Final year projects on Machine Learning for Engineering Students

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Final year projects on Machine Learning


It is the era of Machine Learning and it is dominating over every other technology today. The benefits of Machine Learning is that, it helps you expand your horizons of thinking and helps you to build some of the amazing real-world projects.

We are providing you with some of the greatest ideas for building projects with proper guidance and assistance (Kits/tools are also provided if necessary).

Some of the final year projects that you can do on machine learning include:

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So, what is Machine Learning? What are its applications?

In simple words, Machine Learning can be defined as how a machine mimics a normal human being and learns from user actions like a small kid. It can also be said that a machine is explicitly programmed in such a way that it understands from the user actions and implements in its applications. It is basically focused on the computer development programs that infer data from the user and use this data to learn themselves. There are various Machine Learning methods. Some of them are listed below:

  • Supervised machine learning algorithms: These are the algorithms which take information from the past, record it and use it on the newer data. This method can be used for prediction purposes. In this process, the analysis of the older data is done and the algorithms infer knowledge and pattern and use it further in the data. After relevant amount of training, the system will be ready to make space for new input.
  • Unsupervised machine learning algorithms: These algorithms come into play when the information taken is not classified. These unsupervised machine learning algorithms are used to get a function which further evaluates a structure in the unclassified data. It fails in getting the right output though but succeeds in bringing out a structure, hidden in the data.
  • Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms: These algorithms lie intermediate between the supervised and unsupervised algorithms and hence the name semi-supervised machine learning algorithms. These algorithms use a large amount of unclassified data than the classified data. The systems that use these algorithms show constant improvement in perceiving and learning capacity. This requires good and beneficial sources for the classified data to learn.
  • Reinforcement machine learning algorithms: These algorithms produce certain actions, then interact with the surrounding and in the end sort out any discrepancies or solves errors. In order to maximize the output and efficiency, these systems can automatically determine the appropriate conditions.

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What is Machine Learning

What are various technologies that benefit from Machine Learning?

Well, asking the need for Machine Learning in technology is analogous to asking the need for backbone in a human body. There is an ample amount of usage of this technology, especially in business field. For eg, in various companies, ML (referring to machine learning) help enterprises in multiple ways to promote their products better and make accurate sales forecasts.

ML offers huge advantages to the sales and marketing sector. It also facilitates accurate medical predictions and diagnoses. In the healthcare industry, ML helps in easy identification of high-risk patients, make near perfect diagnoses, recommend the best possible medicines, and predict readmissions. These are predominantly based on the available datasets of anonymous patient records as well as the symptoms exhibited by them. Near accurate diagnoses and better medicine recommendations will facilitate faster patient recovery without the need for harmful medications. 

It provides with easy spam detection too. Spam detection was one of the earliest problems solved by ML. A few years ago email providers made use of rule-based techniques to filter out spam. However, with the advent of ML, spam filters are making new rules using brain-like neural networks to eliminate spam mails. The neural networks recognize fishy messages and junk mails by evaluating the rules across a huge network of computers.

And this list is endless.

Is Machine Learning a good topic for building final year projects?

Is Machine Learning a good topic for building final year projects

As mentioned earlier Machine Learning is in trend nowadays. Building a good Machine Learning Project adds value to your resume. Also, Machine Learning is a technology that you would never get bored of. It has so much to invent, build and develop. Last but not the least, high tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. are in dearth of good ML Engineers. Clearly, it is the era of Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Engineers and the ball is in their court.

Important points to be considered while developing Machine Learning final year projects

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Here are a few tips and tricks to be kept in mind while developing any Machine Learning project,

  • Team Project: Teamwork brings along new ideas and reduced bills. While working in a team, you get to pay lesser for the kits and other instruments than when working as an individual. Also, you get to showcase your leadership skills. For instance, you can now build innovative machine learning projects with Skyfi Labs at just Rs.1399/person (when done in a team of 5). Explore projects here
  • Expert Guidance is a must!: While building project, do not go for assumptions path. Get a mentor and get comprehensive knowledge of the technology and then start building the project. You get to interact with Skyfi Labs experts 1-1 according to your convenience and get the technical assistance as and when needed. Not only this, learning from an expert will make sure that you don’t miss any basic concepts and learn all the necessary things. Start building machine learning projects with Skyfi Labs experts
  • Decent priced kits: Instead of investing in highly paid courses and related kits, explore. Go for prices that do not empty your pocket and still provide you with the relevant knowledge. Since Machine Learning is the trending technology, beware about the companies that provide bad quality courses to make quick money. Always check for the user feedback and review before you choose to enroll with them.

List of final year projects on Machine Learning for Engineering Students

1. Movie Recommendation using Machine Learning: Machine learning gives the computer the ability to learn from past data and make predictions. Now, ML is being extensively used in entertainment industries to provide better user experience. By developing this project, you will learn about various machine learning algorithms and develop a machine learning model to recommend movie titles using Python language. By building this project hands-on, you will learn how to use ML to recommend movie titles based on the user's viewing history, like how you get in Netflix!

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2. Boston House Pricing using Machine Learning & Python: Machine learning gives the computer the ability to learn from past data and make predictions about the future. By developing this project, you will put ML to action by building a project that predicts the price of a house by taking data about other houses in the area. If you are beginner, this machine learning project will be your best start to learn and understand this amazing new field!

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3. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning: Credit card processing fraud has hit $32.320 trillion in total.  All banks are trying to use Machine Learning to tackle this problem.
By building this project, you will learn how to use ML to use past banking data to identify such fraudulent credit card transactions!

You will learn about the following machine learning concepts by building this project,

  • Mean Squared Error Function
  • Linear Regression & its types
  • SelectKBest features
  • Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • Confusion Matrix

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4. Hand Written Digits Recognition using Machine Learning:
By building this project, you will learn about various machine learning algorithms and develop a machine learning model to recognize handwritten digits using MNIST data. This project will be your first application towards, using machine learning in computer vision!

This machine learning model finds its application in recognizing number plates of vehicles, processing bank cheque amounts, numeric entries in forms filled up by hand etc.

You will learn about the following machine learning concepts by building this project,

  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Tensorflow & Keras Libraries

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Hope you got some good final year project ideas on machine learning. Remember, machine learning is a latest technology and it can be learned only by building projects. And getting the right kind of expert to assist you in machine learning is also equally important.

For instance, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing machine learning courses that makes project building super easy for you. Unlike other courses you have taken in the past, Skyfi Labs machine learning courses help you learn the concept by developing interesting projects hands-on. You can also interact with the experts during the course and get benefited.

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For any queries, do let us know by leaving your doubt in the comment section below.

Good luck with your final year machine learning project!

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