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Free Machine Learning project ideas for beginners


Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world, and its presence can be felt everywhere. Most of us are using some technology powered by AI in one way or the other. One of the most popular uses or applications of AI comes from Machine Learning. Machine Learning allows us to create programs and machines which can process the information on their own, and then learn from their mistakes. This gives them a human-like quality in the way they correct their mistakes and rectify their errors. Machine Learning makes machines process information a lot like how our brains work. This makes them extremely useful in most fields of science. As young engineers, we need to be aware of the newest pieces of technology being used around the world. Research shows that very soon Machine Learning will be powering most of our devices. Therefore, young enthusiasts should take it upon themselves to gather knowledge in this field. The best way to do so would be through indulging in Machine Learning projects, which help you understand the way such systems work. So, here’s a look at a few Machine Learning project ideas to help you get started on your way with regards to Machine Learning.

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3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

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What is Machine Learning?

Data runs everything in today’s world. Most of the decisions that devices have to make while functioning depends on how they process data. Therefore, a good machine is one that can process data efficiently. Hence, for companies to keep up with their competitors, they need to employ machines which can make carefully planned and thought-out decisions. This is where ML comes into the picture.  Machine Learning helps you harness the power of data by helping machines analyse situations and make the best decision possible. It also allows computers to learn from previous experiences and constantly improve themselves. The more data the system gets, the more it can learn from it, making it even more efficient the next time it has to process that data. Therefore, machines can automatically learn from their mistakes and correct their approach without explicitly being told to do so. 

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Methods of Machine Learning

  1. Supervised ML: This system allows machines to use what they learned in the past to predict the future when handling similar sets of data. Furthermore, such systems have the power to set targets and training sets for further improvement.
  1. Unsupervised algorithms come into play when the information to be processed is neither classified nor labelled. Such systems infer functions to describe data and then use those functions to give it a particular structure or order. Therefore, instead of providing straight-out answers, such systems can draw inferences from data.
  1. Semi-supervised ML falls midway between the two systems discussed above because data supplied to such systems can be a mix of both labelled and unlabelled data. The system makes use of the labelled data to create training sets and constantly improve its accuracy, while the inferences are drawn using the rest of the data.
  1. Reinforcement algorithms interact with the external environment to discover errors and rewards. Such systems employ trial and error methodology to arrive at concrete conclusions and this allows machines to maximize their performance.

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How Does Machine Learning Work?

  • The process starts by providing input data to train the system.
  • Once the initial algorithm is created, further data is provided to see if the algorithm works, and to test the accuracy of the code in place.
  • The predictions and inferences drawn from this test set are then analysed and compared.
  • If the predictions do not reach up to the mark, the system is re-trained using new training sets.
  • On the other hand, if the algorithm works well, the code is further streamlined so that the improvement process is made faster.
  • Over time, such a system will give extremely accurate results that people can rely on.

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Is Machine Learning hard?

Here are some of the biggest challenges that students have to face while trying to learn the concepts behind Machine Learning. These also highlight why students need to focus on building Machine Learning projects to get better at these technologies.

  1. Machine Learning involves a lot of math that people might not be comfortable with. While average programmers do not have to deal with math regularly, those interested in ML need to make sure their basics are strong, including linear algebra, probability and statistics. 
  2. Data analysis is another skill that is very essential for ML, and this might not be the forte of many as they might not be used to tinkering with large amounts of data.
  3. The choice of language is another important criteria that tend to confuse developers. Most students will have to choose between Python and Julia.
  4. Choosing the right ML framework can be another issue that bothers students because there are so many out there to choose from.
  5. Also, since ML is analytical, there are multiple ways to solve most ML problems. This might not be easy to understand for beginners as they can get confused due to this.
  6. While rising popularity of ML IDEs has made it easier for people to begin coding, the lack of debugging tools with respect to machine learning makes it difficult for people to weed out the negatives from their code and find the errors.

What is machine learning used for?

  • Almost all Virtual Assistants, such as Alexa and Siri depend on ML to power their user interface
  • Most of the traffic predictions that help us get to places on time rely on ML
  • Cab share services and transportation networks also use ML to predict the best routes, define prices and set the upper limit for surge periods
  • Video surveillance and security systems depend on ML to process data and detect crime
  • Most online marketing occurs due to personalised ads nowadays, and this occurs due to ML
  • Features such as People you may Know, face recognition and similar pins utilise ML
  • Almost all the major companies in the world use ML to handle their customer support services

Free machine learning project ideas for beginners

1. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning


Credit card fraud and online fraud have taken over the world in the last few years. With most companies taking their business online, the number of online transactions being made is rising exponentially every year. Therefore, there is a huge need for such systems and payment gateways to become more robust and secure. Most banks are now trying out security systems that rely on Machine Learning to improve their security. In this Machine Learning project, you will help in solving this problem by creating an algorithm that helps with fraud detection using Python.

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2. Machine Learning using Python


Machine learning allows machines to learn from their experiences and then better their predictions and future analysis. With the future looking bright for such technologies, it is high time young students channelised their energy into exploring this field. Well, this Machine Learning allows you to do just that by helping you build various machine learning algorithms using Python language.

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3. Movie Recommendation using ML


There are very few who use the internet and are unaware of Netflix. Most of us visit this website in our free time and then spend a few hours there because of the great content. One of the best things about Netflix is their movie recommendation system that appears to know just what you will like. Have you ever wondered how this system works? Well, in this Machine Learning project you will learn how to build such a system using the basics of segmentation, feature extraction and

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4. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML clustering.


Computer technology and AI rely on Machine learning when it comes to processing data. One major use of ML comes into play in the field of image recognition. Machine learning can be used to recognize handwritten digits and can also be used to identify number plates of vehicles, read cheques and even convert hand-written documents into PDFs. In this Machine Learning project, you will learn how to build a recognition algorithm based on MNIST data. This project will serve as a great introduction to the field of neural networking and deep learning.

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  1. Detecting suicidal tendency using Machine Learning
  2. Prediction of compressive strength of concrete by machine learning
  3.  Automatic answer evaluation machine
  4. Detection of glaucoma
  5.  Customer Segmentation
  6.  Stock Price Prediction using Machine Learning
  7.  Wine Quality Prediction using Linear Regression
  8.  Iris Flower Classification using Machine Learning
  9.  Bigmart Sales prediction using Machine Learning
  10.  Social Media Sentiment Analysis using twitter dataset
  11.  Sales Forecasting Using Walmart dataset
  12.  Health Care Improvement using Machine Learning
  13.  Enron Investigation
  14.  Human Activity Recognition
  15.  MNIST handwritten digit classification
  16.  Moneyball sports analyzer using machine learning
  17.  Handwriting reader using Machine Learning
  18.  Music Recommendation using Machine Learning
  19.  Movie recommendation system based on emotion using python
  20.  Vehicle Number Plate detection using Image processing and Machine Learning techniques
  21.  Movie success prediction using Data mining
  22.  Phishing Site detection using Machine learning
  23.  Students Performance Prediction using Machine Learning
  24.  Speech Emotion Recognition
  25.  Detecting Parkinson's Disease using Machine Learning
  26.  Chatbox Machine Learning project
  27.  Image Caption Generator

Hope you got some innovative machine learning project ideas from this article. If you have any queries or suggestions let us know in the comments section.

Free Machine Learning project ideas for beginners
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