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Wonder what would happen if the Wi-Fi that we use, wasn’t there? Or if the GPS in our phones was absent? How could we have reached our destinations then, in a completely strange city as we can today, using Google Maps? Thanks to the Bluetooth technology that enables us to communicate with the device, transfer files and play loud music on the speaker to celebrate. If these weren’t there, what else could have an alternative be? Definitely something out of reach.

Well, the advancement in technology every year has given birth to several other new ways of communication as well. Wireless communication out of all has a major role to play. As we all know, stated above are the examples of wireless communication that show how crucial their use is. Wireless communication indeed is one of the greatest technologies today.

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This article brings you some information on wireless communication and tells what are the latest projects based on the same. For students willing to explore more in this field, this is the best chance as this platform will not only provide you with the latest happenings but also with some smart projects that you can include in your CV to earn brownie points. This article will also answer some of the basic questions like what is wireless communication, where are its applications used, etc.

So, don’t wait, come and see what we have in store for you!

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What does wireless communication mean?

As the name suggests, wireless communication implies communication taking place without the involvement of a wire, or so to say, an electrical conductor. This communication can be between more than two number of points (as in Wi-Fi) and can be conducted anywhere. The most common examples you will find near you are FM Radio, Bluetooth technology, Satellite Communication, GPS and many more. This type of communication lets the users communicate in remote areas where the laying of wires is extremely difficult and thus enjoys huge popularity amongst people. This technology can act over varying distances depending on the availability and requirements.

Evolution of this technology contributes largely to saving time, energy and cost of laying wires over long distances and then maintaining them.

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Free wireless-based project ideas for engineering students

As mentioned, this section focuses on project ideas that you as engineering students would love to take up. It is recommended that you go through each project idea carefully and select the one that best suits your interests. If you face any sort of problem, you are free to seek our guidance at Skyfi Labs.

1. Automated street lightning using IoT (wireless project): This wireless communication project helps you build a light-sensitive device that automatically turns the switch on and off depending on the intensity of sunlight falling on it. A very efficient device that saves energy is now found in many developed countries. Here, you will also learn to work on interfacing and calibrating sensors.


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2. Smart Irrigation System wireless project: This wireless communication project helps you to develop a device that detects any change in the moisture level in the soil and also further controls the flow of water accordingly. You get to work with a soil moisture sensor and an Arduino board.


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3. Home Automation System wireless project: This wireless project makes use of the Bluetooth technology which you can use to control your home appliances. Moreover, on learning this course you will also be able to store and analyse the data about their usage. This project comes with a fess of Rs.1999. <enrol for this project now>


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4. Smart Water Monitoring wireless communication project: This project course helps you build an IoT based Smart Water Monitoring System that controls and manages the flow of water through the pipe. This wireless course involves the corresponding IoT concepts and helps in saving a lot of water.


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5. Smart Building using IoT Online Project: This course enables you to build a smart device that can sense the number of occupants in a meeting room. It uses PIR sensors and works automatically in switching on and off. It is thus an efficient method to save electricity for further domestic purposes.


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6. Mobile Robotics: Building a robot that is controlled by your own cell phone doesn’t make you thrilled about learning Arduino? Well, to know more, be a part of this wireless project where you will learn how to build a mobile controlled robot using Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. Making use of these DTMF signals that send instructions to the robot from your mobile, Mobile Robotics is really worth learning.


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7. Wireless Robotic Arm: In this project, you get to build a robotic arm that has 3 degrees of freedom that can be controlled by your mobile phones. You will learn more about Bluetooth communication and Arduino programming that will enhance your practical knowledge to an appreciable extent.


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8. IoT using Raspberry pi

9. Swarm robotics

10. Smart energy meter using GSM

11. IoT using Arduino

12. GPS & GSM based tracker

13. Voice controlled robot

14. Automated street lighting wireless project

15. Wi-Fi controlled robot wireless project

16. Automatic Human following trolley

How does wireless communication work?

Wireless communication technology transmits information or data over air using electromagnetic waves such as RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infra-Red). To understand this better, let’s take an example. What do you think makes your ride enjoyable while in the car? Of course, the FM Radio that you listen to. There is certainly no long wire connecting your FM box with the satellite above. Then how does it work? Every device involving the use of wireless communication consists of two components: a Transmitter and a Receiver. The Transmitter is the one that transmits or sends the signals and receiver receives those signals, processes them and provides amplification to drive screen and a speaker. Regarding the question asked above, its answer lies in the fact that different channels of your radio broadcast the signals lying in that specific bandwidth of frequencies which that particular channel permits to do, hence letting you listen to your favourite song. Similar is the working of a person sitting in space and communicating with the one on earth.

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What are the benefits of wireless communication?

Wireless communication technology stands apart when it comes to counting of some incredible technologies of today. Not only does it provide its customers with a lot of ease to access it but also serves many amazing benefits. These benefits are given below:

  • Data transmission through this technology occurs at a faster speed.
  • Cuts-off the cost of laying wires or cables in remote areas.
  • Installation and maintenance are relatively cheaper.
  • Is accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • It offers greater flexibility by allowing more than 1 user to use the technology simultaneously.
  • Provides higher mobility.

What are the different types of wireless communication?

The different types of wireless and telecommunication include:

  1. Satellite Communication: This mode of communication consists of two parts: space component and ground component. This involves sending of signals to the satellite which then amplifies and sends it back to the antenna receiver which is located on earth. Example: Dish TV communication.
  2. Infrared wireless communication: This involves transmitting data through infrared radiations (which has a longer wavelength) and operates as a source and a destination. It is mainly used for short-range and medium-range communications. Example: televisions, mobile systems.
  3. Bluetooth Technology: With the help of this technology, users have access to connect to various electronic devices for exchange of data, files, media etc. Example: two mobile phones connected to exchange media files.
  4. Wi-Fi: The most popular technology today that makes use of a router to transfer data information wirelessly. These routers come with a certain range of proximity that users can have access to the network within. It is important that these networks are protected by passwords for security purposes. Example: Laptops, PCs, mobile phones using Wi-Fi.
  5. Mobile Communication System: A simpler mode of communication wherein users use phones to communicate or exchange information across a single frequency band. Example: cordless phones.

After now having looked at the applications, it is now time that we bring for you the latest project ideas based on wireless technology. Having learnt what wireless communication technology aptly revolves around, you can now scroll further to explore some outstanding projects mentioned in the next section.

Check out the following list for more wireless projects:

  • Wireless mobile charger
  • Night vision spy robot
  • Wireless switch circuit using CD4027
  • Wireless electronic notice board using GSM
  • Wireless Quadcopter
  • Long-range MAV link quadcopter
  • Walking robot controlled using Wi-Fi
  • Drone using Autonomous navigation
  • Wireless smart door lock
  • Wireless power transmission
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Wireless audio transmitter for TV
  • Cell phone operated Landrover
  • Audio transmission using Li-Fi
  • Home security system using Wi-Fi
  • Black box for automobiles using ESP8266 wireless module

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Free Wireless based project ideas for engineering students
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