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Top 3 Capstone Project Ideas on Wireless Communication


Wireless communication is a form of communication where the transfer of information takes place from one place to another. The advancement in technology is not possible without the possibility of wireless communication. Wireless technology and communication play’s an important role to ease human efforts through innovation.

Wireless communication can be defined as the transfer of information through large distances without involving the enhanced electrical conductors or wires. The distance varies according to the materials used and on them the requirements depend. The no use of wires has reduced the possibilities of the physical wear and tear so the transmission can survive longer as compared to the conventional methods.

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Many colleges and universities are framing their curriculum in such a manner that the wireless communication subject is incorporated. Since the concept is not that of old blood, it faces new challenges every day and the engineers are profoundly working for the improvement of the same. In this regard, the students and the people who study the subject, try to put their innovation to work and improve the communication possibilities. So this article talks what is wireless communication, its types also you will get a brief idea about capstone projects.  

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What are the types of Wireless Communications?

The term wireless communication was coined in the 19th century and the technology has developed over these years. In the present years, the wireless communication system has become an essential part of the transmission of information and in the subsequent years, many of its types have emerged. Theses types enable communicating the information through various remote areas. The devices used for wireless communications include mobile phones, Cordless phones, GPS, satellite television etc. The various types of wireless communication are:

  1. Satellite communication: It is the type of wireless communication that includes communicating through the satellites present in the open space. It is the most self-contained wireless communication technology which is spread across many parts of the world. The working principle is very simple, a signal that is to be communicated is sent to the satellite and once the satellite enhances and amplify it, it is sent back to the antenna of the receiver which is located on the earth. The two main components of the satellite signals are ground station and the space module.
  2. Infrared communication: This type of wireless communication includes communicating through IR ways. Infrared refers to the electromagnetic energy at a wavelength that it is longer than that of the red colour. This type of communication is used for applications in security control, TV remote and short-range communications. The wavelength of the IR radiations lies between the microwaves and visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  3. Broadcast Radio: It is one of the first wireless communication method used to transfer information. The handy radios permit the user to speak and communicate over small distances and they are also used by the maritime controllers and offer communication services to sailors. The communication of signals takes place through radio waves. The radio waves are the form of electromagnetic signals that are transmitted by the use of an antenna. These waves have profoundly different frequency segments and the user can obtain the audio signal by changing into a frequency segment.
  4. Microwave communication: It is an effective type of wireless communication technology that mainly involved in transmitting the data using radio waves. The data or information can be transferred using two methods. One is the most famous satellite method and the other is the terrestrial method. In the latter, the microwave towers with a sleek clear line of sight between the source and the receivers. The major disadvantage of the microwave signal is that they are poor during bad weather conditions.
  5. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is the low power wireless communication technology and is one of the most famous and overused technologies. These networks allow the communication of information through smartphones, laptops, etc. using the closed proximity of a router. These networks are majorly protected through passwords for security purposes.
  6. Bluetooth Technology: The major principle on which the Bluetooth technology works is to permit the users to connect the various electronic devices through a wireless system to transmit the data. Cell phones are connected through hands-free earphones, mouse and keyboards.

Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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Advantages of Wireless Communication

There are various advantages of wireless communication technologies. The few are as follows:

  • The data transfer is faster and with limited errors.
  • The maintenance and the installation costs of the technology are less as compared to other forms of technologies.
  • The network can be accessed from anywhere wirelessly.
  • The physical wear and tear in the apparatus are reduced, thus reducing the errors.
  • It is very helpful in providing services in the remote areas and during the time of emergencies.

List of capstone project ideas on wireless communication for engineering students

Skyfi Labs offers a large range of wireless communication project ideas that can be learned and worked on. The students learn new things and they get hands-on experience. Following is the list of capstone projects that you can refer to:

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1. Home Automation using IoT


The field of Internet of Things has recently expanded and it is now used to implement so many working applications. This concept can be further extended to implement the automation in homes or workplace. This capstone project gives you hands-on experience on working of sensors, IoT and wireless communication between devices.

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2. Smart Irrigation System


The major part of the Indian economy is dependent upon the field of agriculture and the most important thing about agriculture is irrigation. Technology has made it very easy to implement the system of irrigation. In this wireless communication project, you will work with a soil moisture sensor, ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module and an Arduino board to develop a smart irrigation system capstone project. The device can detect the change in moisture level in the soil and controls the flow of water accordingly with a DC pump.

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3. Bluetooth Robotics


Robotics not only includes fragmenting the electronic parts but also signalling information so that the right information reaches the right parts at the right time. It is an intricate job of the Bluetooth networks to achieve the same. Robotics and communication are the key technologies changing the way we live and work. In this capstone project, you will learn both of them and build a robot that can be controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth. This is a great way to learn wireless communication and robotics.

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Check out the following list of capstone projects to gain more knowledge about wireless communication:

If you have any more project ideas kindly let us know in the comments.

Top 3 Capstone Project Ideas on Wireless Communication
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