in which students write about the topics of their choice and deliver it as a high-quality original research

Do’s and Don’ts of Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone is the remaining project you need to face earlier than graduation.

It may be very demanding and take a whole lot of your time, but it’s additionally your last to chance to leave your mark before you walk the stage.

The process may be tricky, so below I’ve prepared a few do’s and don’ts help manual that will help you through your projects.


1. Start Early

It's really useful to go as many Capstone Projects ideas as possible to find the one you are interested in. The Department also provides a preparation booklet so take advantage of it. Try to make a mental outline of what you like to do in your project so that you can start right away.

2. Choose a subject that is in your interest.

Picking a topic that you are familiar with making your project easy to do.

Since you are going to spend a lot of time working on the topic that you will choose, you must go with what’s easy and more understandable to you.

3. Create a plan, establish timelines and stick to them.

Create a rough plan in your mind and try to go accordingly. If necessary, make changes as you go. The growth of an outline is based totally on a paper template or author’s guidelines. Try to break down the timelines and write along with them.


1. Don’t Ignore the review at the end of your project.

Adding a literature overview is an important step in because it creates a solid undertaking question that will give your project an excellent sense of the matter of research.

I suggest you research what’s already available and then start your project from there.

2. Don’t Be Passive

Always take small steps toward building your project.

There is no need to take long steps, with just taking small steps and starting your project early will do help you complete your work before the given timeline.

Try setting aside one hour every day on the project will make more progress in the long run.

Capstone projects on computer vision for engineering students

Before starting a computer vision project, you should have a basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, MATLAB, C++, etc.

So that it will be easy when you start working on a project.

Listed below are some of the computer vision projects that can be done by a beginner in a week

1. Computer Vision-Based Text Scanner

This capstone project is based on developing an application in which a laptop can scan any textual content from any photo by the usage of the optical person recognition set of rules and show the textual content at the screen.

Main Features:

Image processing algorithms

Image thresholding

Image perspective transformation

Optical character recognition


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2. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

With this capstone project, you could develop a digital mouse to manipulate the cursor using the object monitoring algorithm. 

Using this project, you can carry out all of the functionalities of a mouse by simply displaying corresponding colours within the webcam.

Main Features:

Image processing algorithms

Image thresholding

Canny edge detection


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3. Surveillance Robot Capstone Project

In this capstone project, you'll discover ways to build your very own surveillance robot that uses Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller and transmits live video footage over the internet. You can even apply the robot to get commands from a user at a remote location.

Main Features:

Robot’s locomotion

Working of DC motors & motor driver circuit

Application of OpenCV

Raspberry Pi architecture and its programming


Learn more about this surveillance robot project

4. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

In this capstone project, you will learn how to develop a pc vision-based smart selfie which can take snaps automatically whilst you smile the use of facial characteristic popularity set of rules and keep it on your device.

Main Features:

Image processing algorithms

Face recognition

Facial feature recognition

Dlib C++ library


Learn more about this capstone project

5. Cancer detection using computer vision

Melanoma” is a component in our skin that induces cancer. In the remaining decade, pores and skin cancer improved its incidence becoming a public fitness problem. Through this challenge, we can locate this component in the very early levels so that the disease will be detected and dealt with properly. By detecting the asymmetry, border, colour, and diameter we can detect melanoma. This capstone project is very useful in the healthcare sector and can save loads of lives.

Main Features:

Shape detection

Colour detection

Image measurement

6. Head pose estimation using computer vision

In many situations, one wishes to know how the head is tilted with admire to a camera. In a driver assistance system, a camera looking at the driver’s face in a car can use head pose estimation to peer if the driving force is paying interest to the road or not. This venture would help in doing most of these tasks. This can also be used in implementing diverse hands unfastened games.

Main Features:

2D-3D transformations

Dlib C++ library

Open CV

7. Computer-Vision Based Augmentation of a Whiteboard

This capstone project goes to be for all those inventive folks that wish to conduct a gathering during an additional attention-grabbing manner. The whiteboard on that all the dry-erase pens work is currently increased with the assistance of pc vision for scanning and spatially organizing texts and drawings on the surface.

Main Features:

Image detection

Movement detection


Our Verdict

I hope you got some smart and inspiring ideas on Computer Vision capstone projects from the article above.

If you wish to create a nice computer vision project however don’t have the mandatory technology data, don’t worry! We got you covered.

Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through that you'll be able to learn the latest technologies by building active right from your home. 

With the net course content accessible 24x7 and 1-1 technical help provided, developing a nice experience on the latest technologies like Computer vision that can increase your skills and help you build capstone projects on your own.

Comment your queries below, we'll assist you at the earliest.

Good luck!

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Capstone projects on computer vision for engineering students
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