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Best image processing projects for engineering students

Summary: Image Processing technology finds widespread use in various fields like Machine Learning, AI and computer vision. Images will be the next data. And developing projects on them is a great way to understand the concepts from the core. Building projects can be very challenging on image processing, but it is not very difficult due to the recent technological advancements and resources available.

Here are some of the latest image processing projects you can build:

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5. Computer Vision Based Mouse

6. Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

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What is image processing?

In the field of engineering science, image processing or computer vision is the use of algorithms to process an image so as to extract useful information from it. Image Processing is the fundamental technology of Pattern Recognition, Feature Extraction and even classification.

It is basically a method to convert an image to a digital form.

It is used for visualization, image sharpening, image retrieval, pattern recognition and image recognition also.

How is Image Processing used in Artificial intelligence?

Now Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer think intelligently, just like humans do (or don’t). Image processing is actively used in image classifier, which is a typical application of Artificial Intelligence.

Another classic example of this technology would be Traffic Lights! Yes, you heard it right, the same old traffic lights which have been a reason for quibbles between strangers since a long time now. AI based Traffic Lights not just make your commute shorter, they also maintain friendliness between two unrelated people bound by a traffic light.

These AI based Traffic Lights depend heavily upon image processing. The lights collect data on the amount of traffic through cameras and the network of these lights coordinate to ensure fast passing of all the traffic through all the intersections. Image Processing is the crux of AI, thus, anyone planning a career in AI must definitely be acquainted with Image Processing or also called as computer vision.

How does Image Processing Work?

There are two types of Image Processing, Analog and Digital.

Analog Image Processing is used for hard copies, like papers, photographs, number of cars on the road, appearance of the color orange on the buses, the list goes on. Image Analysts use different techniques for analog image processing.

Digital Image Processing, on the other hand is typically used for manipulation of the digital images, using a computer. Facebook’s face recognition to help blind users to identify who’s in the photos, is a very noble application of digital image processing.

In digital Image Processing, data has to go through three major phases and they are,

  1. Pre-processing,
  2. Enhancement & display
  3. Information extraction.

Latest projects on Computer Vision

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Images are treated as a two dimensional signals and the already existing signal processing methods are applied to them.

Why is Image Processing important to learn?

Image Processing technology finds widespread use in various fields like Machine Learning, AI and computer vision. Images will be the next data. Next big Google will be the one that can process and identify the image. Self Driving cars need image processing. You can understand where we are going. As these technologies are emerging fasts, so is the need for experts in Image Processing

We now find ourselves in an age where we are in “need” of computers to “see” and Image Processing is the best way to go about it. This technology finds its use in intelligent transport systems, defense surveillance, moving object tracking, and biomedical imaging techniques, automatic visual inspection and a hoard of different arenas.

Image processing concept’s applications vary from transport to medical and personal to industrial level as well. Therefore, one must acquaint themselves to use this technology properly.

This can be done through projects which have real life applications. This makes for a very good learning experience of this technology. The projects you take up will give you a hands-on experience on this technology and will thus help you learn the fundamentals of Image Processing better, and faster.

Check latest image processing projects

Best image processing Projects

1. Computer Vision Based Mouse: Computer Vision technology uses image processing concepts to virtually give eyes to machines. When combined with processors and actuators, they can perform actions when they see something. Learning the concepts of this project will help you make a computer vision based mouse through which you can control the cursor by showing corresponding colors on your webcam. You will also learn Python and OpenCV.

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2. Computer Vision Based Text Scanner: This project will help you to develop a computer vision based text scanner that can scan any text from an image using the optical character recognition algorithm and display the text on your screen. This project will help you learn about image processing algorithms like image thresholding, Image Perspective Transformation and Optical Character Recognition. This will be shaping our future greatly, and getting into it will help you get your fundamentals about Image Processing right.

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3. Forgery Detection of Medical Image: This project finds massive application in Medical Industry. It is used for fake image recognition to confirm that whatever image you are analyzing is associated with the medical image or not. The noise chart of this image is equipped with a multi-resolution failure filter and gives the output to the classifiers. The noise-map formed in a boundary computing source, while the classification and filtering are completed in a core cloud-computing source. This project works effortlessly. The requirement of bandwidth is also very modest for this project.

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4. Facial expression detector project: This project finds its application in all the smart phones of today. Yes, the feature that is integrated on your mobile’s camera application which can take selfie automatically when you smile uses this particular image processing algorithm.

With this this project, you can develop an application that can detect emotions of people and state their mood. This is done by detecting the various facial features of a human being. You need to use face recognition and facial feature recognition algorithms to develop this project. Python is the language that you need to work on to make this project.

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5. Currency Identification System: Identification of currency is a major problem for those who are just rolling in money. Currency Identification System can be designed using MATLAB, which is a high level programming language that allows you to execute computationally demanding tasks quicker than other languages. This can be used for recognizing fake currency, denomination or value of a banknote.

6. Intelligent Traffic Light Control: Traffic has become a major problem in all developing countries and now we finally have a way to utilize the traffic signals which can do the real time checking of compactness of traffic. This project employs an arrangement of image processing for controlling the traffic in an easy way by capturing images of traffic at crossroads. Through this project you will also learn MATLAB in a comprehensive manner.

7. Automatic Vehicle Parking System: Number of people owning personal vehicles has only gone up over the years. The problem here is that we don’t have enough parking spaces. For this very reason, automated vehicle parking systems were introduced. The system can detect when a car passes through using camera and keep a count of cars parked in the lot, and if any spaces are available, the system will alert the personals. This project is also MATLAB based.

8. Driver Sleepiness Detection: A lot of deaths occur due to road accidents and one of the major reasons behind road crashes is the sleepy driver. A lot of these accidents can be avoided if the drivers in the cars did not get drowsy. Driver Sleepiness Detection System is meant to monitor the eye and head movements of the driver, and blast an alarm if signs of sleepiness have been detected. This project is entirely Python based.

9. Cartooning of an Image: Over the years, Image cartoonizer-software has been used for converting the normal image into a cartoon image. This process utilizes an edge detection and bilateral filter. The bilateral filter is used to reduce the color palette of an image. Afterward, we can apply edge detection to this image for generating a dark shaped image. Thus, a real image is converted to a cartoon easily. This technology is widely used in the image filters that you love in your camera or Instagram!

Hope you got some good image processing project ideas from this article.

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Best image processing projects for engineering students
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