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Free image processing project ideas (Videos Included)


In recent years the usage of image processing has increased a lot - driverless cars, Facial recognition, military applications are some examples of image processing.

If you are very much curious that how image processing helps to make such things happen.

Then, keep reading!

First, you need to master the basic concepts of image processing to understand the principles behind above-mentioned technologies.

The best way to understand any technique is by developing a project out of it. So in this article, we will discuss some interesting topics like the difference between image processing and computer vision, a list of beginner projects on image processing and real-time applications of image processing.

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Image processing: How does it work?

Image processing is the process of converting an image into digital format by performing some transformations like enhancing the image or extracting information to get an output image in the optimized form or characteristics associated with the image.

It includes the following steps:

  1. Importing an image (Acquisition)
  2. Image enhancement
  3. Image restoration
  4. Colour image processing
  5. Wavelets and multi-resolution processing
  6. Image compression
  7. Morphological processing
  8. Segmentation procedure
  9. Representation and description
  10. Object detection and recognition

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Difference between image processing and computer vision

Before getting into the actual topic you need to understand the following things:

What is Image processing?

Image processing is a process where the image is being processed using certain algorithms that does the following transformations such as smoothing, contrasting, sharpening, stretching on the image. Simply put some transformations are made on the input image and the output is returned.

What is Computer vision?

Computer vision is similar to the human vision, Here computer vision is acting as an eye for the computers/machines. It helps the computers to understand the surrounding environment by using certain machine learning techniques and algorithms. For example, face recognition, object detection and handwriting recognition.

Now, what is the difference between computer vision and image processing?

From the above explanation, it is clear that Image processing is the subset of computer vision, where computer vision uses image processing algorithms to extract information from the images to perform certain tasks. For example image recognition, driverless cars are some applications of computer vision.

Simply put

Computer vision - Input is image and output is some kind of information or description which is used to perform certain tasks

Image processing - Input is an image and the output is the optimized form of that image.

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What can we do with image processing?

Image processing is a technology which finds application in your daily life such as selfies (beautify, filters, background blur), QR scanners, OCR, Object recognition, face unlock, etc. The following are some of the cool stuff that you can do with image processing:

  • Machine/Robot vision: It is the process of giving vision to robots similar to humans using certain algorithms.
  • OCR: Process of converting text from an image to actual text.
  • Pattern recognition
  • Video processing
  • Colour processing
  • Hurdle detection

Free Image Processing project ideas for beginners

Hope now you got an idea about what is image processing and how it works. Let’s see about the image processing project ideas for beginners.

1. Surveillance robot

Surveillance is one of the most difficult and repetitive tasks which involves more risk. In this image processing project, you will develop a robot that can be controlled remotely using a laptop.

With the help of a camera fixed to the robot, you can take a live feed of the recordings over the internet.

By working on this project you will get a chance to learn about Raspberry pi and architecture, Python programming, robots locomotion, etc.

Learn more about Surveillance robot

2. Computer vision - Text Scanner

This image processing project is widely used in your day to day life. Guess What?

Yes, OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It is a process of converting a text from an image to the actual text. This concept is used in applications like Microsoft Office lens, CamScanner, etc.

In this computer vision project, you will use certain image processing algorithms to convert the text from an image and display it on your screen/laptop. As part of this course, you will be introduced to the concepts of computer vision, image processing, image thresholding, etc.

Check now! Computer vision - text scanner

3. Computer vision - smart selfie

An outing or dating will not end without taking a selfie. Nowadays in most of the smartphones, you will get an option called smart selfie/smile smart. This will take the picture automatically when you start smiling.

This image processing project also deals with the same concept where you will develop a system to click pictures of yours when you smile. You will use facial feature recognition and some image processing algorithms to develop this project.

Learn more about Smart selfie project

4. Computer vision-based mouse

Controlling the mouse pointer using a mouse will become more difficult if you are using it for a long time which leads to muscle soreness. To avoid that problem you can make use of this project.

In this image processing project, you will get to learn about object tracking, image processing techniques and canny edge detection. Then you will apply those concepts to control the mouse pointer by just pointing your fingers in front of the laptop screen.

Learn more about computer vision-based mouse project

5. Surveillance camera

Again one more project related to the surveillance technology. If you want to check what’s happening in your home when you are gone for some vacation or something, you can make use of this surveillance camera project.

In this image processing project, you will use Raspberry pi to program and transmit the live feed of the captured videos/images over the internet which you can access anywhere anytime (24x7). You can also implement object detection algorithms in this project to notify you when there is a movement.

Learn more about Surveillance camera

6. Sixth sense robot

Robots are used to perform certain tasks that are difficult or risky for humans to make. In this project, you will use image processing algorithms like object tracking and colour recognition to make the robot work. Arduino and Python programming are used to make this process happen smoothly.

Learn more about this course

7. Image processing using MATLAB

MATLAB is an advance platform which is used by major organizations like NASA, Boeing, SpaceX, ISRO, etc. for simulation and mathematical computation.

In this project, you will work with image processing toolbox to detect the number plate of vehicles.

Learn more about this Image processing using MATLAB project

Also, check out the following list for more number of image processing projects for beginners:

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P.S: Image processing project ideas

Free image processing project ideas (Videos Included)
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