Hangman game using C++

You recognise the hangman game from your childhood which you must have played on both your PCs and paper as well. It requires no rocket science to build this game. In this C++ project, you will learn to build the hangman game. It is as easy as writing codes on your editor and visualizing it on the console. Therefore, all you need to have is any IDE you want and get started. This could be a first step towards developing games if you aim to choose the game development field in future and C++ is your language.

Coming to the game, you already must know that there is a random word in the game and the player has to guess it by guessing the letters. Each time a letter is guessed a part of the hangman is drawn and the game ends as soon as the whole hangman is drawn. If you couldn’t guess the word till the hangman was drawn then you fail and if you did then score!

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Main Idea: Create a text file, extract a random word, hide it from the player, code the hangman, and apply the logic to build the game.

Concepts used: Basic concepts of C++ and dynamic programming.

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Tools required: An IDE

1. Imagine your game to be in a rectangle where it is divided into four parts. The four parts will be the title of the game, then space where the hangman will be drawn, the rows containing letters A-Z, and space where the random word will be generated.

2. Define a function that will be totally about your header. Specify the borders and print the message/title in the centre.

3. Next, create a new function specifically to draw the hangman. Here, you will have to envision the number of trials you will give to the player. Your hangman will look something like this where you can use |, O, / and \ to draw.

4. You will need to keep a count of the number of guesses the player made. With each guess made, a part of the hangman should be drawn and the game should end as soon as it is fully hung.

5. Now, create a function to display the rows of letters to the player. The guessed letters should be omitted from the rows. 

6. You can loop through the random word which will be represented as a string here. At any point, if the guessed character matches the letters from the word then print it.

7. Create a text file on your device and your favourite words in it. 

8. Create a new function that will load a random word from your text file and return it like a string.

9. There is an array in dynamic programming known to be vector. You can use it to randomize a word for the game. You need to include the vector library for it. 

10. Last but not the least, you can add a function for the player convenience which will display how many trials are left for him.

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Hangman game using C++
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