Biometric Ignition System for Vehicles using Arduino

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Biometric ignition system using Arduino
Vehicle security is an important issue due to the rise in Vehicle hijacking and car theft. Because of easy access to the vehicle’s framework. The biometric system gives a secure and easy approach to start or stop the vehicle and the system enables approved user to start the vehicle. The biometric authentication system is used in various fields for a security mechanism. Biometrics refers to the programmed recognizable proof of a living individual dependent on physiological or social qualities for confirmation purposes. The four important strategies used in Biometrics are Palm, Fingerprint, Iris, Voice, and Face.

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In this project, the vehicle is ignited using the fingerprint of the user which is already stored in the database. By comparing with the previously stored data’s the user is identified and the vehicle is ignited. So, this will replace the conventional locking method using keys.

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To get the above process done Arduino UNO board is used.

Project Description

Arduino UNO: It is a microcontroller board dependent on ATmega328P. It is open-source electronics prototyping stage making the user to create intelligent electronic tasks. It is programmed using Arduino IDE by connecting it to a computer through a cable.

Finger Print Sensor: It is used to make a digital image of the user’s fingerprint. It is used for two purposes one is to scan and store the digital image of the fingerprint and other is to scan and match the fingerprint with the previously stored data.

The program for Biometric Authentication Process is written using the Arduino IDE and it is uploaded to the Arduino Board. The fingerprint sensor and the ignition system of the vehicle are connected to the Arduino Board. The ignition switch of the vehicle is turned on if the fingerprint is matched with the previously stored data. Otherwise, it is not turned on.

Software Requirements:

Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is used for programming the Arduino UNO board.

Programming Language: Arduino Programming (C++)


By using the biometric ignition system, security on automobiles is improved. Only the authorised user can access the vehicle. Unauthorised users are restricted from accessing the vehicle. In this project, Fingerprint is used to access the vehicle which is simple and most reliable when compared to other types of biometric authentication systems. This system is user-friendly and fast when compared to the conventional method of ignition using keys.

Kit required to develop Biometric Ignition System for Vehicles using Arduino:
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