Infirmary Management System using C


Most of the students prefer C as their first programming language. Students learn simple concepts very easily and code some basic programs on structure, array, pointers and many more but when it comes to the actual implementation of the concepts in the project it seems more difficult for most of them. So practising project implementation is necessary to boost up the knowledge. Skyfi Labs will help you to start with the project implementation by giving basic guidelines for the project implementation. 

Project Description

The article is all about the infirmary management system project. We all know that it is necessary to keep the record of patients in any kind of Infirmary. For that, they need a system which will save the record of patients in the file format. So here is the system which takes patient’s data as input and displays it with storing the data into the file. The project is for beginners and gives the basic prototype for the data entering and data saving. The project has no graphics but having a simple interface to perform operations. Let’s take a look on the skeleton of the project.

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Project Overview

There are four features in this system as below:

  1. Add Patient Information
  2. Display Patient Information
  3. Edit Patient Information
  4. Delete Patient Information

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Looking towards the project that it consists of file handling concept for data saving. You can use a switch case to select one of the features that you have to use. Starting with the Structure creation that consists of the declaration of the attributes like Name, Age, Gender, disease, height, weight, date and fees etc. Let’s take a brief overview of features

1. Add Patient Information

Create a new function named void add() which consist the code for input operation. We are using file pointer for writing which gets the input from the user. This information will be stored in the file. Use fwrite() function for taking inputs.

2. Display Patient Information

Create a new function named void view() which displays the entered information list on the output screen. User can also see the data from the text file also which were created using file I/o. Even you can take a print out of that text file for hard proof.

3. Edit Patient Information

If there is an issue of adding wrong information of the patient then you can edit the information via the name of the patient. It just deletes previous information and adds a new one for the same patient.

4. Delete Patient Information

This feature works exactly like edit feature. You can delete patient record just by searching it by his/her name. Else you can simply delete the .txt file of that particular patient. But the second option seems more time-consuming.

So this is the concept of the whole project.

For project improvement, you can add some features like sorting the data according to the name or date of visit. It will make the project more attractive and informative. Skyfi Labs provides C programming courses designed by technical experts, you can enrol it to get more knowledge. 

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Infirmary Management System using C
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