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The World is growing day by day and offers new opportunities for younger generations. The rapid pace with which technology is advancing is one of the main reasons for this growth. It is no secret that engineering is still one of the most sought-after courses. With so many tuition classes and coaching institutions having propped up, everybody seems to be in a rat race to get into a university. But is this trend beneficial? Shouldn’t your child have an interest in this field before you enroll them in all these extra classes?

Robotics is a frontier field in engineering now and fortunately, it is also something that is innately interesting. For kids, it is the best field; one which instils curiosity and a desire to know more. As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to prepare them for the future. The way things are going, it looks like robotics will be a viable reality soon. So, this time around, we are taking a look at the best robotics classes available for kids and why you should opt one for them.

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Why Robotics is great for Kids?

Automation is taking over the world. As competition is on a never-ending rise, companies and factories have to look for ways to increase production and decrease cost. It is into this scenario that robotics appeared. Robotics combines concepts of computing, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering to build smart devices that can handle jobs. They are so beneficial to us because they make the process of manufacturing products a lot faster. Robots don’t need rests, breaks, have no unions, don’t call for strikes and do not require an HR team either. Hence, while setting up a fully automated plant might require initial capital, after that, they significantly bring down running costs. This is why they are changing the way we produce things.

The main reason why robotics is great for kids?  because it is very interesting. It might be difficult to capture a child’s attention and interest through videos and textual teaching. They may not be able to grasp all the concepts of mechanics and might even find that boring. This is exactly where robotics classes step in because it makes them explore and have hands-on experience. They get to see how things work and build stuff with their own hands.

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Why Kids are attracted to robots?

Why Kids are attracted to robots?

Robots are also a very big part of media and culture. Ever since the 1970s, they have been a regular feature of several cartoons and shows and most kids have grown up watching all this. For instance, most kids know about the Transformer cartoons which focus on humanoid robots that can transform into vehicles. Hence, from a young age, children are introduced to such characters and so, will have an inbuilt interest for things like this. Also, most robotics starter courses are quite simple and useful. They teach kids to build simple yet effective things and hence allows them to explore the world of science by themselves. Starting out with such a course will help children pick up things on the way. This can also help them build a love for engineering in the long run and encourages them as well.

Robotics classes for Kids

Why the robotics class is important for school kids?

Kids pick up a lot of habits and traits from school. School is the primary centre of learning for kids and hence, most kids start their learning and entrepreneurial journey from their school. Having classes on a subject like robotics will help schools to encourage kids to try different things.

How to make the kids future-ready?

How to make the kids future-ready?

Robotics is a field that is growing at an exponential rate and very soon, we will all see automation becoming a regular thing. Therefore, encouraging kids to take up robotics school projects will go a long way in helping them prepare for the future. As technology grows, several jobs are going out of the market because newer methods are derived to perform the same thing. This has led to a recession with regards to some fields. But one field which seems to be going nowhere but up is robotics. It encourages children to learn new things and work together.

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Not only does robotics school projects encourage team-building skills, but it also provides students with a platform to be unique and original. Robotics courses for kids allow them to think out of the box and really explore a new field. It gives them a base in mechanics and electronics, while still being easy enough to keep them interested and motivated. Such projects and courses also make them understand which part of science they like and which they don’t. This will make robotics lot easier for them and also to choose their stream and branch of study.

Robotics for kids

Benefit of Learning Robotics

  • Builds a base in mechanics and electronics
  • Introduces children to the basics of coding
  • Encourages social skills
  • Helps kids work on team-building skills
  • Helps them explore new fields
  • Inculcates curiosity
  • Nurtures the art of asking questions
  • Helps them learn about new fields and projects
  • Gives them hands-on experience
  • Makes them interested in science
  • Enables them to see real-world applications of science
  • Makes school more interesting

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Best Robotics Classes for Kids

Here we are going to look at some of the best robotics classes and workshops for kids. While there is no dead-set age in which children can start experimenting with robots, these classes will be beneficial to children above the age of 8. There are several platforms and resources available with regards to this field. Make sure you check out Skyfi Labs to know more about these courses and how to register yourself or your child in these workshops.

1. Line Follower Robot Workshop


This Robotic workshop handles one of the most basic robots out there; the line follower robot, which basically follows a black line and modifies its path to keep itself on track. It is interesting to note that this was one of the first robots ever built and is hence, a great place for kids to start their robotics school project journey. This robotic workshop will train school children from basics and will help create a fully-fledged robot, integrated with circuits and computer technology. The programming has been split into modules to make it easier for kids, making this the ultimate Robotics course for kids.

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2. Gesture Controlled Robot Workshop


If your child has an interest in mechanics and like taking things apart to see how they work, then this is the workshop for your child. Schools should really opt for this one because it is one of the most practical robots out there. This robot which will follow your hand gestures to perform actions will surely be a hit with kids as it is easy to make and is highly functional. Kids will be able to build their own gesture-controlled robots right within their school's thanks to this workshop. These robots are also called accelerometer-controlled robot and actuate as per hand gestures. This robotic workshop will teach your kids the basics of electronics and programming.

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3. Edge Detection Robot Workshop


Most robotics competitions around the world have a competition for this kind of robot. While being extremely practical, with a large number of real-world applications, this robot isn’t that hard to make. Edge detection robots always have an idea about obstacles which are in front of them and actuate accordingly to stay clear of any accidents. They are also known as a vision-guided robot and are capable of detecting edges and corners. Through this robotic workshop, kids will be able to explore the world of sensors, optometry, and electronics.

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4.Fire Fighting Robot Workshop 


Most children are in awe of fire-fighters and respect them hugely. That is exactly why having a robotics workshop on building fire-fighting robots help kids truly love science. This robotic workshop will teach children the basics of robotics, computing, coding and electronics and in the process will allow them to have a lot of fun. The fact that such a robot has vital real-world applications makes children more aware of how robotics is changing the world. All in all, this is a great beginner’s workshop that will help kids unravel the mystery behind robotics.

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5. Mobile Controlled Robot Workshop


Mobile controlled robots which are also called semi-autonomous robots, take commands as input from mobile and then perform the tasks accordingly. This robotic project will help your kid learn about smart-phones and smart devices and will also help them to explore the basics of electronics and mechanics. To make it easier for kids with no prior programming knowledge code, the robotic workshop focuses on modules which are easy to follow and implement.

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After all these benefits, you definitely want your kid to be knowledgeable and super smart.

For instance, a robotics workshop provided by Skyfi Labs helps your kid to learn and build robots. They will be first introduced to the concept of robotics and then given the right guidance to build their very own projects.

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Hence, providing them with robotic classes is the most productive way to keep your child happy and active.

Hope you got some valuable information from this article.

Still, left with queries? Leave a comment below, we will get back to you shortly.

Best Robotics classes for kids
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