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List of senior design projects on wireless communication for engineering students


Wireless communication has become an integral part of our lives. It plays a major role in the way we communicate. We are living in an era of wireless technology. We are completely dependent on wireless communication. We are using Wi-Fi, cellular phones, radio, and dish tv, etc. these all are possible in existence only with the help of wireless communication.   

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Wireless communication is a trending technology, building your senior design project on wireless communication will help you to grasp knowledge about many applications as well as working principles of wireless communication. Some are the best senior design projects on wireless communication are discussed in this article.

Before getting into the list of design projects on wireless communication let us know more about wireless communication types and their applications.

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Different types of wireless communications and its applications

There are mainly five types of wireless communications

  • Satellite communication
  • Mobile communication
  • Wireless network communication
  • Infrared communication
  • Bluetooth communication

These are used in almost the majority of the applications which requires wireless capability. Individual applications of each type of communication are mentioned below.

Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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1. Satellite communication

Satellite communication plays a major part in our life. It works by using radio waves to send signals to the receiving end of the antennas that are located on the earth. The antennas at the earth send radio signals to the satellite, the satellite processes it and send it to the location specified on earth.

Applications of satellite communication

  • It is used to send television signals directly to the home
  • They are used in telephonic communication
  • They are used in satellite-based navigation systems
  • It is used in weather prediction, climate, and environmental monitoring
  • It also has many military-based applications

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2. Mobile communication is used to communicate with people in different areas even other countries or continents without any kind of physical connection between the sender and the receiver like wires or cables. The device which uses mobile communication is called a mobile or cellular phone.                                                                            

Mobile is a two-way radio, it has a transmitter as well as a receiver. It converts speech signal to an electrical signal and transmits the wave to the nearest cell phone tower which in turn passes the signal to a satellite which detects the receiver's address and sends the electric signal. The reverse process happens in receivers' phones that is the electric signal is converted to a voice signal and the receiver can hear it from the speaker.

Applications of mobile communication

Cell phones, two-way radio, public land radio and amateur HAM radios

3. Wireless network communication

A wireless network is referred to as a network of computers that makes use of wireless data connections. Wireless network communication happens between computers in a network

Applications of wireless network communication

  • WLAN network communication is also known as wireless local area network
  • Used in wireless sensor networks
  • Used in terrestrial microwave networks

4. Infrared communication system

It is a wireless transmission technology used to communicate in short range. It cannot travel through walls and requires a proper line of sight. It requires a transmitter and a corresponding receiver to work. It is considered an economic way of communication.

Applications of infrared communication system

  • It is used widely in remote control systems
  • It is used in TV’s, radios, VCR’s and DVD players.

5. Bluetooth communication system

It is a wireless communication system that is capable of transmitting voice as well as data with high speeds by the usage of radio waves. Both devices have to be Bluetooth enable to send or receive files. It is the most common form of communication between mobile users when large data is to be transferred.

Applications of Bluetooth communication system

  • Used in computers, mobiles, and laptops for communication and data transfers.
  • It is also used to transmit voice.

List of senior design projects on wireless communication for engineering students

1. Home automation using IoT


Controlling your home appliances wirelessly using Bluetooth is actually a cool project. You can develop your home automation system that can be used to turn ON/OFF electronic appliances using an app on your smartphone. It also has the functionality to monitor the usage of appliances which can be analyzed later.

In this senior design wireless project, you will learn the concept of IoT, Arduino and Bluetooth communication.

Learn more about Home automation using IoT

2. IoT using Raspberry Pi


Imagine a device that can detect the temperature and humidity of its surroundings and can send the information to the owner instantly, cool right? Yes, it is possible. This senior design project has a raspberry pi paired with a DHT sensor that can send a mail whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit.                                                               

Learn more about IoT using Raspberry Pi

3. Smart irrigation system


This senior design project can detect the moisture level in soil with a sensor and control the flow of water when soil moisture falls below a certain level. It can also send the data to your mobile phone as it uses an ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module to transmit the data wirelessly.

Learn more about Smart irrigation system project

4. Swarm robotics


This wireless communication senior design project has a master robot and a slave robot. The slave robots receive instructions from the master robot and perform their tasks respectively. From this project, you will learn about robot locomotion, swarm communication, dc motor working, etc.

Click here to build swarm robot

5. Smart building using IoT


This wireless communication project can identify the number of people in a building with the help of PIR sensors. It can analyze the number of persons at various times of the day.

Learn more about smart building using IoT

There are many more amazing senior design projects are provided by Skyfi Labs. These projects can be made at your convenience. The kit required to build the project will be delivered to your doorstep which makes it even easier to learn about wireless communication. Some of the senior design project links on wireless communications for engineering students are mentioned below-

I hope you got an idea about how wireless communication works, its application and types along with cool wireless communication senior design projects. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

List of senior design projects on wireless communication for engineering students
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