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Electronics and electronic gadgets have become part and parcel of our lives. The small chip that is used inside a small cellular phone to the big electronic boards that we use is combinedly made up with the help of software and hardware. With that being said, as long as the new innovations come falling in, the scope for electrical and electronics engineering would never cease into existence. Projects that involve both the hardware and software employ the embedded systems which are used to understand the core technologies and the wide variety of concepts in engineering. To get a clearer idea of what is an embedded system?; What comes under the embedded system? and what are the top major projects on an embedded system? read further through this article.

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What is meant by an embedded system?

The integration of software programming techniques and the hardware circuitry in an electronic system is known as an embedded system. This is purposely created to provide project solutions. The complexities of the circuits can be reduced by using this embedded system technology. This eventually reduces the size and cost. We have to be grateful for Charles Stark who potentially developed this embedded for reducing the weight and size of the project circuitry. This system can be a part of a large system or can be an independent system. Embedded systems are always either a microprocessor or microcontroller-based system which is solely designed to perform a specific task.

There are three components in an embedded system. It has application software, hardware and Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). A small embedded system may not have this RTOS, but this RTOS defines the work of a system. During the execution of the application program, this sets the rules. So, an embedded system can be defined as a software-driven, reliable, real-time control, and Microcontroller based system.

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What comes under embedded systems?

First of all, we can look at the basic structure that comes in an embedded system.

A - D Converter: A stands for Analog signal and D stands for Digital signal. This converter receives the analog signal from a sensor and converts it into a digital signal.

D - A Converter: here, the digital data is sent by the processor. This converts the digital data into analog data.

Actuator: The output given by the D-A converter is compared by this actuator with the actual output that is stored already. It stores the output that is finally approved.

Sensor: It primarily measures the physical quantity. Then, it gives out as electrical signals to an observer or any other electronic instrument like an A-D converter. This sensor stores in the memory with these measured quantities.

Processor: The processor stores into the memory with the processed data to measure the output.

Embedded systems can be divided into categories like real-time, networked, mobile and stand-alone. All these types of embedded systems are used in our day-to-day life. Starting from the thing that we immediately see after we wake up - Digital alarm clocks, smartwatches, Robotic vacuum cleaners, home security systems, traffic lights, Vending machines, Calculators, cash registers, digital thermometer, MP3 players, WiFi routers, Refrigerators, electronic safes, washing machines, so on and so forth. In our daily life, the things we use are mostly made with this embedded system. The electronics and communication engineering and electrical and electronics engineering students have definitely studied these embedded systems. They even have to design their own final year electronic projects to get experience and to fulfil the engineering graduation criteria. So, let us see some of the major projects that you can start developing with embedded systems.

Top Major Projects on Embedded Systems

Latest projects on Embedded Systems

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1. Home Automation using IoT


The Internet of Things is the future of our lives. Everything is automated using this IoT. One such impact can be seen in every house. In the near future, everything will be controlled by computers. For that matter, every light, room and the electrical gadget will be controlled in our house. Such an automation system can be built through this course. Out of this course, you could learn to build an electronic device, using Bluetooth technology, to control all the appliances in the home.

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2. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course)


If you are a rookie in using the embedded system, then this must be the best choice of the course that you can start with. In this course, you will basically learn the concepts of embedded systems from basic to the advanced level. This gains you the needed knowledge and experience to acquire a fair job. You can also develop some of the projects like Smart Traffic Control System, Solar Mobile Charger, Automated Street Lighting using IoT, Home Automation System using IoT, and Automated Railway Crossing System.

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3. Robotics (Career Building Course)


Robotics is the future. In this course, you will get to learn about the basics of robotics. By developing projects, you will be getting the knowledge from the basics to the advanced level of robotic concepts. This also ensures you to get a good understanding and helps you to build various robots to get hands-on experience in robotics for better job opportunities or even to acquire higher education in this particular field.

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Top major projects on embedded systems
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