20 Bluetooth based Engineering Projects

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20 Bluetooth based Engineering Projects

Bluetooth is a high speed technology that requires relatively less power that is designed to connect all the electronic devices from mobile phones to other portable computers. This technology is mainly used for low power radio communications to link mobile phones, computer and other network devices over a limited distance without a physical cable. The signals are being transmitted wirelessly over a shorter distance, generally up to 10 meters.

Bluetooth supports the frequency band of 2.45GHz and can support till 721KBps along with three voice channels. This frequency band has been set aside by international agreement for the use of medical devices (ISM), industrial, rd-compatible with 1.0 device and scientific devices. It is achieved by embedding low-cost transceivers into the devices.

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Bluetooth technology is one of the widely used application and doing projects using this technology will definitely help you to learn it from basics and understand it working & functionalities. Some of the engineering projects that you can do using Bluetooth Technology are:

  1. Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances
  2. Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  3. Vehicle Tracking System
  4. Voice Controlled Robot
  5. Automatic Room Light Controller using IR Sensors
  6. Bluetooth controlled Heart-rate monitoring device
  7. Smart Watch using Bluetooth Technology
  8. Self-balancing Robot
  9. Bluetooth controlled UAV’s
  10. Smart Bluetooth lock
  11. Game controlling device using Bluetooth Technology
  12. Autonomous Robot using Bluetooth Technology/li>
  13. Bluetooth controlled computer peripherals
  14. Wireless theft monitoring system using Bluetooth
  15. Controlling LED’s based on mood with Bluetooth
  16. Bidirectional vision counter
  17. Bluetooth controlled audio systems
  18. Mini lift using Bluetooth Technology
  19. Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Arm
  20. Voice Operated Home Appliance Control System

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