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Major projects on deep learning with python


Ever thought how your smartphone detects your face and unlocks your phone? Even in situations like low lighting, different angles and even if you grow a beard, then you’ve come to the correct place. This kind of complex technology is implemented using machine learning.

The most popular and useful subset of machine learning is deep learning. The deep learning projects are capable of analyzing, updating and producing results even without human supervision. Deep learning is based on different architectures some of them include deep neural networks, deep belief networks, recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks. Learning about deep learning architecture and implementing deep learning projects can get you a well-paid job in fortune 100 companies. After reading this article you understand about deep learning along with various major projects that you can consider doing.

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What exactly is deep learning?

Deep learning can be understood as a specialized field of much popular machine learning field that is based upon the concepts of neural networking (artificially) with representative learning. The deep learning projects can be left unsupervised by the user and can function and produce results on its own. If your project requires supervision or semi supervision you can also implement machine learning in that direction.

Where can you apply deep learning?

Deep learning is mainly used in projects which requires the computer to see. Can you guess? Yes, its computer vision projects. Some more specific uses of deep learning include artificial intelligence, speech recognition and natural language processing.

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What is the need for deep learning?

Deep learning is much needed in today’s world as the computer needs to see its surroundings and visualize as a human. Which opens up the infinite possibility of experimentation and betterment of the existing technology.

Major projects on deep learning with python

Before we start getting into deep learning and consequently machine learning projects. It is necessary for you to have fundamental knowledge about machine learning so you can implement major deep learning projects with ease. If you just got into machine learning or deep learning don’t worry there are plenty of resources on the web that you can use. One such resource is mentioned below.

Machine Learning using Python (online course)


This course teaches you all the required prerequisites for you to get started into machine learning and deep learning projects. The complete course structure is mentioned below

  • Basics of machine learning and subsequent algorithms
  • Dataset working which includes importing and processing.
  • Method to visualize and evaluate a model
  • Libraries and modules of python like Anaconda, panda, numpy and jupyter.

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Now as you are aware of machine learning let’s start exploring amazing deep learning based and also some machine learning based projects using python.

1. Music recommendation system deep learning project: This deep learning project is used to recommend music based on your previous music choices. In this major project, you will be using the dataset provided by leading music service. By this major deep learning project, we will try to analyze and recommend music to the user.

2. Recognizing human activity level: This machine learning project will build a classification model with which you can precisely identify the fitness levels. It achieves this by using a smartphone dataset having recorded fitness activity of more than 20 people captured through device sensors.

3. Stock price predictor using time series algorithm: This machine learning project is very useful if you are into the stock market, even if you are not this is an amazing opportunity to learn about stocks and make your first deep learning project on it. This project provides you with the expected stock price in the future by analyzing it’s present and previous performance.

4. MNSIT handwritten digit classification project: This deep learning project helps you in making an image recognition model. It can analyze any handwritten digits and produce a digital output of the respective digit. It is very helpful for us when we convert a physical handwritten print to a digitalized copy.

5. Social media sentiment analysis using twitter dataset: As we know social media produces a large amount of data that can be used by us in making different projects. Once such deep learning project you can make is based on analyzing the current mood or feeling or public.

6. Detecting hoax news and analyzing with machine learning: This machine learning project uses the Natural language processing algorithm and makes it easier for you to identify fake news. It uses a dataset consisting of both hoaxes as well as real news to clearly distinguish and classify fake news.

7. Machine learning model to analyze road trip: This machine learning model helps you in making a precise and dependable trip-generation based forecasting model. By making this project you will help a user in deciding a road trip.

8. Predict the next sequence using deep learning: This is a very basic deep learning project you can make. By using this project you can predict the next number in a sequence. It can predict a sequence of odd, even or any sequential number based on your model.

9. Developing a neural network artificially from scratch: If you want to enhance your understanding of deep learning it is recommended that you make your own neural network. This deep learning project is solely to boost your understanding.

10. Image classification using CIFAR-10 dataset: The basic idea of this major deep learning project is to make an image classification model. This image classification model can successfully identify the image and say which class it belongs to. This project is implemented by using CIFAR-10 dataset which is basically a collection of images of ten different types namely cars, birds, dogs, horses etc.

These are some of the major deep learning and machine learning projects some more are mentioned below clicking on them will take you to the corresponding site with relevant information regarding the project.

You can choose any of the major deep learning or machine learning project and start working on it. If you have any queries please let us know in the comments section our experts will get in touch with you.

Major projects on deep learning with python
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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