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With the advent of technology in every nook and cranny of this world, you might have come across jargons such as AI, Neural networks, Natural Language Process, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and so on. These terms would become normal in the near future with the advancement of science and technology. If you are seeking to learn more about Machine Learning and Deep learning, you have arrived at the right destination. Read further to know more about Deep learning, its advantages and the best deep learning tutorials and online courses.

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1. Machine Learning (Career Building Course)

2. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

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What is Deep Learning and How it is useful?

Have you ever thought about how Google translates any language to you? Have you ever wondered when an advertisement pops up on your browser based on your search in it? Have you ever wondered how you end up hours and hours spent on YouTube getting fed with similar videos based on your interest? [Confession note: My insomnia gets fueled with several feeds on my home page just like yours :-P] Well, Deep learning does these wonders and guess what? It will become the "new normal" in the near future. Deep learning is one of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning is the root of deep learning. Machine learning allows the system to learn from the given data and act according to it. But, in Deep learning, enormous amounts of data is given to the system to make decisions just like a human being. It doesn't need an individual to order what to do and what not to do. Data is the fuel of Deep learning. This technology is mostly used to recognize patterns, pictures, etc., to learn and become useful at any cause and need. This would be the prime cause for the creation of AI like Siri to the most desired self-driving autonomous cars.

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What is the advantage of Deep Learning?

Here are a few advantages of Deep Learning for why the technology giants are continuously seeking for deep learning:

  • No Data Labelling: Data Labelling is one of the time-consuming work and it is expensive too. A well-labelled data is needed for machine learning while deep learning does not need the data labelling as it learns itself with the given amount of data to make decisions. So the tedious work of labelling data would be eliminated.
  • Utilization of Unstructured Data: Many organizations data would be in different forms such as pdf files, pictures, texts, etc., So most of them will not be taken into account as it is hard to recognize all of them. But deep learning makes it an easy process as it can read and recognize different types of data to utilize them.
  • Eliminating Feature Engineering: As the very name suggests, feature engineering is a job where the person needs to extract the required features from the raw data to a better understanding of the underlying problem. In Deep learning, there is no need for a person to extract that required information as the system does it on its own.
  • Saves Money: If any problem occurred or there is any need for recalls, an organisation would get the loss of money as it gets more complicated and takes time and money. But deep learning recognises small errors such as data labelling errors to save money and energy.
  • Accuracy: As a normal human being can get tired and needs to be fuelled often to work properly, a system with deep learning does not get tired and work repetitively. Also, it delivers the accurate output when most of the time it gets wrong when a human does.

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How can I learn Deep Learning?

Now that given all the understanding and the advantages of deep learning, you would have started to think "how can I learn Deep Learning?". As I have already said, Deep Learning requires to know about some insights and basics of Machine Learning as it is the basics to Deep Learning. Set up a solid timeline to learn the basics of any programming language such as Python and about Machine learning. After this, you have to set up hardware with a good GPU, at least an okayish CPU and definitely with at least 4 GB RAM or above. If you are a staunch gamer, (obviously not a candy crush maniac) you know what you have to set up. Now that you have all the setup, the next step would be learning about the basics of neural networks and deep learning, and the languages that are aided to learn it. Install a few deep learning libraries to begin with. There are many paths to take in when you get to know about Deep Learning, such as in the field of Computer Vision, Speech and audio purposes, Reinforcement learning, Natural Language Processing, and so on. Deep dive into Deep learning to choose your own path.

Otherwise, if you are a straying person like me, needs some guidance and constant support to do the learning better, worry not. There are many online courses and tutorials to educate deep learning. Skyfi Labs brings you the best Deep Learning online courses for you to get acquainted with Deep Learning.

Top Online Courses to Learn Deep Learning

Following are some best deep learning online course for beginners that helps you to learn the deep learning concepts from basics:

1. Brain Tumor Detection Using Deep Learning

This project-based course will let you know about the basics of deep learning and lets you get introduced to it on a beginner level. This project is developed to detect brain tumors with the given several images of brain scans. Also, you will get to learn about the creation of neural networks. You will get to use the tool TensorFlow to solve any complex problems. With this online course, you will get to know the basics of deep learning, neural networks, exploration and processing of data, using Keras and TensorFlow and solving the given problem with the correct algorithms.

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2. Machine Learning Using Python


This deep learning tutorial gets you acquainted with various algorithms in machine learning. Using Python language, you will get to develop a project which is used to predict the prices of houses. This is developed using various data of the houses in a particular area. Prior knowledge of the language Python is not needed to get into this course.  You will get to learn about importing and processing the dataset. Also, the evaluation and visualization of the models can be learnt through this project.

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3. Fraud detection using machine learning


Frauds related to a credit card are increasing day-by-day and most of the banks are trying to use machine learning to control this issue. This online course helps you to develop a machine learning model that detects the credit card frauds by analysing the past transactions.

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4. Movie recommendation using machine learning online course


If you want to know, how the suggestion work on Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, etc. this course helps you to learn the algorithm. As part of this machine learning online course, you will develop a model that suggests you, movies based on the previous watching history.

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5. Machine Learning (Career Building Course)


If you have just started to explore the world of AI, we got you covered. This online course would be the best for you to get introduced to Machine Learning. It lets you learn the basics to the advanced level of Machine learning. You will get to understand it deeply through developing multiple projects such as Credit card fraud detection, New house price detection, Handwritten digits recognition, and Movie recommendation system.

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As Deep Learning gets the spotlight, it would be the better option for a good career. We, at Skyfi Labs, have created some efficient Deep Learning online courses for you with a better cause. Try out some Online Courses on Machine Learning to get to know more about Deep Learning. Please do leave a comment below to get clarified with all your queries on Deep Learning courses and Deep Learning in general.

Top online courses to learn Deep Learning
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