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Best Robotics courses for children

Is your kid more inclined towards robotics or how things work?

Does your child have the adequate skill to work on devices and machines?

Every budding child has the curiosity to know and learn more because their brains can process several sources of information in a single sitting. And that is where the question arises- whether they can work on a robot at such a tender age or wait till he or she has reached his age of graduation?

Well, there is no need to wait, because the earlier, the better. Global studies have found that kids ranging from 7 to 15 years of age hold high power of grasping information thereby leading them to be more productive in the work they are doing. So yes, loading a child's brain with the basics of what their interest lies in, is the best way to stick to their interests for a longer period of time because it is the skills that need mastering from years of interest to pursue a career in the universe of science and technology.

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How is the present education system?

How is the present education system?

There are quite a few important aspects that our current education system is lacking in. One of the important aspects among them is a hands-on experience of gadgets or tools and devices. The syllabus of most technological institutions and engineering colleges only helps you receive a degree in order to pursue your futuristic careers. But the question is, do they actually carry on the knowledge gained in those years of study? Is there any practical usage in the current industry? Are they able to find solutions to problems easily?

Hard to admit, but the stats are always true. About 80% of Indian engineers are unemployed solely due to a lack of technical skills or knowledge, and this has been going about for the past decade. The statistics are alarming, and that is why we need to understand the depth of it and rectify this situation and that is only by bringing up skilled and intellectual workers.

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Keeping in mind this piece of information, we must also keep in mind that the children of today are the future of tomorrow, and that is why it is our obligation to help sculpture the best for a developed and advanced living. And now is the perfect time to help your kid establish his or her career of interest so that they become problem solvers and creative innovators.

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Why is robotics important?

Robotics is an illumination of science and technology. It is the future everyone looks forward to. The science of robotics is a mere combination of mechanics, electronics, computer and information science and so on. This branch of science is a pool of several major branches of technology clustered into one complex yet most important field. One cannot compromise on its importance- the reason being, it is completely changed human lifestyle and has significantly enhanced the quality of work and service, be it at home or in your workplace. Our ‘complex’ lives have been made so much simpler and efficient that we keep looking for opportunities and ideas to improvise.  We eventually evolve and adapt as per the changes made in this fast pacing world, thanks to man’s contribution to creating marvels throughout these years of advancement. Life has become so convivial that you cannot live without Siri or Alexa to keep you updated or remind you of an important meeting.

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How do beginners learn robotics?

How do beginners learn robotics?

For the inquisitive brain of young kids, robotics seems like the best branch because it could turn their school stress into creativity and make them better thinkers to help them pop up with more ideas. Robotics will make your child more susceptible to critical thinking, analyzing, method application and improving their skills. It enhances their ability to logically solve problems especially if they are inclined towards programming, and also helps them transfigure their lives in an optimistic manner, which is the key to living a productive and happy life. If your child is completely new to robotics and is wanting to learn some new skills, here's what you need your kid to know:

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  • Learn about the basics of robotics.
  • Decide what project to work on.
  • Know about the applications of the project chosen.
  • Choose simple equipment (not advanced or industrial level tools).
  • Consult a mentor or a teacher who can guide them with the project. It is always good to have someone to guide them at the start.
  • Don't make your project too complex; this might be your kid’s first project, so take it easy.
  • Once the model is complete, test it.
  • Rule out possible reasons for outcome after each attempt.
  • Rectify or change your project as per need.

Now, it looks like your champ is finally able to construct a cool robotics project for that exhibition in his/her school!

Robotics isn't easy as pie. It takes effort to learn and understand this field in depth. But once you are able to master the basics by strengthening your fundamentals on robotics and electronic circuitry, you're good to go. You can take one step at a time, for example, start building smaller projects like an arm controlled by a motor, a bot moving two ways, and so on. One must also keep in mind what kind of equipment is in need to construct your model.

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Best robotics courses for children

It is essential to fuel your child with the requisites of robotics & modeling.  It is a must to start right from the basics. Here's how you can get your kid started, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some best robotics courses for children that help your kid to develop robots from basic to advanced.

1. Gesture controlled robot: This robotics project will help your keen child to build a robot that can be controlled using the hand gestures. By building this project your child will learn about robot’s locomotion, working of accelerometer sensor, scratch based block programming, etc.

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2. Edge detection robot: In this robotics project your kid will build a smart robot that can detect edges and actuate accordingly. As part of this, project your kid will learn about the working of IR sensors, robot’s locomotion, scratch based block programming, etc.

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3. Fire-fighting robot: As part of this robotics project your kid will build a vision-guided robot that is capable of detecting the fire and extinguishing it. By building this project your kid will learn about working of DC motor, working of IR sensor, scratch based block programming, etc.

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4. Mobile controlled robot: In this robotics project, your kid will learn to build a semi-autonomous robot that can be controlled using mobile phones. To make the learning experience easy, the course is equipped with scratch-based block programming modules that make programming the robot super easy.

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5. Line follower robot: In this robotics course, your kid will build a robot that is capable of detecting path and actuate accordingly. This robot is equipped with a digital IR sensor to detect the black line and move accordingly in the specified path.

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If your kid needs a good kick start in robotics, don't miss out on these online courses where kids and students are guided to create and make their own robotics project from the beginner's level to the advanced.

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Best Robotics courses for children
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