Embedded Systems

How to build embedded systems projects?

What is an Embedded System?

Embedded systems are machines performing a particular function. These are the gears of a whole network of computers. Embedded systems have gained a lot of popularity in this era where technology is advancing towards new dimensions. You will find several embedded projects in this article that are beneficial for students in their final year. In building a great career, the projects have a wider scope. Institutes look for students with practical experience in such projects.

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Classifications of Embedded systems

Because of its easy accessibility and construction, embedded systems have vast applications. It has streamlined activities and distributed its applications across all fields.

Based on its requirements and performance it is divided into the following categories-

  1. Networked embedded systems
  2. Stand-alone embedded systems
  3. Mobile embedded systems
  4. Real-time embedded systems

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It also used a microcontroller and based on that it can be classified into the following three categories-

  1. Small scale embedded systems
  2. Medium-scale embedded systems
  3. Sophisticated embedded systems

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How to build Embedded Systems projects Did you know

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Embedded System Applications

Since the usage of embedded systems has extended its capability it has been preferred in many institutes. Its application has helped man accomplish tasks with ease and without error. Let's look at the locations embedded systems are in use-

  • Defense Area
  • Space Stations
  • Automobile Industries
  • Telecommunication
  • Digital Electronics
  • Computer Networking
  • Private Offices
  • Government Administrations
  • Security Systems
  • Home Appliances
  • Entertainment Sector
  • Medical Institutes
  • Banks

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How to build embedded system projects?

Building a project is always a difficult and confusing task. To overcome that we at Skyfi Labs have come with an innovative idea where you will be guided in a step by step manner through our video tutorials to develop a project. You can go through the following projects to get an idea about how to build embedded systems projects?

1. Biometric authentication


Access through biometric authentication is widely used in both offices and government administration. This embedded system project helps in building a fingerprint authentication with the help of the Arduino board. This device can deny access if fingerprints do not match with the data in the institute.

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2. 3D Printer


This embedded system project has helped students get a grip on creating a scratch-based 3D printer. The idea is to make various models with it which will be a reference in other projects.

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3. Voice Controlled Robot


Yet another project based on robots can be controlled through voice. This embedded system project will help you build an app that understands your voice and can be connected through Bluetooth connectivity on your phones.

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4. Automated Street Lighting


An embedded system project that deals with conserving energy this switches on/off lights whenever needed. This idea is based on depleting energy, whenever its dusk time the lights are on and in the dawn, they are automatically switched off.

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5. CNC Machine Using Arduino


This initiative deals with the very scratch create of a CNC computer. In this one, programming language Arduino will be used. This embedded system project has helped build a great future for the students.

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6. Smart Irrigation System


This one is an IoT-based project that helps in proper field irrigation and does not allow extra water to flow in it. DC pump is used for soil humidity monitoring. This embedded system project uses the Arduino programming language.

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7. Biped Walking Robot


In today's age, robots have changed the scenario of manual labour. Biped Walking Robot helps perform all those activities that can be achieved by man's effort. Now work is going to be done effectively, without any error. This robot helps to greet guests in hotels.

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8. Hexapod


Another robot project, this one has six legs, and the user's phone can be controlled. This embedded system project will require Bluetooth connectivity. The idea is to let the robot even work on rough terrain.

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9. Swarm Robotics


A module that works with several robots, the basic idea of this project is to get larger tasks done by more than one robot with the help of coordination. The robots will control each other and complete the task. Arduino programming is used in this project.

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10. Mobile Robotics


A network entirely operated by your mobile phone. Just use those keys and your robot will start to perform tasks. To get it running, signals are exchanged between the robot and the phone.

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11. Gesture-Based Robotics


Another simple robotics project this one doesn't require prior programming knowledge. The ADXL-335 accelerometer sensor allows for easy control of the system.

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12. Smart Water Monitoring


A project on sustainable management this one checks the flow of water in a building. This has helped people to use water judiciously due to depleting resources of our planet earth.

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13. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course)


This embedded system project is a basic understanding of embedded systems and their usage in different areas. You will be building multiple projects to understand the concepts of it so that you can build a soaring career.

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14. Mechatronics (Career Building Course)


This one is based on mechatronics, another critical project. Mechatronics is gaining considerable popularity in the world today. You will be learning from basic, intermediary to advanced, every level of this project.

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15. Robotics (Career Building Course)


This is the best course for those who wish to build a career in robotics.  This project deal with the understanding of the concepts of building robots from basic, intermediary to advanced level.

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16. WiFi Controlled Robot


This embedded system project helps to understand wi-fi concepts. The robot you are designing must work through the WiFi connectivity. Your laptop will be used to get the robot to work.

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17. Maze Solver Robot


A robot that can solve one of the complex puzzles. In this embedded system project, you will be building a robot through algorithms that will be solving some mazes that are tough for humans.

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18. Bluetooth Robotics


A project that helps in understanding the concept of Bluetooth connectivity, in this too you shall be building a robot. The robot will work by pressing certain keys on your smartphones.

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19. Fire Fighting Robot


This effort has helped to create greater security in areas affected by flames. Once the fire has been identified the robot built in this project puts it off using the DC fan. Now you can use robots even in dangerous places.

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I hope you got an idea about how to develop an embedded system project. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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How to build embedded systems projects?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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