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6 Steps to do Successful Mini Project

Mini Project is nothing but a first run scored by a batsmen to complete his century. Mini Project helps you to explore and strengthen the understanding of fundamentals through practical application of theoretical concepts. Mini Project can help you to boost your skills and widen your horizon of thinking. It acts like a beginners guide to do larger projects later in their career. Here are some tips, which helps you to come out with a successful Mini Project.

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1. Selection of Topic

Selection of topic is a huge and important task in a Mini Project. One should have a clear idea about one's subject strengths and the selected topic should be relevant to it. Always select the project that has value addition.

As a graduate you should select a project which is either advantageous to a lot of people or enhance your technical and managerial skills. Your project must play its role towards a positive growth/development in that specific field.

2. Research about the selected topic online

Do some online research about the selected topic. Go through the research papers from different researchers around the world on the topics related to Mini Project. Find some websites containing the information about the materials used for Mini Project.

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3. Suggestions from subject experts

Go to the subject experts in your college and interact with them about the Mini Project topic. You can also meet many subject experts from various parts of India through social media and some discussion forums. This helps you in getting suggestions in different possible ways, through which you can get a clear idea on your Mini Project topic.

4. Planning

After getting a clear idea about the topic, prepare a rough plan about procurement of resources, experimentation and fabrication along with your teammates. Make a rough schedule, adapt to it and distribute the work among your teammates. This will keep your Mini Project on track and individuals will come to know about their part in the Mini Project rather than any individual (leader) taking full responsibilities.

5. Execution of plans

Make sure that the materials will be ready for the experimentation/fabrication by the scheduled time. Follow the schedule during experimentation/fabrication to get accurate and efficient results.

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6. Presentation

Experimentation/Fabrication does not make a Mini Project successful; one should be able to present the results in proper way. So it should be prepared in such a way that, it reflects the exact objective of your Mini Project.

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6 Steps to do Successful Mini Project
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-01-20

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