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What is Big Data? Top 5 Projects in Big Data


The term Big Data was introduced recently however, its origin goes back to the 1960s when the world of data was just getting started. Eventually, as the amount of data started increasing, platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL started gaining popularity. With the invention of IoT, Big Data took place due to the increase in the amount of data generated. Big Data usually deals with 3V’s- Velocity, volume, and Variety. This implies that big data comprises of a huge variety of data, generated in vast volumes at a very high velocity. As an engineering student, big data can be a very exciting domain for you. This is because the amount of data is increasing exponentially and it is not going to reduce in the future if anything the rate of growth will further increase. So, you can learn about big data and implement projects on it to learn more about it so that you have an edge over your competition.

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Some of the topics that you can choose from are:

  1. Reusing results using Big Data Frameworks
  2. Energy-efficient indoor localization of hand-held devices using Bluetooth
  3. Trace oblivious program execution
  4. Cross-Platform query system for Structured big data
  5. Load Management for a Telecom Charging system
  6. Personalized recommendation based on the user interest model
  7. Performance evaluation of fingerprint verification systems
  8. Cross cloud MapReduce for big-data
  9. Hierarchical density-based clustering using MapReduce
  10. K-Nearest neighbors search by random projection forests

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What are the types of big data?

Big Data can be classified into three main forms:

  1. Structured Data- The kind of data which can be stored, accessed and modified in a fixed format is known as structured data. Such information is highly organized and can be usually accessed easily as needed.
  2. Unstructured Data- The kind of data does not have any format or structure is known as unstructured data. It comprises of heterogeneous data, and deriving and processing information from it is very difficult.
  3. Semi-structured data- As the name suggests this kind of data is not arranged in a proper format as such, however, it has elements or tags for the segregation of data.

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What is big data with examples?

What is big data with examples?

Big Data as the name suggests is a large amount of data or a huge size of data that is growing exponentially and cannot be managed by traditional data management tools. These large data sets require innovative, cost-effective and efficient methods for analysis so that useful information can be derived from it. The term Big Data includes not only the huge amount of data but also the data frameworks, tools as well as techniques required to process the data.

The best example of big data is social media. Facebook has hundreds of thousands of users all over the globe. The users share information on Facebook in the form of status updates, pictures, videos, etc. Every day more than 500 petabytes of data are generated by Facebook. This kind of data and the methods used by Facebook to handle it is known as Big Data.

What are the big data tools?

The tools that are used to store and analyze Big Data or huge amounts of data are known as big data tools. Some of the most popular big data tools are:

  • Apache Hadoop- This is the widely used big data tool. It is a java based framework that stores large amounts of data in the form of clusters. It employs parallel processing across various clusters to derive the results. It provides the Hadoop Distributed File System, which is the storage system to store all the data effectively in the form of clusters.
  • NoSQL- This database is very effective at storing large amounts of data. It deals with the storage and processing of unstructured data. Many different open-source NoSQL databases are available to store big data.
  • Microsoft HDInsight
  • Hive
  • Sqoop
  • HPCC
  • Storm
  • Qubole
  • Cassandra

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List of big data projects for Engineering students

1. Reusing results using Big Data Frameworks

Big Data analysis is a very exciting topic. Tasks like parallel processing and competition are very time consuming and take a lot of resources. Here, resource re-utilization is very important as it would greatly improve the efficiency of the system. This project aims at creating one such system on Pig/Hadoop which will reuse the previous computational result to avoid computational redundancy.

2. Energy-efficient indoor localization of hand-held devices using Bluetooth

Indoor localization of hand-held devices is very important for indoor navigation purposes. A lot of methods are used for the same as wireless fingerprints. However, the recent approaches work on building a localization model to describe the relationship between the Bluetooth received signal strength indicator and device location using a motion-assisted device tracking algorithm.

3. Trace oblivious program execution

Security is a very important concern these days because due to the widespread exploitation and leakage of data. This project is based on the prevention of data leakage through side channels. Various programming techniques have been used to formalize and create systems for the same.

4. Cross-Platform query system for Structured big data

The increasing size of structured data is a very challenging issue. This bigdata project deals with that issue by creating a system to manage and analyse petabytes levels of data. It works on overcoming the traditional storage limit issue, and on incorporating a cross query platform system in the data for easier access.

5. Load Management for a Telecom Charging system

A telecom system is usually used by a large number of customers, so even the slightest optimization can be very useful. This project aims at creating one such optimized system and creating an emulation of the same in C++ and MATLAB. The two systems are then compared for their efficiencies and appropriate results are derived.

Hope you got some good project ideas on Big Data.

Apart from the above-mentioned project topics if you have any good ideas put it in the comment section.

What is Big Data? Top 5 Projects in Big Data
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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