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List of major projects on wireless communication for engineering students


Hey there! Hope you guys are doing well. If you guys are reading this article, that means you are surely interested in the field of communication and technology, which is indeed making major strides in our life nowadays.

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Have you ever observed your surroundings closely? A wireless headphone or a wireless Bluetooth speaker, or a wireless mouse or a keyboard etc are some of the most common things you find around you for sure. If you observe closely, you hardly find people who don’t use wireless devices these days. Wireless communication has surely made our lives easier, faster, fashionable and comfortable as well.

So, if at all you are interested in knowing more about wireless communication, its applications and projects related to it, then my friend, be proud of yourself, you’ve made it to the right place, just keep reading the article to explore new things!

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What is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication is basically the transfer of power or energy or information from one point to another which are not connected physically or in other words, they are not even having a common conductor in between them but still, any of the above 3 things may be transferred. It is also termed as “over the air” communication.

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Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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List of major projects on wireless communication engineering for engineering students

Having known all about the advantages and applications of wireless communication technology, the best way to start off understanding and learning more about this is by doing a project. In case you are an engineering final year student, well… you have got no other option apart from doing a project…do you?

So, in case you are wondering about how to get guidance on what projects to take, then online would be one of the best ways to do it.

Skyfi Labs is one such website which offers some brilliant projects in this field. Here are a few of them:

1. Swarm robotics: In this wireless communication major project, you will deal with preparing multiple robots which in-turn communicate amongst themselves and perform a particular task. Here, you will mainly be learning about Arduino architecture, swarm robotics, robot’s locomotion along with other exciting aspects.


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2. Voice-controlled robot: Here you will be building a robot which can be controlled through voice commands and can also recognise the voice of the person and the language spoken. You will also be developing an app to enable all the above things. In this wireless major project, you will mainly be learning about the basics of android app development, speech recognition, Bluetooth communication and Arduino architecture.


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3. GPS and GSM based tracker: In this major wireless communication project, you will be preparing a device which can give our location (GPS) and which can send and receive information via SMS(GSM). You will be learning and dealing with things like GPS module, GSM module, Arduino programming etc.


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  1. Home Automation using IoT
  2. IoT using Raspberry Pi
  3. Smart Irrigation system
  4. Smart Building using IoT
  5. Mobile Robotics
  6. Smart Energy Meter using GSM wireless major project
  7. Home Automation System
  8. IoT using Arduino
  9. Smart water monitoring – wireless project
  10. Automated Street Lighting
  11. WiFi Controlled robot wireless project
  12. Bluetooth robotics wireless communication major project
  13. Quadcopter control using WiFi
  14. Wireless Power Transfer
  15. Wireless Audio Transmitter for Television
  16. Fire fighting robot project
  17. Unmanned Ground vehicle
  18. Wireless surveillance camera
  19. Wireless file sharing
  20. Wireless notice board using ZigBee module
  21. Wireless Joystick for smart TV
  22. Wireless control for home appliances

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Why Do we need to prefer Wireless over Wired ones?

The above doubt should have been puzzling you guys as well, isn’t it? Because, why do we need wireless communication-based devices when we have wired ones available with less complexity involved in their working and which has a cheaper price as compared to the wired ones. So, given below are a few points as to why we need to prefer wireless communication-based devices over the wired ones.

  • Mobility: Wireless devices are easier to carry and move around with compared to wired devices. This is because, wireless communication mostly takes place through forms like radio waves which does not depend on mediums like air, water etc.
  • Flexibility: Wireless communication system allows us to connect with more than one device and receiver simultaneously. For example, the Wi-Fi network in our home performs the same way irrespective of the number of devices connected.
  • Security: Wireless devices need passwords to connect to any particular device, without which it does not let any device to connect or data to get transferred, in other words, every device has to authenticate itself with the system, only then it can connect to that particular device which makes it a very reliable, safe and secured form of communication.
  • Convenience: Wireless communication system does not need any physical wall jack for connection. You can connect to the device by sitting anywhere. Proper signal strength and receiver is all you need.
  • Not much of maintenance and installation cost is required for this.

Types of Wireless Communication

Satellite communication: It is one type of self-contained communication which is widely spread all over the world to ensure that everyone is connected from or to anywhere in the world. It mainly consists of 2 components: the ground segment, which consists of the receiver and the and the space segment which consists of the satellite itself.

Infrared communication: It communicates information through IR rays. IR rays are electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength longer than that of red light. A photo LED transmitter and a photodiode receptor is required for successful infrared communication.

Broadcast radio: This form of communication is the first form of wireless communication technology which finds its popular use in radio communication which serves the purpose until today.

Microwave communication: This is one of the most effective types of communications which uses radio waves for transmission. The communication takes place mainly in 2 modes:

  1. Satellite method wherein communication takes place through satellite
  2. Terrestrial method wherein communication takes place between 2 given towers with a known line of sight.

Wi-Fi: It is a low power communication device which is used as a communication hub in various wireless devices like mobile phone, laptop etc.

Apart from these major forms of wireless communications, there are also other types like mobile communication systems, Bluetooth communication systems etc.

Applications of wireless communication

From a small earphone to a large automatic machine, wireless communication has found its use everywhere, given below are some of the applications of wireless communication devices:

  • In mobile telephones, it is one of the best-known forms of wireless communications.
  • In data communications like Wi-Fi, cellular service, low power wide area network (LPWAN).
  • In the connection of peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, webcam etc.
  • In energy transfers like electrical energy transfers and other forms of data transfers.
  • Also used for medical purposes off late, wherein we can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and body temperatures using MBAN (mobile body area networks)
  • Used in security systems and defence weapons as well.

Apart from the above projects, there are many other exciting projects being offered by them. The link for the website is given below:


For all the above projects you will be given a certificate, experts guidance and a kit as well. So, what else are you waiting for…be wise and take your decision.


List of major projects on wireless communication for engineering students
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