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Best embedded systems project kits for engineering students


Embedded system projects are very popular, especially among students who are interested in the field of electronics. From robots to automated systems, a wide variety of systems can be created using an embedded system. In this article, we are going to discuss the important details about the basics of embedded systems, kit requirement and we are also going to list the best-embedded systems projects that you can learn and build to gain more knowledge about this domain.

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What is an embedded system?

What is an embedded system?

An electronic system that deploys pre-programmed software in a hardware system is called an embedded system. This system embeds the hardware and software components together to form a fully functional system. Such systems have a variety of applications across different domains like video game consoles, dishwashers, washing machines, medical imaging, bank lockers, etc. These systems are further classified into various types based on their performance and functional requirements:

  • Real-time Embedded System
  • Stand-Alone Embedded Systems
  • Networked Embedded Systems
  • Mobile Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are in huge demand because of their vast variety of applications. They form the brains of the systems where they’re used and can be programmed as per the convenience of the user. In real-time embedded systems, a variety of components work together as per the program which is embedded into a microcontroller. C, C++ or embedded C is the programming languages used to program the embedded systems. The microcontrollers or microprocessors are needed for efficient working of the system to perform a various set of instructions.

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Points to consider while selecting a kit?

So, if you’re interested in embedded system and wish to learn more by working on projects. But you have some confusions like how to select the kits? where to buy kits? etc. To get rid of these confusions, we’re listing some points to consider while selecting a kit:

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  1. Level of knowledge:-It is very important to know where you stand and pick a project according to that. If you’re a beginner it’s advisable to pick a simple project and after gaining experience you can go for advanced projects.
  2. Scope:Before picking a project it’s always better to check the scope of the project in the long run. It’ll help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. 
  3. Final result:Check for the outcomes that you’re expected to get at the end of the project. If it matches your needs then go ahead with it. If not, pick something else which feels more suitable for you. 
  4. Reusable:You can see that the items used for one project can be used for other projects also. This will help you save some money for your future projects. 
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What are the kits used for embedded systems projects?

Following are the kits used for building embedded systems projects:

  • Bread Board
  • Arduino Uno
  • LEDs
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Resistors
  • Raspberry Pi
  • HC05 Bluetooth Module
  • ESP-8266 Wi-Fi Module
  • USB to UART Cable
  • Sensors like IR sensor, water flow sensor, DHT sensor, etc.
  • Batteries
  • Other miscellaneous items like single pin connector, cutter, wooden chassis, etc.
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Best embedded systems project kits for engineering students

The best way to learn embedded systems is by building projects related to that domain. Theoretical knowledge is important, but there is no use unless you implement that knowledge to create something out of it. When you work on some projects, you will learn things like the actual working of the systems and the issues you encounter and how to troubleshoot it, etc. Following are some of the best-embedded system project kits for engineering students:

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1. Animatronic Hand

This exciting project will allow you to explore the working of animatronics. Animatronics is a kind of technology that imitates human behavior like arm gestures, expressions, etc. This project will allow you to build an animatronic hand that works based on your hand movements. While building this project you will get a chance to learn about Arduino programming, working of servo motors and flex sensors.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

Smart homes are in great demand these days. They are designed using IoT and allows a person to control almost all the devices like lights, fans, etc. This project will give you hands-on experience in one such home automation system. In this embedded system project, you will develop a system to control the lights using an Android app with the help of your smart-phone. By building this project you will also learn about Bluetooth communication, IoT concepts, and Arduino programming. 

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3. Weather monitoring system using Raspberry Pi

This embedded systems project will allow you to create a Smart Weather Monitoring device using the DHT sensor and Raspberry Pi. Cloud computing is used to analyze the collected data. You can use this project to stream the weather details and also you can program it to send email notifications for any unusual changes. 

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4. CNC Machine using Arduino

CNC machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry. This embedded system project will give you a chance to create one such machine from scratch. You will get the opportunity to create a fully functional 3 axis CNC machine capable of performing operations like mining, drilling, and cutting using Arduino programming. This project will also help you to learn about G Codes, CNC calibration and programming, and working of stepper motors. 

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5. 3D Printer

3D Printers are used to create prototypes and manufacture items easily from 3D models. In this embedded system project, you will create a 3D printer from scratch to print objects with high precision. In this project you will learn about additive manufacturing, working of RAMPS board, SMPS, motor driver, and Arduino programming. 

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Hope, you got some useful information from this article.

Thus, these are some of the best-embedded systems project kits which you can build to learn more about embedded systems. If you are very much interested in embedded systems and want to develop the skills on it, we at Skyfi Labs are there to help you.

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Best embedded systems project kits for engineering students
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