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Embedded systems are those which perform specific functions and can be isolated from larger systems. An embedded systems online course is perfect for engineering students interested in the field. Skyfi Labs offers you project-based practical training in embedded systems.

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What is meant by embedded systems?

Embedded systems are basically a combination of both hardware and software. They can either exist independently or as part of a larger system. These systems are designed to serve a very specific function. An example of an embedded system would be a fire alarm- It is particularly designed to sense smoke and to respond in the form of sound. There are four broad kinds of embedded systems: Stand-alone, Networked, Real-time and, Mobile. Today, embedded systems are increasingly gaining relevance because we can perform more complex and in-demand functions using them. 3-D printer, animatronic hand, surveillance robotics, biometric authentication and, GPS technologies are all embedded systems that are widely used today.

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Where are embedded systems used?

Embedded systems are far more effective than general-purpose computers. They are built as autonomous units that can be isolated from the larger system and prove to be reliable and comparatively safe from hacking. They can be used anywhere between a single processing chip to tens of hundreds of them. Today, embedded systems are used in a variety of fields, few of which are listed below:

  • biomedical technology
  • fire safety
  • industrial and manufacturing technology
  • surveillance and tracking technology
  • transportation technology (automobile industry)
  • weapon control and aerospace technology
  • telecommunication technology

Most everyday electronic gadgets such as laptops, televisions, and smartphones are put together using multiple embedded systems.

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Why should I take an online course in embedded systems?

Why should I take an online course in embedded systems?

Perfect for engineering students

Especially for an engineering student, learning about embedded systems proves crucial to the understanding of complex digital systems. It gives one an edge as far as one’s syllabus material and the primary course are concerned, especially when it comes to that electronics project in the final year.

Practical skills guaranteed

Simply reading about embedded systems or performing calculations about them is not enough: Real hands-on learning is required to understand how these systems function, what purposes they serve, and how they can be improved upon. Without a doubt, the practical application makes up most of an embedded systems course.

This is why it is highly recommended to take up an online course to learn more about them. At Skyfi Labs, we offer courses that target specific technologies and also provide you with project kits to give you a practical approach to the topic. At the end of the course, you come away with a project portfolio that is far better than a few certificates that can only make you a “paper engineer”.

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How to build Embedded Systems projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Embedded Systems Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstep.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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Career-oriented training

Developing skills in embedded systems is sure to open more opportunities in a world that is fast becoming completely dependent on these technologies. An embedded systems online course uses a short duration of time to train you in all the tools, tricks and tips you need to consider a career field. Embedded systems are riding the Internet-of-Things wave and are part of a new paradigm shift in technology altogether, which means they have a rapidly expanding career scope. A skill set associated with embedded systems will never go out of style.

In an embedded system online course, you can expect to learn fundamental concepts such as micro controlling and micro-processing, as well as specific technology related to the embedded systems project that you have chosen to train with. There are many advantages to our online courses:

  • There is no location or classroom- you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Anyone who is interested in Embedded Systems, even possibly make a career out of it, are welcome to enroll.
  • Sufficient time to grow at your own pace: You have 90 days or roughly three months to learn the course material and complete the project after which you receive the certification.
  • Our project kits are delivered to your doorstep within twenty-four hours of enrolment. Our projects are exciting- depending on which course you choose, you get to build a hexapod, an RFID system, an animatronic hand or even a 3D printer!
  • No limit on how many times you can watch lectures and video tutorials, or take quizzes to perfect your understanding of the topic.
  • You can try a few sample chapters of the course you would like to take, completely free of cost. That way, you only need to take up the rest of the course if you’re completely satisfied with it.
  • You selected slot will be used for one-on-one conversations with our expert trainers who will give you any amount of advice necessary.
  • You can also form teams and receive discounts on the course fee.
  • Within three days of applying once you have enrolled, you are eligible for a 100% refund if you want to drop out.
  • Skyfi Labs courses are certified and can be verified for authenticity anywhere in the world.
  • Our courses are a good option for summer training. It adds value to your identity as an engineering student and boosts your resume as well.

Embedded programming, although not yet “mainstream” (by which is meant they don’t completely deal with boring desktop computers) can be extremely enjoyable and cheap. Basic embedded systems projects such as Arduinos or Legos Mindstorms are not very expensive and therefore are far more accessible to anyone who wants to understand how today’s technology works.

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A course in embedded systems not only means you get to complete some embedded systems projects but also that you will develop some valuable problem-solving skills. Dealing with embedded systems means that you will occasionally face problems that do not have textbook solutions. Finding an answer will require creativity, hands-on training and a considerable level of imagination. In short, it will prepare you for a fast-paced world that runs on the very technology you learn about. This and more make an online course in embedded systems a must-try option.

Get skilled on Embedded systems with Online courses:

1. Surveillance Robot: In this embedded system online course, you will learn to develop a surveillance robot using a Raspberry Pi and webcam.

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2. Hexapod Bluetooth controlled robot: Hexapod is a six-legged robot that can able to move in harsh terrains. As part of this embedded system online course, you will develop such a robot that can be controlled using your mobile phone over Bluetooth.

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3. Gesture based robotics: Gesture control simplifies the way of controlling a device. In this embedded system online course, you will learn and develop a robot that can be controlled using your hand gesture. You will use the accelerometer sensor, Arduino board, DC motor, etc. to develop this robot.

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4. Wi-Fi Controlled robot: In this embedded system online course, you will develop a robot that can be controlled using your laptop over Wi-Fi.

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Apart from these courses, you can also refer to:

  1. 3D printer embedded system online course
  2. Automated Street Lighting
  3. Access Control with RFID (embedded system online course)
  4. Automated Railway Crossing
  5. Raspberry Pi Robot
  6. Bluetooth robotics
  7. Persistence of Vision
  8. Fire-fighting robot
  9. Smart Traffic Lighting system
  10. Maze Solver Robot
  11. Biometric Authentication

If you have any doubts, leave us a comment below our experts will get back to you shortly.

Get skilled on Embedded Systems with online courses
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