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Top DIY Deep Learning mini-projects for beginners


We all know that the future is digital. Some of the pioneering technologies that are pushing science forward in this age are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These technologies are at the helm of science today. Therefore, as young engineers, it is important that you start training yourself in these technologies quickly. So, what is the best way to learn deep learning and ML? The most effective way to learn anything to do with coding is by doing it yourself. That’s why in this article, we will take a look at some of the best DIY deep-learning mini-projects to help you get started.

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1. Machine Learning (Career Building Course)

2. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

What is Deep-Learning?

Deep learning is a sub-category under machine learning that helps us teach computers to behave and work like humans. It teaches machines how to learn through example and practice, helping them get better as they grow. It is a pioneering technology that will make everything from driverless cars to advanced humanoid robots possible in future. It has been gaining quite a bit of attention in the last couple of years due to all the results it has achieved. Deep learning is in many ways, making the impossible more and more possible, each day!

Deep learning trains computers to learn from previous efforts. These models perform classification tasks from raw data, in the form of images, videos, texts and even sounds. These models are highly efficient, running through large amounts of data at super-fast speeds. Furthermore, they are also highly accurate, helping us gain processing speeds thought unattainable in the past.

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What can you do with deep learning?

  1. Image Processing
  2. Pixel Restoration
  3. Computer Vision applications
  4. OCR and Text Scanners
  5. Real-time behaviour analysis
  6. Real-time translation
  7. High-end robotics
  8. Video Surveillance
  9. Audio generation and searching
  10. Music and Art Composition Analysis and Creation
  11. Prediction and Decision making
  12. Voice Assist on mobile phones

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Top DIY deep learning mini-projects for beginners 

If you want to develop your knowledge on deep learning the only way is to get your hands dirty and develop deep learning projects. Building projects will not only help you to acquire knowledge on deep learning but also improves the weightage of your resume. Refer to the following deep learning projects to get hands-on experience:

1. Computer Vision-Based Mouse Project


You might be wondering why people would use computer vision to build a mouse. However, you can find the answer for the same if you think about the physically handicapped. In this Deep learning mini-project, not only will you be learning new concepts related to Computer Vision, but you will also be putting them to use to build something that celebrates inclusion. The mouse you build can be moved by just pointing your fingers, rather than through manual control. You will also learn how to implement the object tracking algorithm and Canny edge detection method. Therefore, this deep learning project will help you make the computer mouse a lot more accessible to people with disabilities.

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2. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie Project


Nowadays everyone is obsessed with selfies. So, what if I told you that you can use Computer vision to take better selfies? Well, the technology that helps robots to see the world the way humans do can also help you look fantastic in every selfie you take. In this neural networking project, students will build a smart selfie that takes photos automatically when you smile by making use of a facial feature recognition algorithm. Click away, and instead of taking a 100 and deleting 98, get that perfect shot the first time! Also, it isn’t just great photos you will gain, but rather a knowledge of how deep learning algorithms work.

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3. Computer vision-based Text Scanner Project


Computer vision powers everything from autonomous vehicles to textual scanning. This Deep learning mini-project is a great way to get started in the field of Computer Vision. In this Computer Vision project, you will build a CV text scanner that can detect text in images. The main principle used in this DIY Deep Learning project is that of the optical character recognition algorithm, and the other things you will learn include thresholding and perspective transformation

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4. Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Project 


Credit card fraud and online fraud have taken over the world in the last few years. With most companies taking their business online, the number of online transactions being made is rising exponentially every year. Therefore, there is a huge need for such systems and payment gateways to become more robust and secure. Most banks are now trying out security systems that rely on Machine Learning to improve their security. In this Neural Networking project, you will help in solving this problem by creating an algorithm that helps with fraud detection using Python.

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5. Machine Learning using Python


Machine learning allows machines to learn from their experiences and then better their predictions and future analysis. With the future looking bright for such technologies, it is high time young students channelised their energy into exploring this field. Well, this DIY Deep Learning project, allows you to do just that by helping you build various machine learning algorithms using Python language.

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6. Movie Recommendation using Machine learning


There are very few who use the internet and are unaware of Netflix. Most of us visit this website in our free time and then spend a few hours there because of the great content. One of the best things about Netflix is their movie recommendation system that appears to know just what you will like. Have you ever wondered how this system works? Well, in this Machine Learning project for beginners you will learn how to build such a system using the basics of segmentation and feature extraction.

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7. Brain Tumor Detection Neural Network Project

This deep learning project-based course will serve as the perfect introduction to deep learning. You will learn how to create deep neural networks that help in detecting brain tumours. Students will also learn about neural networking algorithms that will be useful while working on neural network projects. The device will perform data exploration to try and understand brain scan images which are necessary to make decisions. Through this deep learning mini-project, students will learn to work with TensorFlow and Keras, which are important deep learning tools.

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8. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML Project


Computer technology and AI rely on Machine learning when it comes to processing data. One major use of ML comes into play in the field of image recognition. Machine learning can be used to recognize handwritten digits and can also be used to identify number plates of vehicles, read cheques and even convert hand-written documents into PDFs. In this Machine Learning project for beginners, you will learn how to build a recognition algorithm based on MNIST data. This project will serve as a great introduction to the field of neural networking and deep learning.

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As we can see, deep learning is a technology for the future that will have a huge impact on our lives. Almost every field will in the future have something to do with deep learning and machine learning. Therefore, as a young graduate, the best thing to do would be to start working with this innovative technology as soon as possible. With our DIY deep-learning projects, neural network projects and ML projects, you will be able to gain hands-on experience to build a better life for yourself!

Top DIY Deep Learning mini-projects for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-06-17

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