How to Develop a Calender Application Using C Language


Most of the students prefer C as their initial programming language. Students learn simple concepts very easily and code some basic programs on structure, array, pointers and many more but when it comes to the actual implementation of the concepts in the project it seems more difficult for most of them. So practising project implementation is necessary to boost up the knowledge. Skyfi Labs will help you to start with the project implementation by giving basic guidelines for the project implementation.

Project Description

In this article we are discussing the Calender Application Project using C. We all have smartphones and laptops in which there is a calendar application present which gives the daily update about date and day. But do you know, how it works? This article will give you a basic overview of How to make a calendar application using C programming. The project does not have any graphical use but it is simple to understand and use. The project is for beginners so that they can implement the concept which you learn in C.

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Implementation Guidelines

  • Starting with IDE, you can use IDE like turbo c, dev c or code blocks.
  • So we have to use pointer array to mention month names accordingly.
  • Use for loop to print the 12-month headings.
  • Also, use printf statement to display the weekdays in every month. It should be coded in the same for loop which was previously used for the months.
  • Till now it will display the headings of 12 months including weekdays in it.

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  • Now there is an issue regarding the days in the particular month I.e. January having 31 days, February has 28 days and so on. So for this, we are declaring the integer array which consists of the days in that particular month. 
  • Another issue is Leap year, if the entered year is a leap year then the days in February are 29. So use conditional statement which finds that the year is a leap or not and if the condition is true then days in February are 29.
  • After that, use for loop to print the numbers in a particular month. I.e. January month contains the numbers of days from 1 to 31 and the same for other months.
  • Next part is to arrange the dates in the set of 7 as there are 7 days in a week. So use conditional statement for that which will cut the array and print the next numbers to the next line. 
  • Then create another function which will print the dates according to the starting and ending days in months. if January ends on Monday the February starts on Tuesday. There is a formula for this operation, you can find it on google very easily.
  • So this is the proper functioning of the program. You can add colours for background and text. Also, you can add a different colour for weekends.
  • Working

    You have to enter the year that you want to display the calendar. After entering the year it will display that the year is a leap or not with the monthly calendar.

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