Smart Walking Cane

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Smart Walking Cane
Technology can improve the quality of life of the masses. Normal people is struggle when a object is in front him but the visually challenged people still now using the blind stick, the person only able to manage the sound and the keeping the stick high on the ground and down able understand the obstacles is present or not.

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And using the simple modification on the walking stick they can be used in easily for them. Here Arduino Board, ultrasonic, buzzer, vibrator motor is used. In stick the ultrasonic is placed in the middle of the stick ultrasonic send the wave it receives the distance of the obstacle is detected at the same the vibrator motor is placed near by the handle so it vibrates the person identify there is an object in front of him.

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You need the arduino IDE software add the ultrasonic library file program files library and program the code certain distance sensor checks and alert the person.

Project Description:

  1. Arduino: The digital and analog input/output pins equipped in this board can be interfaced to various expansion boards and other circuits. Serial communication interface is a feature in this board, including USB which will be used to load the programs from computer.
  2. Vibrator Motor: It is a compact size coreless DC Motor used to informs the users of receiving the signal by vibrating ,no sound.
  3. Buzzer: A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric (piezo for short).Tt voltage is 5v DC supply

Project Implementation:

  1. Place the ultrasonic sensor top or centre of the stick.
  2. Power supply 5v DC by battery to the use barrel connector for ardunio, connect the commonly positive and negative so that can reduce the useage of connecting wires..
  3. Place the vibrator motor near to the handle of the stick. It also a 5v DC source
  4. Program to particular distance the obstacle means the vibrartor should ON and else Off.

Software requirements:

  1. Arduino IDE: You will be needing Arduino IDE software to write and upload the programming logic onto the Arduino Uno board
  2. Programming language: C/C++ Language
Kit required to develop Smart Walking Cane :
Technologies you will learn by working on Smart Walking Cane :

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