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How to select good final year projects?

With all the core industries developing at a rapid rate, integrating new technologies and mechanisms on to their operations, there is a great need for real engineers who can work on them. And these industries are on the constant lookout for engineers who are more hands-on and have some past experience working on the latest technologies.

So how do the core companies identify a hands-on engineer for them?

It’s simple, they just look for engineering graduates who had done good final year projects and gained good learning experience by doing them. The final year project helps them understand your expertise on a particular technology and how good you are at working with it. Final year projects give a chance for students with lower grades to improve their chances against toppers. By doing a good project, they can compensate the advantage toppers have against them in recruitment.

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Doing good final year projects will not only help you to get good grades and impress your faculties, it will also help you to gain much needed industrial skills like collaborating with others, critical thinking, problem solving abilities, presentation skills and provide you a good project building experience from scratch.

But the challenge that a lot of engineering students face is, how to select a good final year project?

So to simplify the process and help you identify your innovative final year project, here I am suggesting some of the tips. Utilize the tips effectively and identify the best final year project for you that will help in landing at your dream core job or get higher studies admission in the university that you are longing for.

Final Year Projects on latest Technologies

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1) Select a topic from your area of interest: Although you had studied a lot of subjects and learnt a number of technologies, there will be one particular field that would have fascinated you more. It might be a technology that you learnt in a subject or an industrial process that you loved to learn and wish to know more during your practical. It might even be a topic you did not study in course but something that is emerging - like IOT, Analytics etc.

Best mini projects on latest technologies

Utilize your final year project as an opportunity and try to get acquainted with that particular technology in a detailed manner. This will help you in multiple ways, like you will be very interested to explore the technology more due to your fascination and secondly, you will gain enough experience on that to pursue a career on it.

2. Address a problem & provide a solution: One excellent hack for doing good final year projects is to identify an industrial or a social problem and give a solution for it through your project. You can simply Google for some industrial problems that are relatively simpler or refer some articles for an environmental issue and try to device an innovative solution.

Address a problem & provide a solution

Addressing such issues with your final year project will give you a lot of credibility and makes you acquainted with the industries process in a more detailed manner. This will come in handy to crack your core job interviews.

3. Discuss with your mentor thoroughly: Having the right mentor is extremely important. Without proper guidance, it will be extremely difficult for you to complete the final year project on time. So, identify a mentor who you feel more comfortable interacting with and discuss your project idea thoroughly.

Discuss with your mentor thoroughly on your final year project

If needed, you can also have more than one mentor for your final year project. As getting guidance from the people who are best in a specific field will give you a lot of scope for learning and it will be easier for you to implement them on your final year project.

These mentors might also refer you to companies working in that area after you successfully complete the projects!

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4. Select a project that best suits the skillsets of your team: A good final year project needs efforts from a lot of innovative minds. So, before you decide with the project topic, discuss with your team members and identify the skillsets that each one of them has.

Select a final year project that best suits the skillsets of your team

This will narrow down your confusion with the selection of project and help you identify the right one for your team. Doing projects utilizing the skillsets of the entire team will also provide an effective platform to showcase their skillsets and learn new skills from each other. Stronger the skillsets of the team, the better your project will shape.

5. Do a final year project that has a good futuristic scope: Avoid selecting final year projects that are based on old and outdated technologies. Always select project that involves latest & trending technologies and has a very good scope for future advancements.

Do a final year project that has a good futuristic scope

By selecting such projects, you can continue doing research on them when you go for your master’s education or even work on the particular technology at your job and the company may invest on it for their very own R&D purpose.

6. Identify all the resources at your disposal: For doing good final year projects, having a good team & an innovative topic alone is not enough. You need to have proper infrastructure and facilities to work on it hands-on. So identify all the utilities that you have, right from the equipments available at your college laboratories to the paid research labs in and around your location.

Get expert assistance as and when needed

This is extremely important, as you might need to carry out a lot of operations and testing to complete your project. Try to do as many tests as possible and increase the bandwidth of your project. This will not only improve your final year project credibility but also increases your learning significantly.

And ofcourse, we are there to support and help you build good final year projects too :)

7. Use resources like Skyfi Labs for building good final year projects:
With our good project-based courses developed under the guidance from IITians & industrial experts, it will be easy for you to learn and build good final year projects at your convenience. These project-based courses are designed to help you learn the needed theoretical concepts in an interesting manner, make you use the right kits (shipped to you) & get tech guidance as and when needed. The projects that are offered have a very good futuristic scope for upgradation and modification suiting your needs. With the expert technical assistance and great course content provided, now it is your turn to utilize it to the fullest potential and build your innovative final year project in the right way.

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Do let us know what you think is the best final year project for engineering students by commenting below.

How to select good final year projects?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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