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Good microcontroller projects for engineering students


Searching for good microcontroller projects? Or have you been scratching your head to get an idea of where to start from?  Then, my friend, your search ends here. This article provides you with some really fantastic microcontroller based projects that you’ve been looking for. It not just mentions the projects but also explains why microcontroller is gradually becoming the most chosen preference by engineers. Here, you will learn about what a microcontroller is, what its types are, where application it is used in, what related projects you can go into, are and many more things. To explore into greater depth in this area and to keep yourself updated about every little nuance of this wonderful topic, all you need to do is to give in your efforts wholeheartedly.

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1. Robotics (Career Building Course)

2. 3D Printer

3. Animatronic Hand

4. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course)

5. Mechatronics (Career Building Course)

6. Home Automation using IoT

7. CNC Machine using Arduino

8. IoT using Raspberry Pi

9. Surveillance Robot

10. Smart Irrigation System

11. 7 Robots (Combo Course)

12. Robotic Arm

13. Biped Walking Robot

14. Sensor Guided Robotics

15. Hexapod

16. Surveillance Camera using IoT

17. Swarm Robotics

18. Smart Building using IoT

19. Mobile Robotics

20. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

21. Home Automation System

22. Sixth Sense Robot

23. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

24. Automatic Solar Tracker

25. IoT using Arduino

26. GPS & GSM based Tracker

27. 2 Mechatronics Projects

28. Gesture Based Robotics

29. 2 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

30. 5 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

31. Smart Water Monitoring

32. Voice Controlled Robot

33. Automated Street Lighting

34. 2 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

35. WiFi Controlled Robot

36. 5 Arduino Projects

37. Biometric Authentication

38. Access Control with RFID

39. Automated Railway Crossing

40. 4 Smart Energy Projects

41. Maze Solver Robot

42. PCB Manufacturing

43. Health Monitoring Wearable

44. Bluetooth Robotics

45. Raspberry Pi Robot

46. Persistence of Vision

47. Fire Fighting Robot

48. Embedded Systems Training & Internship

49. Circuit Design with Proteus

50. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD

51. Smart Traffic Lighting System

52. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

53. Automation using PLC

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What is a microcontroller?

Today many things are possible that too in the blink of an eye. But have you ever sit and wondered what actually makes it so easy to do this. Well, a simple answer to this is the principle behind today’s technology. As technology gets advanced, the logic behind it becomes complex and the size of the device gets smaller. And so is this fundamental used in all electronic appliances now. Embedded Systems that involve the use of microcontroller allows our work to get done within a second. Notice the term “Microcontroller”? What does it mean? A microcontroller is basically understood as an integrated circuit that lets your appliance perform a specific operation. It finds its extensive use as embedded systems as mentioned earlier. For instance, these are used in mobiles, robots, huge industrial machines, other electrical appliances. It basically forms a core component of a device and is responsible for all important functions of it. A microcontroller consists of input/ output ports, a processor, memory on a single chip. Like any other device, microprocessor uses an assembly language to function. It must not be a surprise to know that C is- a popular choice for this reason although other languages like Javascript and Python are used as well. Its use can vary from a simple device to complex machines and we will learn about it later in this article.

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What are the types of microcontrollers?

Microcontrollers come in a variety and all of them differ from each other depending on various factors like complexity, the task to be performed, etc. The popular types of a microcontroller are 8051 microcontrollers, AVR microcontroller, other Advanced RISC Machines microcontrollers, PIC microcontroller. Besides these microcontrollers, several companies also manufacture microcontrollers.

What is the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor?

It is not uncommon for us to mistake microcontroller as a microprocessor. But mind it, they both are different. A microprocessor essentially does the core processing that a device demands. It doesn’t have RAM, ROM or any other kind of peripheral on the chip although they can be provided externally as per requirements. These, unlike microcontrollers, do not perform a specific task. Applications of a microprocessor include laptops, personal computers, etc.

On the other hand, microcontrollers do contain ROM, RAM and other peripherals apart from having a CPU. These, perform a specific task as they function by receiving data through their I/O ports and then processing the received data.

One important comparison to note is that microprocessors are relatively cheaper than microcontrollers.

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Good microcontroller projects for engineering students

Having now learnt quite much about microcontrollers, we shall now be focusing on the most interesting part of this article. In this section, you will get to know about some amazing projects that you would definitely want to take up to set a good future. Once after getting associated with projects, you can learn about so many things that you would have been previously unaware of. Being a part of itself gives a chance to enhance your knowledge further and polish your experience. Projects in a way prepare you for future opportunities that you as an engineer might face. If you have any difficulties in selecting your project or anything related to the course, you can always seek help from our mentors at Skyfi Labs who are experts and will provide you with the best guidance. You can even visit our website to get transparency about what courses we offer to students.

For now, let’s have a look at all the possible projects that we have in store for you.

1. Smart energy meter using GSM: This microcontroller project helps you to build an energy-efficient device that helps you track energy usage and send it via SMS periodically. Through this project, you will get an opportunity to learn about GSM technology, Arduino architecture and electrical loads and measurement.

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2. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot: In this microcontroller project, you get to build a robot that is controlled by Wi-fi and learn how it works. With such a smart application coming, this one is definitely worth trying. You will learn about various Networking concepts involved, wireless communication, working of DC motors and Arduino architecture.

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3. Hexapod: This microcontroller project helps you build your own personal Hexapod Robot that can be controlled via Bluetooth. You will also learn about Robot’s locomotion, working of servo motors, wireless actuation of legged robots, the crawling strategy of hexapods and much more during the course of this project.

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4. Fire Fighting Robot: As the name itself tells, this project helps you to build a fire fighting robot that works using digital IR sensors for detecting fire. As a part of this project, you will further learn about vision guided systems, and working of IR sensors.

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5. Biometric Authentication: As you must have seen this latest biometric technology is used in schools, colleges and other official places for security purposes. By being a part of this microcontroller project, you get to learn how this system works and operates.

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6. Sensor guided Robotics: As the name suggests, in this microcontroller project you learn to build robots that are controlled and work through the sensors fitted in them. Further, you will also learn about basics of artificial intelligence and sense recognition.

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7. Voice controlled Robot: This microcontroller project helps you understand how applications like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo work. You get to build an Android App which helps you understand voice commands and control the Robot to perform tasks via Bluetooth. You also learn about the basics of speech recognition and Bluetooth communication.

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8. Maze solver Robot: In this project, you get to learn how to build a robot that is basically an autonomous robot that solves maze independently by making use of IR sensors. It works as per the control of sensor signals that the Arduino microcontroller processes.

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9. Swarm Robots:This microcontroller project helps you build robots that work on the principle of Artificial Swarm Intelligence between multiple blocks. It also helps in tracking information and acts as saviors in other difficult missions. There are two categories to it: Master and Slave. Master performs its own scheduled tasks while the Slave works on the signals provided.

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You can always avail the facility of learning new things at Skyfi Labs. All you need to do is to go with your instincts. For any queries, write in the comment section below. Our mentors will get back to you shortly.

Hope this article was of some use to you.

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Good microcontroller projects for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-01-09

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