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This article provides information on how Wireless Communication is broadening the horizon for development in the field of technology. Also, various types of wireless communication have mentioned below that can be used to create multiple projects. From building robots to developing sustenance in the field of agriculture, wireless communication can help us achieve many goals.

If you want to work in such a field in the future, a great way to acquire knowledge is through the variety of practical wireless communication projects that we offer at Skyfi Labs. We provide you the best wireless communication projects where you will learn innovatively by building projects.

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Wireless communication types

Wireless communication plays an important role in the lives of many people in these times. When information or data is transmitted wirelessly from one location to another, it is called as wireless communication. This information is transmitted via various types of devices which include satellite communication, microwave radio, Bluetooth, wireless networking, etc.

  • Satellite communication: This type of communication is found all over the world which enables users to stay connected all over the world. Satellite communication is a type of wireless communication technology which is contained in itself. They communicate with orbiting satellites through radio signals. It consists of two main parts: the space segment and the ground segment.
  • Infrared communication: Infrared Communication is a type of communication that uses shorter communication ranges as these signals do not pass through solid objects. Shorter communication ranges include TV remote or security controls. The LED transmitter present in the IR sensor transmits the information between the source and the target.

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  • Microwave transmission: This type of communication is a form of electromagnetic transmission. It uses radio waves and the frequency varies from 300MHz to 300GHz. They are less expensive in terms of other forms of wireless communications and are mainly used for long-distance communications.
  • Wi-Fi: It is low power and low-cost wireless communication technology. To enable this type of communication a communication hub is created using a wifi router. It is portable and thus used by smartphones, laptops, etc. These methods of communications are often secured with the help of a password to prevent everyone from accessing it.
  • Cellular communication: This type of communication is used by many users. It uses encrypted radio links and enables many users to communicate across a single frequency band.
  • Bluetooth: This type of wireless communication technology permits you to connect to multiple electronic devices to help transfer data. Data is transferred faster with devices using Bluetooth connections. This type of wireless transfer is used with smartphones, mouse, wireless keyboards and earphones. It is, however, a low range wireless communication system with a transmission range of 10 meters.
  • GPS: GPS or Global Positioning System is a type of satellite communication. It is known for providing wireless services including location, speed, positioning, and navigation. This type of wireless communication uses receivers and satellites to perform various tasks.
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What are all the advantages of wireless communication?

What are all the advantages of wireless communication?

Wireless communication which started flourishing since the 20th century has taken a big space in our lives. It provides various advantages for which it has gained such huge popularity. The advantages are listed below:

  • Mobility: It is convenient for users to travel to various places as wireless communication enables them to communicate as it is not wired. As the radio waves used for this communication travels through air, wireless users are provided with great mobility.
  • Low cost: This type of communication is easy to install than other equivalent forms of communications. It does not involve creating a big infrastructure or prolonged maintenance.

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  • Flexibility: Since it has the capability to penetrate walls, it can be installed anywhere the user wants to. As it possesses such a quality, it can be used from any location and as many numbers of users.
  • Easy installation: Comparing to messy wired counterparts, wireless connections are easy to install. This is one of the main reasons why customers choose wireless networking over wired.
Check about wireless mini projects

Wireless communication mini projects

Wireless communication involves information being transferred to a distance without the requirement of electrical wires or conductors. So, various projects can be performed using this form of communication.

Here, in Skyfi Labs, we provide various wireless communication projects that help students with research as well as their studies. With our innovative projects, you learn to develop an interest in the best way possible.

A list of some of the innovative wireless communication mini-projects that we offer at Skyfi Labs is listed below:

1. Home Automation using IoT: Home automation will slowly take over our homes and through this wireless communication project you will learn how to implement such automation. Building the projects practically will help you develop a better comprehension of it. Through this wireless communication project, you will learn the concepts and application of IoT, Bluetooth communication and Arduino Architecture and Programming.

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2. Swarm Robotics: In this course, you will learn about swarm communication, how the master robot controls the slave robots and how the slave robots perform certain tasks with the signal given by the master. Two robots communicate with each other to achieve a goal together with the application of Artificial Swarm Intelligence. While building this wireless communication project you will also learn robot locomotion, programming, and architecture of Arduino and working of DC motors.

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3. Smart Irrigation System: This wireless communication project helps you to understand how IoT can be implemented in sectors like irrigation and agriculture. In this course, you will work with ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module, Arduino board as well as the soil moisture sensor. Along with concepts of IoT and Arduino, you will also learn to calibrate sensors.

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4. Voice Controlled Robot: In this wireless communication project, you will learn to build voice-controlled robots that perform tasks according to the voice commands given to them. As part of this project, you will learn to develop an Android app that works by voice commands.

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5. GPS and GSM based Tracker: GPS and GSM are two important technologies which have taken over the world. While the GPS gets you access to location coordinates, with the help of GSM it sends important information through SMS. In this course, you will learn how to integrate GSM and GPS module with Arduino.

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6. Bluetooth Robotics: In this wireless communication project, you will learn how to make robots and control them with Bluetooth through your smartphone. The robot will move according to your signals that you send through your smartphone. It will be performed using an Android application and Bluetooth communication. You will learn robotic systems, working DC motors, Bluetooth communication, and Arduino. This exciting project is a great way to learn the concepts of wireless communication.

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7. Smart Building using IoT: In this wireless communication project, you will use the PIR sensor to detect the number of occupants in a room and turn the lights ON/OFF automatically. Arduino board is used to process the sensor values and execute the desired task.

Learn more about smart building using IoT

8. Smart water monitoring: In this wireless communication project, you will learn to build a smart water monitoring system that detects the flow of water and records the value for future reference. Water flow sensor, ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module, and Arduino are used to perform the above-mentioned task.

Learn more about smart water monitoring

9. Wi-Fi controlled robot: In this wireless communication project, you will build a robot that is controlled over Wi-Fi using a Laptop or PC. As part of this project, you will learn about the robot’s locomotion, Wi-Fi communication, Arduino architecture, and programming, etc.

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10. Smart Energy meter using GSM: In this wireless communication project, you will learn to develop a smart energy system using GSM technology and you will program the Arduino board to send you updates about the energy consumption for a particular interval of time.

Learn more about Smart energy meter using GSM

Hope you got some good information from this article.

If you are interested to build these projects to enhance your career opportunity you can check the online courses available at Skyfi Labs. We provide projects for students with kits which will be delivered to you within 24hrs so that you can start building your Wireless Communication System Projects right from your home.

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Wireless Communication Mini Projects
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