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List of ML projects for beginners in Python


The article is based on Machine Learning projects for beginners in Python. The idea is to get the gist of the program started from scratch itself. The Machine Learning project mentioned below is based on the data for the latest requirements by top-notch companies. Students who avail of these projects will be having have a better understanding of the concept. The list of machine learning projects is carefully selected by experienced scholars for interested candidates. Practical knowledge always has an upper hand over theoretical explanations.

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1. Machine Learning (Career Building Course)

2. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

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What is Machine Learning with an example?

Machine learning is the subpart of artificial intelligence that understands the application and automatically solves the issue by collecting data. Machine learning does not require to be programmed but works on existing algorithms. Machine learning has been used in different areas owing to its easy usage and variety of functions some of the real-life applications are-

  • Video Surveillance
  • Social Media Applications
  • Filtering Spam and Malware
  • Refining Search engine
  • Entertainment Recommendation
  • Prediction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Internet Personal Assistants
  • Image Recognition
  • Regression

Latest projects on Machine Learning

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For understanding the applications given above go through the projects mentioned below.

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Is Machine Learning just Math?

The age-old notion that machine learning is merely math can be kept aside because here we are to take off the burden from people who wish to get into this field. Yes, for those who have excelled in math, it seems easier, but that doesn't mean those who don't need to back off. Under the concept, graduates are taught basic math to get a grasp. Moreover, math is just the theoretical portion when we come to applying it practically we need to have that technical knowledge. So be it an expert in math or a non-expert dive into machine learning for t has more to offer than it seems.

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Does Machine Learning require coding?

If you think ML is solely dependent on coding then you are wrong. It involves a whole lot of process including making modules, testing, applying algorithms, preprocessing, etc. Coding is just a minor part of the whole process.

List of ML Projects for Beginners in Python

The following is the list of machine learning projects for beginners:

1. Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning: Machine learning helped in solving crimes, particularly in banks. This machine learning project deals with the construction of a module using an algorithm to detect fraud if any.


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2. Machine Learning using Python: This ML project combines machine learning with python. It is based on collecting past date to give a possible prediction. Here we are dealing with house prices in a particular area.


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3. Movie Recommendation using ML: Machine learning has formed its place in the entertainment industry as well. With the help of python programming, this machine learning project will now recommend movie titles based on the view history


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4. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML: Another project on machine learning this one reads handwritten digits on cheques, number plates, and forms filled by hands. Now no more manual effort for the work with basic algorithm this ML project has been a success in both corporate sectors and government setups.


Learn more about Handwritten digits recognition ML project

5. Stock Price Prediction using Machine Learning: A project on stock market machine learning has spread its usability to various areas. This module is based on collecting data of a particular company and present the possible profit and loss. This has helped the user to invest wisely.

6. Iris Flower Classification using Machine Learning: A very basic Machine Learning project this one is for understanding the working of machine learning. The data of the flower will be put on the device and it will just have to classify the different types of Iris flower based on their petal size, color, and sepals.

7. Big mart Sales Prediction using Machine Learning: Bigmart is available in many cities now and taking down their sales per product and per store can get hectic. This module deals in making a system with the help of machine learning that provides accurate data on the sales of each product and of each store to decide new stores.

8. Health Care Improvement using Machine Learning: Every doctor will wish to detect a person’s disease as soon as possible and this project helps in detecting heart-related diseases. This Machine Learning project deals with both machine learning and data analysis with the help of certain algorithms.

9. Moneyball Sports Analyzer using ML: In the sports arena as well as machine learning has formed a base. This machine learning project is based on identifying weak and strong players. Certain algorithms will be applied along with linear regression for this process.

10. Music Recommendation using ML: Recommendation on entertainment sites have been quite common and you may have noticed that these are the ones that we prefer. This ML project helps in build such an app that collects data of human preferences to provide different yet preferred data. Machine learning is behind this project and here we shall be providing music recommendation.

11. Audio to Sign Language translator using Python & ML: This Machine learning project is concerning those who suffer from a lack of understanding of language. Their audio signals are converted to texts through Google API. This is done with the help of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python and Natural Language Processing for coding.

12. Phishing Site Detection Using ML: While browsing through shopping sites certain sites pop up and ask for personal details. These often tend to misuse that personal information. This module is based on algorithms of machine learning that identify such sites form their last usage and make the user aware of it.

13. Students Performance Detection Using ML: This project on machine learning in the education sector has helped student analyze their performance in that particular class. The module helps in calculating the possible scores of the student and also the amount of effort required for that semester. Python is used to program the project.

You can also check out the following list for more ML projects for beginners:

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List of ML projects for beginners in Python
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