Admission system using C

If you are going for an IT background field then you must understand the basic concept of programming. All of you are aware of the C programming language which is a very basic procedure-oriented programming language. You start your programming journey with this programming language but do you know the practical implementations of the concepts which you have learned in C programming. If you don’t know then any need to worry, Skyfi Labs will help you to start your practical journey of programming languages.

Project Description

So in this article, we are taking a look at the Student Admission System. Actually this project is for beginners, who just learn to code and want to implement it in actual application. So this system is basically for some practical purpose which is not secure as the others. You can save the data in a text file using C concepts.

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Language and concepts used

C language

File i/o


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Project Overview

  1. You can use any IDE like Turbo C, which is very popular amongst beginners
  2. There are three main milestones in the project. First one is to create a form in which data can be entered and will be saved. Second is to display that data and the third one is to modify the student’s data.
  3. So looking for the First step for Entering the student’s Information. Create a function as void data() also create a structure which contains variables for the name, date, fees, branch etc.
  4. Now going into the data() function which gets the input values and saves it using a file pointer which is also useful for opening the file by declaring its name e.g. info.txt.
  5. File pointer is used to read and write information in the file.
  6. Now going towards the void display() function which will help you to display the student’s information that you have already entered.
  7. You can display some heading like ”Admission Portal” to make the program more attractive.
  8. There is the main part of the data and display function. That you have to create fwrite function in the void data() who take different parameters to store the information in the file similarly fread to in the void display() who reads the information from the file.
  9. You can use switch care to select the options that you have to fill information or to display information or to modify the information, it's a very convenient way for the coder.
  10. Going to the third part that is modifying the information.
  11. Create new function void update().
  12. You can modify the information according to name or according to roll no. 
  13. So you have to modify the information of the student whose roll no. Will be 07 the enter a choice for 07 and modify the name, branch, fees etc.

So this is the basic overview of the Student’s Admission System using the C project. The article covers basic guidelines about the course. If you are interested in more technologies, Skyfi Labs will always help you to learn a new one. 

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Admission system using C
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-20

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