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Best machine learning projects for beginners


Machine learning is now, one of the most notable technologies that have emerged out with its phenomenal applications and wide usage. These days, in almost every field, it can be found that the underlying principle of most of them is this technology, called machine learning. Machine learning basically relates to the art of computer learning, i.e. how computers can be taught to behave like humans in order to model real-time interactions.

There are many machine learning projects which you can take up to learn this amazing technology. For those who are absolutely clueless about what machine learning is, they need not fret.

These are some really cool machine learning projects that you should ideally go for in order to learn new technologies and facts. To know more about them, keep reading further.

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Note about Machine Learning Note:

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1. Machine Learning (Career Building Course)

2. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

What is actually meant by machine learning?

Machine learning- a term coined by Sir Arthur Samuel in 1959, an American pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and computer gaming. Quoting in his words, machine learning is described as “it gives the computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

What is meant by this statement is that machine learning basically deals with teaching computers so as to make them work like humans. Machine learning involves feeding of data and algorithms into machines like computer and then using these algorithms for further implementation. The machines are not provided with any explicit programming nor are they given any human assistance but are simply fed with algorithms.

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What is Machine Learning

Latest projects on Machine Learning

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Why machine learning is important:

With its growing demand, machine learning has found a greater use. In simple words, machine learning can be thought of as a consequential form of computer science that has now greater impact in other fields like artificial intelligence, robotics, weather forecast, human prediction, etc.

Listed below are some of the other places where machine learning is being effectively used:


  • In predicting the weather of a place, or in face recognition whether it's on any social media or for security reasons, the main technology behind this function is the sensor that works, which is again, a subsequent form of machine learning.
  • You must have commonly noticed that whenever you visit any website for an online purchase, similar recommendations for you start appearing the next time you visit that page. Obviously, accommodating such a large number of choices in numerous brands is not a task that a human can perform, so machine learning comes into play.
  • In healthcare areas also, machine learning proves to be of great help. Just looking at the slides and the blood cells, doctors can now very easily detect the presence of severe diseases like cancer.
  • For official purposes too, where to manage large and complex data, sometimes even hardwired intelligence fails, but machine learning can manage them smoothly. It not only makes it convenient to work on data but also helps when it comes to decision making.

As can be seen, there are numerous fields that largely involve machine learning. With such exponential growth and increasing use, you should indeed choose them as a part of your learning. Learning how to teach machines is something really exciting and at the same time quite knowledgeable as well. It is guaranteed that you would not only get to learn and explore new facts but you would also enjoy the experience thoroughly.

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Applications of Machine Learning

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Machine learning is something which you cannot go through while having your regular course curriculum, it requires you to go a step further and have a deep learning of something that is new.

You not only get an experience on how to build such great projects but also receive certificates that help you in your resume which further leads to getting you recruited into higher companies. Such a technical subject like this helps in many ways in the long run.

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How algorithms are fed and how do these work?

As discussed above, computers are made to work by feeding into them, what we call as algorithms. The type and complexity level of these algorithms depends mainly on the task that you want your machine to perform. The algorithms can be as simple as building trees, basic coding or even as complex as a network of deep and thorough knowledge. Although there are several ways possible by which we can feed these algorithms into computers, it is always required that the best possible input goes in. This can be possible by doing a lot of research, and going through small technicalities, in detail.

Machine learning projects in detail

Elaborating the above-mentioned programs, you can have a look further to get more information on the projects. The following machine learning projects are taught from very basics so anyone who is interested in learning them can enroll in them without giving many thoughts:

1. Movie Recommendation using machine learning: With this project, you can develop a machine learning model to recommend movie titles based on the user’s viewing history. This is very similar to the one that you experience in Netflix.

By developing this project you will learn the concepts:

  • Mean Squared Error Function
  • Linear Regression & its types
  • Update Function
  • Clustering in Machine Learning
  • KNearest neighbors

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2. House price prediction using machine learning: With this project, you can develop a machine learning algorithm on house price prediction using python. This project will be your gateway into understanding the concepts of machine learning and its libraries.

By developing this project you will learn the concepts are:

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Importing & processing a dataset,
  • Evaluation and visualization of the model
  • Anaconda, Jupyter, pandas, sklearn, and numpy

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3. Fraud detection using machine learning: With this project, you can develop a machine learning model to detect credit card fraudulent transactions. Credit card processing fraud has hit $32.320 trillion in total. So all the banks are looking for ways to tackle this and learning this machine learning model can open up new opportunities for you.

By developing this project you will learn the concepts of:

  • Mean Squared Error Function
  • Linear Regression & its types
  • SelectKBest features
  • Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • Confusion Matrix

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4. Handwritten digits recognition using machine learning: With this project, you can develop a machine learning model to predict the handwritten manuscripts using the MNIST data. This project will be your gateway to the application of machine learning on computer vision.

By developing this project you will learn the concepts of:

  • Deep learning
  • Neural networks
  • MNIST data interpretation

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These programs are really affordable and interesting. These programs not only help in developing some really amazing devices and technologies but also help you to utilize your time well.

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With new technologies advancing every moment, it becomes necessary that you also learn things that ultimately help in the development of the country. Machine learning is not just restricted to what students usually learn in college curriculum but is something vast that comprises of deep learning. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should learn these projects with full dedication and concentration. Consistency is also required at the same time.

These projects if taken seriously can really do wonders in your career ahead thereby increasing your chances of getting employed. Thus, it is on you that how well you choose the programs according to your interests. If you are confused about which machine learning course to choose, you can always go for professional’s advice and guidance for better achievements.

For instance, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing machine learning courses that makes project building super easy for you. Unlike other courses you have taken in the past, Skyfi Labs machine learning courses help you learn the concept by developing interesting projects hands-on. You can also interact with the experts during the course and get benefited.

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For any queries, do let us know by leaving your doubt in the comment section below.

Good luck with your first machine learning project!

Best machine learning projects for beginners
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